How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos? 13 Tips For Perfect Pics

How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos? You wore your finest drip, which calls for your exquisite fashion taste to be captured! But you might wonder how to do that if you don’t have anyone to photograph you. I have faced similar struggles, but not to worry because I bring you exactly the solution you’re looking for.

I went through all the phases of trying to capture the perfect outfit photos to get a decent picture. After hours and hours of struggle, I realized that a photograph is not just dressing up and standing in front of the camera to get a picture.

You have to pay attention to tiny aspects that contribute to the turnout of your image.

How to Take Outfit Photos on Your Own?

Initially, it would help if you decided upon the vibe of your picture, and whether you want a vintage-themed image or a dark mood with flash photography. The aesthetic of your picture will determine the lighting, poses, and edits you want to make for the perfect picture.

But the most important thing is to relax, enjoy yourself and let your true self shine through your outfit into your photo. After all, you are here to have fun. And if you are stiff and awkward in front of the camera, it is bound to come through in your photographs too.

Therefore, play around with the camera until you feel comfortable in front of the lens.

If you want to take outfit pictures like we see the majority of your friends, influencers, and celebrities, this article is just what you are looking for! Lucky for you, I found a bunch of methods that are bound to give you a picture you can successfully obsess over and is Instagram-worthy. Keep scrolling!

13 – Use the Good Old Tripod & Timer Technique

Tripod stands are readily available, and you can shop for one right here. More importantly, they are the perfect accessory to take various pictures, including outfit photos! Follow these steps for the ultimate snaps of your ensemble:

  • Choose the ideal location, preferably with a smaller audience if you are a beginner, to ensure maximum comfort on your part.
  •  Next, set up your tripod, secure your device, and adjust it to get the ideal frame.
  •  Then, turn on the timer and rush to stand in the frame for a few sample shots.
  •  Make adjustments as needed regarding the framing or your positioning in front of the lens.
  •  Finally, snap the perfect shot, and there you go!

And do not forget, practice makes perfect! Even if you are not able to get the exemplary outfit photo on your first try, do not be disappointed. Instead, work harder and practice taking pictures on your tripod on a timer often to master the technique and find what works best for you.

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


12 – Continous Mode Also Known As Burst Mode to Capture the Perfect Picture

Do you want to avoid running back and forth and tiring yourself in the effort to get your desired self-portrait? This is a great tip to get the picture you want with minimal effort. Turn on the the continuous mode on your phone/ DSLR or whichever device you are using and get ready to snapping!

You might wonder how you will know when to change poses, especially if you are shooting with your back camera. Well, most devices have a built-in system indicating the capture of pictures. It might be showed by continuous flickering, followed by a final flash before your device takes the photo. There will be a period of two to three seconds before the flashes begin again, letting you know the next snap is about to be shot.

Depending on your device, you might have the option to change the interval for each picture. But if not, you will have to be quick and efficient to get a variety of portraits. Moreover, another benefit of shooting in continuous mode is you can end up with some pretty good candids that show that off your fit.


11 – Do not Have a Tripod? Use a Stack of Books or a Table to Position the Camera or Phone

I have got all the ladies and gents who do not have a tripod nor want to invest in one covered with this tip. If you are shooting in the comfort of your home, you can use a makeshift tripod, using a stack of books, or various household items to help you get your desired product. It might not be as seamless as handling a tripod, but with practice, you can yield some great results!

The trickier bit comes in when you want to shoot outside since setting up a stack of books in public to photograph yourself might get you some weird looks. In that case, you will have to depend upon window sills or elevated surfaces to perch your phone and snap a few quick poses showing off your attire!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos

10 – Focus on Getting the Lighting and Background Right

The background and lighting contribute to the outcome of our pictures more significantly than we think. Even if the shot is not perfect, the excellent lighting and location will help distract your viewers/ followers from it. Therefore, go the extra mile to get these two aspects right in your photograph.

To ensure good lighting, choose the time of the day (or night if you are into flash photography) when your outfit is popping and the lighting compliments it. Usually, the golden hour is an excellent time to photograph.

Moreover, finding the perfect location might sound like a hassle, but it is not. Step out in your neighborhood, find a blank wall for an effortless background, and get to posing!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


09 – Use a Selfie Stick to Capture Your Outfit Only, Focusing on the Neck and Below

Selfie sticks are a great accessory to explore various options and styles of pictures to show off your outfit! Moreover, they are the perfect companion for solo trips when you can not carry a tripod or other fancy gear.

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


08 – Invest in a Remote for Controls While Standing Far Away

Did you know you can hook up the remote control with your phone/ DSLR for the perfect faraway shot? Throw your iPhone into the list of devices that connect to a Bluetooth remote, and this tip will make your life infinitely easier while photographing your outfits solo.

Therefore, position your device and step as far back as you need to, to get your perfect position. And when you are ready, press the button for a quick snap. Play around with different styles and poses for a variety of poses.

If you own a DSLR, you can purchase a more detailed remote or app on your phone, which will help you control the details and settings from a distance according to your desire! And if you have an Iphone, you can use your Apple Watch as the remote.

07 – Learn the Art of Editing

Even if you were unable to grab the picture-perfect outfit photo, editing will elevate your self-portrait game! Various editors can transform your pictures, help you tweak minor details, including your posture and positioning of your head, and adjust the lighting. You can even alter the image to the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Consider exploring apps including Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, Snapseed, and Picsart. The last two are free and offer excellent editing features!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


06 – Play Around With Different Angles to Find What Works Best for you

There are different angles that work for different body types. Therefore, playing around with different positions of the camera will help you find the perfect one that flatters and compliment your outfit even more.

Turn one of the shoulders 45 degrees back from the camera for a more slanted pose. This angle is considered to be the universally flattering angle that works for all body types. Moreover, position your camera below and above to appear leaner and taller. Similarly, test different angles to find the best one for your needs!

05 – Add a Plant or a Wooden Stool to a Plain Background

I have the easiest and perfect tips if you wish to jazz up your otherwise plain outfit photographs. Follow these steps for a phenomenal set-up:

  • First, select a blank wall in your home.
  •  Then, find a wooden stool or cool chair to place in front of it. An antique would be a perfect choice to add more character.
  •  Next on the list would be to hunt for a plant (borrowing one from your neighbors would be fine!) or a unique vase to jazz up your space.
  •  After that, you need to set your phone on your tripod or makeshift tripod and perch up your device.
  •  Finally, post and snap away!
How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos

04 – Try Out Different Poses Hiding Your Face to Make Your Outfit Stand Out

Lately, Instagram has been all about casual and effortless outfit photographs similar to the one below. Pictures with masks or hidden faces are gaining popularity, especially after the pandemic! You can even try out outfit photos showing off the details on your back. 

Set your camera on timer and count the second along mentally because you will not be able to see the flash go off, indicating the picture is captured. Once you have counted down, wait a few extra seconds and check your product. You might need to try a few times before you get the hang of this technique, but once you do, flawless pictures and your grasp!

Quick Tip: This is your moment to show off your hairstyling skills, so make sure to do your hair up real nice!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


03 – Invest in a Good Mobile Phone

Are you sick and tired of trying to take the perfect photograph of your ensemble and turning empty-handed every time? There’s a chance that there might not be a problem with your photography skills but rather an outdated phone that is just not doing it anymore.

Therefore, you might want to consider investing in a more advanced and updated device that offers a better-quality camera and countless features to explore. Though this is not a necessity at all! Grab your trusty friend or relative who takes decent pictures to photograph you to ensure that the problem lies within your device and not your skill. Then decide whether it is time for an upgrade or not.

02 – