40 Best Men’s Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles are the total in thing these days! Well, the truth has been spoken. Men who go for undercut styles are absolutely on the right track. The best thing about undercut hairstyles is that you can pull off any number of looks with one basic idea, and it’s hassle-free. Undercut hairstyles have been trending in men’s hairstyles for a while now, and even women are going for it.

Contrary to old beliefs, even men can rock out their looks and alter their style. They can keep themselves up to date with whatever style is prevailing in town.

What is an undercut hairstyle for men?

It is a hairstyle that leaves length on top, but the back and sides are buzzed or cut. An undercut hairstyle accentuates hair volume and your facial structure.

It doesn’t matter what hair type you have – straight, wavy, and permed. There’s a perfect undercut style just for you. If you are trying a new hairstyle this year, you might want to consider undercut that gives a classy and refined look.

What’s special about the undercut hairstyle?

It’s so distinct that you can recognize it at first glance. It comes in different styles, and each of them is unique as the haircut itself.


  • Maintenance. If you plan on keeping the undercut for a long period of time, you will be needing some products and tools. And note that as your hair grows, the undercut will look a bit different. You can either keep it or you visit the barber to have it trimmed to your desired length.
  • Styling. Nothing that’s worth having comes easy. Invest in good quality products and tools. Look for the best pomade, wax, brush, comb, and hair dryer. They are essential for your undercut hairstyle, especially if you’re aiming for texture, volume, and height.
  • Ask For Opinions. Apart from yourself, you can consult your friends (and crush) to ask them what undercut variant looks best in you. In any event, the barber is the most reliable person for that matter.


  • For Men With Oval Faces. While any man has the right to aport any hairdo they want, undecut just doesn’t work for oblong face shape.
  • Bad Hairstyle. If you feel that a certain hairstyle isn’t for you, you gotta trust your instincts and opt for something else. You don’t wanna be a laughingstock for sporting a bad hairdo.

40 – Business-Appropriate


39 – Curly Triangle Undercut

I have always been jealous of men with curly hair. Curls come with high amount of texture. The hair is tousled for maximum texture, and the top portion has the same length all around.


38 – Buzz Cut Men

Hard parts can be undercut style. There is an emphasis to the part here. Meanwhile, the sides are tapered for more “push” toward the top.


37 – Spiky Hair

To get it right, tell the stylist to brush up most of your hair.


36 – The Boy Next Door

This is the medium-length undercut, which is ideal for men with wavy, thick and straight hair. Short sides and medium hair on top, you know medium undercut when you see one. 


35 – Undercut Long Hair

This also comes as high fade with a combed back texture. It’s like a slicked back hairstyle, but with a faded line up.


34 – The Classic Undercut

With lots of undercut variations, the world is your oyster. But don’t forget to try the basic first. This is also a fail-safe option if you don’t know what to choose. This simple and classic undercut style is ideal for any man testing the waters.


33 – The Undercut Fade

This is a timeless version of the undercut. The hair in front is brushed up. The rest is a bit messy, which is intentional to achieve some texture.


32 – Short Undercut

It’s a proof of how versatile the undercut can be. This style gives you the leeway of having a cut with low-maintenance. 


31 – Disconnected Undercut

It’s a dramatic variation of the classic undercut. The hair on your top is “disconnected” from the sides with a nice and hard part. This strikes a thin line between short and long hair. The catch is that the hair can be cut at medium length, and styled to look like pompadour. For best results, use products with strong hold especially if you have a thicker hair.


30 – Winter Times Haircut

Don’t mistake short hair or undercut for summers; some people tend to think that way, but you can add multiple layers of clothing and carry out your undercut with medium-length hair without giving any summer vibes.

Undercut hairstyle for men (1)

29 – The Color Mix and Undercut

Who says aging means only short and sleek hair? You can totally go for undercuts even when your hair starts turning grey in your older days. You can complement it with beards and some good dressing.

Undercut hairstyle for men (2)

28 – The College Boy Look

School boys or teenage boys can also opt for this hairstyle, with hair slightly longer on the other side. This can be easily carried with everyday casual dressing or even a school uniform. Also, have a look at Men Sweat Pants Style-17 Ways to Wear Sweat Pants and Joggers.

Undercut hairstyle for men (3)

27 – Mr. Handsome’s Style

Perfectly trimmed hair along with a perfectly trimmed beard automatically makes the men look more handsome and stylish, so why not go for an undercut along with this look? This looks 100 times more attractive!

Undercut hairstyle for men (4)

26 – The Blonde Hair

Who says men who go for blonde hair don’t look good. Well, we can prove you wrong. Blonde hair with an undercut can look perfect if carried with ideal attire. Get an outfit that includes a cardigan or coat paired with a pair of jeans.

Undercut hairstyle for men (5)

25 – Work Style Look

Trust us, and you won’t look weird carrying an undercut to work. All you need is the right style to carry it. Pair your pants with a dress shirt and a long coat. Go for an undercut that isn’t very typically bold, and you’re all set to go!

