Dupatta Reuse Ideas-20+ DIY Ways To Upcycle Your Old Dupattas

Over 20 Ways To Reuse a Dupatta: Dupatta is an essential part of the Eastern fashion and is typically worn with Kurtas and Shalwar Kameez. It is a wardrobe staple in countries like India and Pakistan who are all about modest fashion.

These come in a number of designs and fabrics which make them all super unique and attractive. Most commonly they are found in chiffon and silk fabrics with digital prints on them. However, they are also done in the lawn fabric with elements like laces and tassels. With dupattas being an important part of our everyday fashion, we are often left with large collections of them. Instead of letting them lie around in your closet, reuse them in fun ways to create new looks. Wear the same dupatta by contrasting it on a different coloured outfit or stitch it into a fun shirt. Additionally, they can also be styled to meet all the latest fashion trends. Not only are they cost effective but also save you with ample amounts of space within your wardrobes.

How To Reuse Your Old Dupatta?

Here are some tips and tricks to style it:

  • Pick and choose the right fabric for the right kind of design.
  • Create fun and youthful looks that match the current trends.
  • Use accessories like belts to style them.
  • You can also create accessories out of them like the knot hairband or even a belt.
  • Experiment with looks creating an Indo-western style.
  • You can also upcycle a fancy, embroidered dupatta to create different looks.

Unbelievable Ways To Style a Dupatta

↓ 22. Quirky Summer Top

This cool and funky black and white top with tie-up sleeves are worth adding to your summer closet. Not only can they make for great casual wear but can also be worn as a fine travel outfit. If you have a lawn dupatta lying around somewhere that is not of your use, consider cutting it out to create a cool top like this one. The leftover cutting can be stitched onto the top for a fun element like the bow-tied sleeves. The top can then be styled with skirts or jeans for a comfortable yet chic style.

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↓ 21. Dupatta Cape

Got a wedding event coming up and cannot decide on what to wear? We have you covered. Pull out an embroidered heavy dupatta and convert into a beautiful cape dress like this one. You will never be able to tell it has been made from an existing dupatta. The capes have been in fashion since 2017 now and are frequently incorporated with Eastern outfits as well. This idea can also be used to upcycle bridal outfits that are often pushed to the back of the closets. This style can definitely save you the time and money that would otherwise be spent finding the right kind of embroidery and fabric for an outfit like this.

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↓ 20. Saree Blouse

We absolutely adore this colour combination of blue and yellow with hints of rust. If you are bored of wearing the same old blouse with your saree, give it a different look by pairing it with a new blouse. You can use your lawn or silk dupatta with different prints and colours to contrast with a beautiful saree like this one. The blouse can then be reused with a different saree and you will always have a different outfit each time. Another great idea to pull out your mom’s saree and wear it with a fun blouse like this one instead of wearing them with old-fashioned blouses that do not seem to work with the current trends and styles. If you’re into wearing sarees then I highly recommend that you go through these 30 New Saree Blouse Designs 2019 That You Must Try.

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↓ 19. Recycle Old Dupatta Into Shrug

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↓ 18. Saree Drape

While this may resemble the Saree Pants, it is actually more of a drape that has been made with a Dupatta. The look can easily be sported at formal occasions for a unique and different style. Tucked in at the right side, it goes around the back and worn as a Saree on the front. She has used a tie-dye dupatta in yellow and white to complement her white pants and yellow blouse.

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↓ 17. How to Wear Your Mom’s Dupatta

Sridevi’s sudden demise came as a shock for many. We were all disheartened by the news and the focus suddenly shifted to whether Janhvi Kapoor would be able to live up to the same standards or not. While that is debatable, what is not is how gorgeous Janhvi looks in her mom’s dupatta that she was spotted wearing. What is fun to note is how she chose to pair it with a similar white Kurta instead of a different coloured one. If you have similar sentiments attached to your mom’s dupatta and cannot seem to part with it, here is how to use it.

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↓ 16. One Dupatta in Two Ways

Take a look at another one of Veronica’s creations that she made out of a blue net dupatta. This piece of creativity does not require any stitching which happens to be the best part about it. We love how the border of the wrap gives the perfect back detailing, something that most tops these days lack.

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She wore the same wrap to create a dress out of it, again without any stitching. That helps you use the same wrap in a number of ways without destroying the purpose of it.

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↓ 15. Swimwear Cover Up

If you want a bikini cover-up that is affordable yet pretty-looking, this could be your go-to. Any existing stole or wrap could do the purpose by tying one end around the neck, giving the effect of a turtleneck. The other can be tied around the back, to keep it in place and voila, the look is complete.

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↓ 14. DIY Dupatta Dress

How beautiful is this blue chiffon dress that has been worn over a shirt with gorgeous neck embroidery? At first glance, we thought of it to be a silver necklace and loved how it looks with the dress. The crepe fabric is something that is occasionally done as traditional wraps and dupattas. If you have one that is not of your use anymore, you could totally put it to use in this creative and fun way. The dress makes for a great party outfit. It can be worn with a blazer or a shrug to experiment with it. If you do not wish to wear it over a similar looking shirt, you could always pair actual silver jewelry to accessorize the look. Additionally, you may try the look by putting it together with the help of some pins and a belt instead of getting it stitched.

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Watch this video to learn how to master this technique:

↓ 13. How To Make Palazzo Pants From Old Dupatta

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Here’s a step by step video tutorial to help you:

↓ 12. Old Dupatta Reuse

Isha Ambani, daughter of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani recently wore her mother’s Chunari at her own Wedding. We love the concept of holding on to memories and it has been done worldwide. In the Western world, a lot of brides have chosen to wear their ancestral wedding gowns on their own. Kareena Kapoor Khan wore her mother-in-law, Sharmila Tagore’s, wedding outfit on her own wedding. However, if you do not wish to wear the same outfit yet want to have an element of it, here is how to do it. We love how Isha added the color red to her otherwise white ensemble with her mother’s wedding dupatta.

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↓ 11. Kimono

Here are two ideas on how to style a wrap or a stole as either a kimono or a cool wide neck top. The first way is to stitch buttons down the length to give it a look which is a cross between a cape and a kimono. The other is to stitch buttons down the sleeves for a cool look. We love the slit at the arms that gives it a look of a poncho. Both the looks are perfect for the Summer weather and could even be worn to your next Summer travel destination. And to help you rock this style, here are 20 Ways To Dress Up With Kimono Outfits.

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↓ 10. Dupatta Turned Into Shirt

Veronica Andrad is a fashion student who has a keen interest in turning old fabrics into some dainty pieces. We love how she picked out an old tie-dye dupatta and stitched it into a chic top that she chose to wear with black pants. The beige and orange combination is a stunning one and the overall look is super affordable yet attractive. A shirt like this would also go well with shawars so have a look at these 18 Best Ways to Wear Patiala Shalwar.

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↓ 9. Embellished Skirt

When we first saw this Shivan and Narresh skirt, our first thought was how appropriate the design was to upcycle an existing embellished dupatta. If you have a heavily embroidered dupatta in your trousseau that you would want to re-style, here is how you could do it. You could also wear it to your honeymoon for a boho look. It can be paired with a crop top or a full sleeves gold blouse.

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↓ 8. Cropped Skirt

Banarasi fabrics are known to be a huge part of South Asian fashion. They come as Sarees, as well, dupattas for people going the traditional way. A great way to reuse such fabrics is by turning them into stylish skirts, short or long. Since dupattas often come in a length of a little over 2 meters, they can be used to create cropped skirts to wear with trendy tops.

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↓ 7. Phulkari Pants

Phulkari is a type of thread embroidery famous in both India and Pakistan. The last couple of years brought back the old trend of Phulkari and we saw a couple of beautifully embroidered dupattas that were sported by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Well, here is a modern take on those dupattas. If you have an old Phulkari dupatta or just wish to turn it into a different piece, here is how to do it. Phulkari trousers/shalwars are the new ‘it’ trend. Pair an Indian Chikankari kurta with these pants for a quick makeover. The outfit can then make for a great casual or even a formal look depending on how it is styled.

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↓ 6. Use It As A Stylish Scarf Or Jacket

Did you know you could totally pass by wearing a dupatta over shorts with a belt around? We did not either. We absolutely love this Indo-Western fusion and how effortless this blue and white wrap looks with her overall look.

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↓ 5. Gorgeous Pink Wrap-Dress

Here is one of our favorite outfits that could be pulled off with an old dupatta. We love the cross that it is between a dress and a jumpsuit and how glamorous it looks. Wrap around a silk dupatta over a pair of tights and hold it in place with a statement belt like the one in the picture. Style it effortlessly with a pair of tribal earrings and matching stilettos. Similar outfits have been worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike and we are super impressed by the look of it.

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↓ 4. Summer Look

Take a look at this super cute and boho style top and skirt. They make for the ultimate Summer beach outfit to pair with some sandals. You can create your own such look by recycling a pair of old dupattas to create a pair of matching top and skirt.

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↓ 3. Crop Top

This boho style chic crop top is the kind of Summer look we have all been dreaming of. It can be made of silk, cotton or even chiffon fabrics. They can be worn with skirts, high-waisted jeans and even shorts to create the perfect youthful looks. If you know the basics of tailoring, it should not be a problem creating this super cute top from an old dupatta. However, if you do not know how to do it, you could always ask a tailor to stitch it for you. We are already thinking of a million ways to style this adorable top especially with summer sandals and chunky accessories. For a modest or desi look, you can easily wear the crop top with a skirt or lehnga and even high waisted pants. Be sure to pair the crop top with one of these 25 Cute Ways to Wear Crop Tops This Season.

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↓ 2. Romper Style

We love this short romper that is perfect for the warm summer weather. We love the use of vibrant colours and the wide sleeves and how perfectly it has been paired with a couple of cool accessories. Since it has a short length, it can easily be made out of a printed wrap in lawn or cotton fabric with just a few skills at hand. It can also be your next vacation outfit or something to wear to the beach. However, if you are looking for a longer length and something that would resemble a jumpsuit, you could mix and match two separate wraps to get the look.

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↓ 1. Saree Pants

We were blown away the minute we saw Mahira Khan walk the New York streets in this exquisite outfit by Sana Safinaz. The outfit, called, Saree Pants, has become a famous choice for many celebrities. Instead of wearing a Saree, the outfit calls for a similar drape that is worn over pants. The colours, prints and the ethereal fabric are all that are making this look so tasteful. If you want to replicate the look, the best way is to do it with a colourful and vibrant silk dupatta and get your own Mahira moment just like that.

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