Eid Jewellery-15 Ways to Accessorize Eid Dress with Jewellery

2017 Jewellery for Eid -Are you looking for ideas what jewellery to wear on eid day ? Wondering how to accessorise you eid outfit with different jewlery? Then this post is for you.Here are 14 Stylish ideas on how you can match your eid day jewellery with your dress.

You must check out 15 top designers 2017 eid dresses collection.The trick to remember is that just never overdo the jewellery.

What Jewellery to Wear on Eid?

eid jewellery ideas for girls

↓ 15 – Matching Jhumkas

Anarkali dresses have been very in lately and many popular brands have launched their designs for the Eid collections. In case you are wearing a traditional dress such as the Anarkali dress then go for traditional jewellery as well. For instance, big jhumkas look great with such dresses though they are often not available in  a range of colours. If you cant find a matching one then even white jhumkas look great with most light coloured dresses.

One of the most trending pieces of jewellery when it comes to earrings have been Jhumkis this year. Jhumkis are smaller in size than jhumkas and have a bell shaped design. Jhumkis come in a huge range of colours and sizes so you can always find one that goes with your face shape and also matches your eid dress.



↓ 4 – Statement earrings and matching ring

Many popular brands have launched statement earrings which look like a modern version of the traditional jhumkas. In case you are wearing a gown or maxi then these would be the perfect choice. You can either choose jewellery of the same shade. Or check how Priyanka Chopra’s Jewellery is matched with the colour of the embroidery on her dress. Just remember that if you are wearing big earrings then avoid a necklace. If you are tempted to wear one then go for a really simple one. But the best choice would still be to just wear earrings and a bid statement ring. 9e6fef9937cc9c38efc8dfbaa31b5851


↓ 13 – Maatha patti

Do you have a complete set of traditional earrings or jhumkas paired with a heavy necklace that seems to be going well with you dress and you are absolutely tempted to wear it? Then try wearing the necklace as a maathapatti, leaving your neck empty. Though it appears like a difficult task but can easily be done by using a few bobby pins. This creates such a cute and different looks and works best if you have decided to keep you hair open.



In case you are wearing your hair in a bun along with a maatha patti, then try to avoid earrings. Of course none of us can have maatha pattis of all colours and might find it hard to choose a matching one. Again the tip is to wear one with matches the embroidery or work done on your dress. The maatha pattis are usually available in silver and gold colours so if your dress has shades of copper or gold, like in the picture shown below, then go for a golden maatha patti. Even if you are buying a new maatha patti then it is a safer course to buy silver or golden ones, instead of red, blue, orange, purple or some other colour. The reason? You can later wear it with a range of dresses instead of being restricted to the ones of the same colour.



So now that we have shared the basics of matching your jewellery with your dress, here are a few more images for you to get inspiration from:



↓ 12 – Earrings and tikka matching the color of embroidery

I absolutely love this look. The way the copper shade of the dress has been matched with the jewellery and the hair have been styled is just to die for.

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↓ 11 – Turquoise jewelry with black dress

Pairing turquoise or emerald jewellery with black and white dresses is a relatively new concept but it does look breath taking. All you need is the confidence to carry the look.





↓ 10 – Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery looks amazing with any light coloured dress.



↓ 9 – Emerald Jewellery

Emerald jewellery can go with almost any shade of green and even yellow that you are wearing and makes you stand out from the crowd.





↓ 8 – Pearls

Pearls are definitely the best option for a white dress.



↓ 7 – Jewellery in a darker shade than the dress colour

Even if you cant find the perfect match, you can go for a darker shade of jewellery than the dress. For instance if you are wearing baby pink dress, you might choose shocking pink jewellery. This strategy always work well but never go for a shade of jewellery that is lighter than your dress.





↓ 6 – Jewellery matching the motif of your dress

In case you can not find any jewellery of matching colour, how about a matching motifs? Like if your dress has plenty of round motifs, then how about round jewellery with it? No matter what the colour.


↓ 5 – Gota Jewellery

Gota jewellery is a unique, creative and trending jewellery fashion which is something that you must try for Eid. These are handmade jewelleries made using the traditional gotas and you can have them customized to match the colours of your dress.

Here we have the gorgeous actress and host, Anushay rocking her handmade gota jewellery:

If you’re wearing a gota outfit on Eid then this jewellery is all you need for sure!


↓ 4 – Turkish Jewellery

Another great idea for jewellery is the Turkish jewellery which looks great on any girl. They are easily available these days at many shops and also online at pretty reasonable prices but in a range of colours and designs. If you want the jewellery to last long then invest in real silver and stones.

eid jewellery ideas

Viagirls eid jewellery


↓ 3 – Swarovski Jewellery

For those who like to keep things classy and elegant for Eid, this is the brand to go for.

eid jewellery ideas eid jewellery ideas


↓ 2 – Dior

How beautiful are these Dior earrings worn by Mahira Khan.

girls eid jewellery


↓ 1 – Sapphire Accessories

We always love local brands and their products and Sapphire amazed us this year with their exquisite jewellery collection. Even celebrities can’t resist them as we see Mawra Hocane looking glamorous as ever in these earrings by the renowned Pakistani brand Sapphire.

girls eid jewellery



So just be creative and you can find the right jewellery for any dress you wear this eid.

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