Best Maang Tikka Designs | 21 Ways to Wear a Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka Designs – One of the most favorite pieces of jewelry at wedding functions or formal events is the Maang tikka, also known as matha Patti in some areas. Whether you are a bride to be, a bride, a bridesmaid, or just anyone else, a Maang tikka can surely add glamor and style to your look and also enhance your beauty.

There are just so many different varieties of Maang tikkas and several ways that you can wear them in, but this can also make it challenging to make the final decision. If you are also confused about which type of Maang tikka you should wear, then don’t worry at all because here you will find all the different ways and every possible Style of Maang tikka. These ideas, tips, and suggestions are sure to help you make the final decision and help you find a Simple way to wear Maang tikka that suits your face cut and your personality.

How to Wear Maang Tikka?

One of the greatest misconceptions about Maang tikkas is that they are only a type of bridal jewelry, so brides should only wear them. That is so not true, and if you are planning on attending any wedding party or a traditional occasion is coming up, then Maang tikkas can surely help enhance your beauty. Nowadays, even Bollywood celebrities are going for it, so why not you?

Read on these few tips, as they will help you choose the right mang tikka style for you.

  • Know your face shape, then look for options. Different styles and designs complement different face shapes.
  • People with round face shapes should opt for longer tikkas, and those with slimmer or sharp bone structures should opt for round ones.
  • People with large foreheads should opt for larger mang tikkas because they can carry them better, and it suits their face.
  • Always fix your tikka in the middle of your hairstyling. In this way, your hairstyle won’t get disturbed in the end.
  • Use a bobby pin to fix the strand of mang tikka, and apply cosmetic glue to tikka so it can stay fixed on your forehead.

↓ How to Choose Maang Tikka Designs for Different Face Types

Round face cut –So if you have a round shape, try choosing a longer style of Maang tikka, preferably in an oval or rectangular shape. This will help add length to your face. Avoid round and circular shapes in your Maang tikka as well as other jewelry items that you choose.

Oval face cut- If you have an oval face, then consider yourself lucky as most makeup artists consider this to be the best face cut. With an oval face, you can experiment with almost every type of Maang tikka, but try avoiding the ones which are extra long in length as these will add an unnecessary length to your face.

Rectangular face cut- With a rectangular face cut, it is evident that you need to avoid any Maang tikkas which have square or rectangular motifs in them. Small or large round pendant ones are likely to be the best option for such a face cut.

Heart-shaped face cut –With such a face cut, the chin area is narrower, so it is better to wear shorter Maang tikkas with dangling parts to add some length to your face. Avoid going for smaller or pendant-shaped Maang tikkas, though.

For a more detailed guide on choosing the ideal Maang tikka design, go through our previous post on Trendy Maang Tikka Styles For All Face Types. Now, here are a few pictures that I hope will help you choose the best Maang tikka for your face cut and make you look extraordinary.

↓ 21 – Bridal Maang Tikka Design

Here’s one of the most beautiful bridal tika and jhumar set that we’ve seen in a while. It’s traditional and modern at the same time which is what makes it unique and beautiful.

maang tikka designs


↓ 20 – Emerald, Gold, and Pearls

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 19 – Minimal Maang Tikka Set

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 18 – For Decent and Traditional Look

How to Wear Maang Tikka in 15 Different Styles


↓ 17 – For Full Forhead Coverage

This style of maang tikka is perfect for girls with big foreheads as it covers the forehead, allowing your best features to shine through.

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 16 – Multi-Colored Tikka Design

How to Wear Maang Tikka in 15 Different Styles


↓ 15 – Simple Tikka Design for Young Girls

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 14 – The Single-Stranded Maang Tikka

Wondering about what can be the best possible mang tikka for you to wear to someone’s wedding? Or a cultural festival night where everyone will be dressed to kill? We recommend you opt for single-stranded mang tikka in golden or silver shade.

These two colors blend well with any color outfit without looking extra. Single-stranded mang tikkas come in various options, but if you are planning on a heavy and loud dress and makeup, keep it as simple as possible. A round golden mang tikka will look best on you if you wear your hair in loose front twists and waves. I highly recommend that you go through these Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti to nail this look.

15 chic ways to wear maang tikka

↓ 13 – The Multi Stranded Side Tikka

Are you a big fan of head jewelry? If yes, then we have something phenomenal for you that will not only brighten up your entire look but will also contour your forehead. Yes, we are talking about multi-stranded beaded mang tikka!

You can wear your hair in a loose bun, and add mang tikka either in the center, which is the typical way. In case you want to try something out of the box and make your statement, then wear it a little tilted towards one side of your head. Later on, add matching earrings and ditch necklace. You don’t want to look overly dressed up unless you are a bride. This is the ideal design for people with a broad forehead.

Maang Tikka Designs

The best thing about Maang tikkas is that they suit every type of face cut. There isn’t a single type of face in the world which can not carry Maang tikka in an eye-catching way. But of course, considering all the different varieties of Maang tikkas available in the market, you have to choose the one that flatters your face the most. This is one of the most emerging parts of wedding outfit in Pakistani and  Indian bridal fashion.

↓ 12 – The Side Maang Tikka

Center mang tikkas are too mainstream, aren’t they? Well, you don’t have to wear them because everyone is wearing them. You should try your hands on this side mang tikka on the next festive gathering you are planning to attend. Or maybe when you are planning to break the dance floor while dancing hard at your friend’s wedding.

