Gothic Hairstyles-20 Best Hairstyles for Gothic Look for Girls

Gothic Hairstyles:  Women are not just obsessed with clothing trends but hairstyles are a major part of your personality. Haircuts, different hair color give a separate meaning to your personality. Goth is all about expressing your inner self in whatever way you think suits you but mostly expressing your dark side. Mostly Goth is dark

Mostly Goth look is portrayed with dark makeup, dyed hair, dark shaded clothes but again time has been a major contributor and now Gothic people can be seen in varying shades from clothes to makeup. For a perfect goth look your outfit too matters a lot. So here you see goth outfit ideas for perfect look.

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Gothics  like to have a totally different way of expressing themselves, mostly using black or other dark colors. Hair styling in goth culture was introduced in the 18 and 19 century and since then have become world famous. Their hairstyles have also varied and goth women now have become more experimental with the hair colors and styles. Braids, buns, loose long black hair with dark eye shades is what basically defines them. It doesn’t mean that the have different haircuts, everything is like a normal cut just ad more spikes or height or curls and a different shade. This article is useful in that sense that you can find every style.

How to Make Gothic Hairstyles

Braids, buns, loose long black hair with dark eye shades is what basically defines them. It doesn’t mean that the have different haircuts, everything is like a normal cut just ad more spikes or height or curls and a different shade. This article is useful in that sense that you can find every style.

↓ 20. Amy Winehouse Inspired Backcombed Style

Amy Winehouse the British singer brought back this beehive style with a little drama and the cat eyeliner. This will be suitable for girls with long hair and. It will also require quite a lot of blow dries and backcombing. Keep your dressing simple with this hair do so that your hairstyle gets to be the star. Backcombing is an integral part of gothic hair but there are certain steps to keep in mind when backcombing, such as:

  • Start by straightening your hair to avoid any damage, also make sure that the hair have cooled down before you continue.
  • Once the hair have cooled, use a brush to remove any tangles.
  • Decide the area which you want back combed.
  • Use a thin comb for backcombing with the best results.
  • Once you’re done, use a hair spray to make sure that the hair are set. If you have really silky hair then you can use a hair gel before you start as well a hair spray at the end as this will make sure that the hairstyle stays in place.

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↓ 19. Pure Gothic Hairstyle

Red is the most favorite color in this culture be it for boys or girls. This hair style just requires a curler and a little back combing. Again dark eye makeup is what is giving a complete look.

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↓ 18. Gothic Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If your don’t like hard core Gothic hairstyles you can opt for this less intimidating hair do. Green and blue and purple with a dash of red are your dyes and lots of back combing. Fringes are adding a look of mysteriousness associated with Gothics. Use a purple liner for eyes.

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↓ 17. Japanese Inspired Gothic Hairstyle

Otherwise a very simple hair do with straightened hair tied up into a side bun. Exaggerated  with flowers and eye make up. Also, check out 20 Cute Outfits with Top Bun Hairstyle to Compliment Style

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↓ 16. Blue Bell Locks

High lights of electric blue will be enough to show that you belong to the Gothic culture.

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↓ 15. Corsets and Hair Buns

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↓ 14. Gothic Hairstyle for Girls with Short  Hair

Have your hair cut razor cut and blue dyed. Exaggerate the look with a lot of spikes. Do have a look at 25 Cute Outfits for Curly Hair Women for Glamorous Look

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Step by Step Video Tutorial – Gothic Hairstyle for Medium Hair

↓ 13. Katy Perry in Purple

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↓ 12. Braids and Buns for Long Hair

Black and white is one of the classiest combinations so why not give it a modern twist with some a braided bun.

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↓ 11. Exotic Eye Make up with Purple Hair

Make your purple hair stand out with some gothic eye makeup since the two really complement each other well.

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↓ 10. Use Nets and Flowers for Styling

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↓ 09. Simple and Easy Goth Hair with Accessories

There’s a whole range of gothic hair accessories that are available at really affordable prices. So this is one of the easiest ways and the best part is that you can personalise the look by choosing hair pins that portray your personality.

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If you’re really creative and are into DIY stuff then it’s pretty simple to make gothic hair accessories on your own. These are extra special because of their uniqueness and you can think of them as statement pieces. Have a look at these DIY gothic accessories for example:

gothic hairstyles for girls


↓ 08. Mid Parting Short Style

Here’s another cool gothic accessory that looks great with almost any hairstyle. The gothic hair net. You can find them in many different designs and patterns such as polka dots or beaded ones. We suggest that you pair these nets with a dark lip color such as black, maroon or blood red.

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↓ 07. Messy Gothic Hairstyle for School

Gothic Hairstyles (17)


↓ 06. Eye Mask with Feathers

Gothic Hairstyles (18)


↓ 05. Edgy Style with Undercut

If you’re a fan of undercuts or half-shaved hair then this is the look to try.

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↓ 04. Maiden Look

Gothic Hairstyles (20)


↓ 03. Beads and Hats

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↓ 02. Going Green with red Hair

If you’re looking for something out of the box for Halloween then this is a great idea for the red headed goths. Greenery tends to go really well with red hair so here’s the most terrific goth hair ever.

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↓ 01. Celebrity Style Gothic Look – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne dressed up as a gothic angel truly sets the bar. The two-toned hair and those kohl-rimmed eyes can drive anyone crazy.

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