15 Quick and Cute Hairstyles for University Girls 2019

cute hairstyles for university 2019 -Waking up in the morning with messy hair and running out of time becomes a major problem for girls. Do you ever feel like changing your hairstyles while going out? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore for hairstyles ideas. Today we will be sharing some of the best styles that easy to make and classy to look .Those who love braids  check out these 20 easy braided hair tutorials.

Outfit trends is going to solve your issues by sharing some easy and fast hairstyle ideas.We keep bring great fashion ideas for young teen girls as how they can dress up in college, school or university .In our last post we brought trendy outfits for young  girls. In less than 10 minutes you can make your hairstyle and head to your university.We will be covering both short and long hairstyles. To introduce something new to your hairstyles you can keep changing them with new ideas. You can make hairstyles according to the hair length and what suits you. If you are getting late for college you can try the easiest ones such as pony tail, braid, half tied up etc.

You need to have some bobby pins, comb or a brush and clips. You can also get headbands. Before starting up with the hairstyles you can look for your inspiration. You might have a favorite celebrity on the list who you look up to when it comes to fashion and hair styling. Firstly you need to look for hairstyles that are made for your hair length. Girls who have short hair will always be seen confused, because they think they have very less options but no, you can still style your hair.

We have some pictures below for short hair, you can have a look and see how you can style them. Whether you are getting late or you have time, it will hardly take time. Some will roughly take a minute. Lets begin with some of our favorite ones.

Sleek Ponytail for university.

This is the easiest hairstyle one can make. A simple ponytail.

cute hairstyle for college girls (3)


Chic Side Bun Tutorial.

Make a side pony tail and brush them with a comb. Then make a bun and use a clip to tie it up.Follow this quick hairstyle tutorial for college.

cute hairstyle for college girls (2)

Half Curls  for university

This hairstyle hardly takes 6 minutes. All you need to do is curl half of the hair.

cute hairstyle for college girls (4)

cute hairstyle for college girls (1)

Braided Bun . 

You need to take the side hair and make a braid then join them hair bun. To give it a gorgeous look use crystals or ribbons.

cute hairstyle for college girls (5)

Feather Curls. 

Curls can never go out of fashion and when it comes to long hair, you are lucky enough take make feathered curls.

cute hairstyle for college girls (6)

Poofy bun  for university

This is very easy and can be made fast. Take your hair in your hand and leave the front bags. Now twist them and make a bun at the back. After that hold it tight and use a pin. You can bring the bangs in front and twist them at the back. That’s all.

cute hairstyle for college girls (7)

Side Fishtail Pullback  for university

Side fishtail is a charmer for long hair. Take the side hair and make a braid then pull them back and pin it up.

cute hairstyle for college girls (8)

Straight and Simple.

how to make cute hairs for college (1)

Short Hairstyle for university girls. Girls with Short hairs can also see what outfits to wear with short hairs ideas.

how to make cute hairs for college (2)

how to make cute hairs for college (3)

Summer Hairstyle for Arab Girls

summer hairstyle for arab girls

how to make cute hairs for college (4)

Twisted Updo  for university

cute hairstyle for college girls (10)

Braided Hairstyle

A side braid for long hair is a great idea. You can use a ribbon through the hair to give it more style.It is perfect for college girls and high school girls too.


cute hairstyle for college girls (11)

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