This side mang tikka has pure golden detailing and is multi-stranded. It can pop up your entire head and keep your hair in place. It is the best mang tikka for people who don’t like their hair in the center partition. You can wear it with your hair backcombed, or with side partition.

maang tikka

↓ 11 – The Top Maang Tikka With Side Parting

We all have been wearing the mang tikka in one simple way, which is the strands covering our hair with the tikka placed on our foreheads. But maybe now it’s time to bring a change to the fashion industry. Turn your mang tikkas upside down for a totally new and ravishing look. Fix the tikka on top of your head with wearing your hair with side partition. After that, bring the strands towards one side of your head in a way that it blends with your earrings.

The secret this Style carries with it is that it can contour your face up to your jaws. You can put on the dupatta on your head while bringing it down from the opposite side. This way, you’ll have your entire face contoured, without makeup, that too in the most fashionable way ever.

Maang Tikka Designs

The interesting fact is that if you use Maang tikkas in the right way, you can use them for face contouring. For instance, if you have a round face, then Maang tikkas can add length to your face. Similarly, if you have a broad face, the right Maang tikka can help narrow it down.

↓ 10 – The Full Strand Slanted Chain Maang tikka – Indian Celebrity Style

The typical mang tikkas can get a little too dull at times. And being bored is not for you; you are a diva and have a lot to do. Yes, by that, we mean a lot to do with jewelry and styles. So, get up and plan your new look with a slanted chain mang tikka. It is ideal for people who don’t like jewelry touching their face or forehead.

Moreover, if you like your hair up for weddings and parties, it is your go-to thing. It covers the first half of your head and is tilted a little more towards one side of the ear. Keep your earrings simple with it if you want to wear a heavy necklace to finish off your look.

Maang Tikka Designs

↓ 9 – With Cute Hairstyle

You can get the most beautiful, trendiest, and cutest jewelry from all across the globe. But what’s the point of keeping it all in your fancy jewelry boxes? Or wear it in a way that instead of enhancing your look, it ruins it all for you? Well, don’t worry anymore because you won’t be any foolish mistake any further because we are here to help you.

Whatever mang tikka you opt for, make sure it suits your face cut. If you aren’t sure about it, then wear your hair in a hairstyle that will cover any flaw for you and make all light shine on your hair and tikka. You can wear your hair in a simple braid, with center partition. This braid is more like the one your grandmother makes. Nopes, you won’t look old because you are about to accessorize it with a charming mang tikka, which has a thick strand in center, from which multiple strands extend towards both sides of your hair. It will cover your head completely. For wedding purposes, you can add floral jewelry or flowers to the braid and finish off your ravishingly look.

15 chic ways to wear maang tikka

↓ 8 – Multilayered Maatha Patti

Maang tikka or matha Patti? Which one is better and when to wear them? You must be thinking of all these questions. And we are here with the answers for you! For formal occasions like weddings etc. you can opt for matha Patti because they are comparatively heavier and more luxurious. Moreover, matha patties are ideal for people who want more coverage around their forehead area. So, if you want, even one of them, matha Patti, is for you. They look captivating when worn with light earrings and heavy necklaces as the entire face proportion gets balanced.

Here’s a hack for you; you can use heavy necklaces and multilayered necklaces as a replacement as well. They can serve the same purpose for you.

Maang Tikka Designs

↓ 7 – Tikka with Center Parted Hairstyle

Looking forward to creating a minimal look that will outshine everyone else? Then you are in the right place. Whether you are a Nikkah bride, someone’s sister, cousin, or a friend getting ready for a wedding. Or even if you have a family gathering which is festive enough, a simple single stranded mang tikka is all that you need in jewelry.

Dress up in your favorite outfit, wear your hair in the center partition, and add the tikka. It is totally alright not to add any more accessories. Put on red lipstick, and you are all set to twirl. Simple yet ravishing!

bridal Maang Tikka Fashion

↓ 6 – Wedding Maang Tikka Style

There was a time when brides used to wear crowns, but we are glad to mang tikkas, and matha Pattis took over that trend. They look way more luxurious and elegant. Moreover, they are such a rich piece of jewelry, and they come in so many shapes and sizes that one can always find what’s the best of her.

Is your big day ahead, and you haven’t decided on your head jewelry yet? Don’t worry at all! A thick mang tikka in Kundan style with floral detailing and pearl embellishments is what you need to get your hands on. Trust us, no matter which wedding day it is or what color your dress is- it will perfectly blend with everything without causing you any hassle.

15 chic ways to wear maang tikka

↓ 5 – With Hijab

Being a hijabi or hijabi bride in no way means that you have to compromise on jewelry. Or believe in the fact that you shouldn’t wear them because no one can see them under the scarf. Well, who said you need to wear it beneath the scarf?

In case you love trying tikka, etc., in the mirror and adore yourself in them, here’s what you need to do. Put on hijab just the way you do every day and tuck your tikka with the help of bobby pins, you can also add a Jhumar along with it to one side. After that, set your dupatta over it, and you are all good to go. So decent and enchanting!

Maang Tikka Designs

15 chic ways to wear maang tikka

↓ 4 – Drape Style

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 3 – Pearl Chain Maatha Patti With Floral Drop

Maang Tikka Designs


↓ 2 – Maharashtrian Style Maatha Patti

Maang Tikka Designs

↓ 1 – With Side Jhoomar

Maang Tikka Designs

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