Undercut hairstyle for men (6)


24 – All Tattooed Up

Men with many tattoos can go for an undercut, which will further give them a rugged look. To make the gaze even more intense, they can add a full beard, and that’s about it.

Undercut hairstyle for men (7)

23 – The White Undercut

Who would imagine going for an undercut if all of your hair has turned white? Well, it’s daring, but honestly, they do not look bad at all! Don’t be afraid to experiment and just do it.

Undercut hairstyle for men (8)

22 – The Professional Look

Who says fashion and decency aren’t meant to go together? Well, you can look absolutely fashionable and decent at the same time. A decently trimmed beard with a not-so-drastic undercut can make you look very well composed.

Undercut hairstyle for men (9)

21 – Fun-days and An Undercut

Ready for a beach day or some fun day with your friends. Wear a simple tee paired with pants and pull on your favorite shades, and the entire attire will compliment your undercut.

Undercut hairstyle for men (10)

20 – Highlighted Hair

An undercut with the rest of the hair highlighted can do wonders, but you have to ensure that the color of highlights blends in with the rest of the hair so it doesn’t make you look bad.

Undercut hairstyle for men (11)

19 – Dress That Matches Your Hairstyle

You can totally impress your girlfriend’s parents even if you have an undercut, don’t worry what kind of impression they’ll get about you. Dress well, wear a coat, trim your beard, and you are all set to impress.

Undercut hairstyle for men (12)

18 – Workout Style

Casually carrying your undercut is probably the best thing to do. Be it the gym look or simply going out to pick up some groceries, you can look absolutely perfect if your hair is in the right undercut style.

Undercut hairstyle for men (13)

17 – The Nerdy Look

Yes, you read that right, stylish haircuts are not only for men who want to look stylish but can be carried out by anyone. Be it the guys who wear glasses, and they can also pull off the undercut even with maintaining their typical attire.

Undercut hairstyle for men (14)


16 – The Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyle’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can pull it right, then you are the game-changer. And yes, everyone likes game-changers.

Undercut hairstyle for men (15)


15 – Totally Shaved Undercut

Well, some men can shave up the remaining hair as undercut, and there is only hair on the central part of your skull. Sounds very daring, well who knows you can carry it well. For a sexy goatee beard to go with this hairstyle, check out 18 Long Goatee Styles and Tips How to Grow Them Rightly

Undercut hairstyle for men (16)

14 – Spikes and an Undercut

Most boys are fans of spikes. They can combine an undercut and let the rest of the hair remain in spikes. Easy, isn’t it?

Undercut hairstyle for men (17)

13 – Some Fancy Undercut

In the mood to experiment with your undercut? Men can totally opt to design their undercuts in different patterns that don’t make their hairstyle look weird with their personas.

Undercut hairstyle for men (18)


12 – David Beckham Style

David Beckham is a style symbol, and looking at him, we can see that he is an excellent fan of undercuts. Altering it in many styles, he is usually seen rolling an undercut, usually with a trimmed beard.

Undercut hairstyle for men (19)


11 – Mohawks and All Formals

There is a perception that the Mohawk hairstyle can’t be carried at formal events. Well, this isn’t the case. If you dress well, then your Mohawk looks fantastic, even on formal occasions.

Undercut hairstyle for men (20)


10 – Multiple Volume Hair

You can also opt for a haircut that creates multiple volume layers in your hair along with an undercut.

Undercut hairstyle for men (21)

9 – The Brunette Undercut

The undercut is one hairstyle that looks really cool with even colored/dyed hair. Be it brunettes or blondes.

Undercut hairstyle for men (22)

8 – The Man Bun

You can also tie up your hair in a bun with the undercut. This looks stylish and neat and can be easily carried with multiple looks.

Undercut hairstyle for men (23)

7 – The Crew Cut

The Crew cut involves an undercut with medium fading hair, giving the transition effect to your hair.

Undercut hairstyle for men (24)

6 – Side Swept Undercut

This is a simple undercut with a little longer hair on the other side. Men can carry it well for a casual look.

Undercut hairstyle for men (25)

5 – Short Mohawk

If you’re not too comfortable with long hair for Mohawks, you can always opt for shorter hair and pull them up in spikes to give the illusion of length.

Undercut hairstyle for men (26)

4 – The Edgy Undercut

You can make a statement with your undercut. A sleek full shaved hairline right above your undercut is one way to make yourself stand out among others.

Undercut hairstyle for men (27)

3 – Beards and Undercuts

One way to really look neat in undercuts is to combine it with medium-length beards, which adds a lot of decency to your entire look.

Undercut hairstyle for men (28)

2 – Barely Bearded

Yes, you can also opt for similar looks by being barely bearded and rocking an undercut like a pro!

Undercut hairstyle for men (29)

1 – The Super Casual Look

Casual outings call for an entire casual look, combine your favorite tee with a simple pair of pants, put on your favorite shades, and head out.

Undercut hairstyle for men (30)


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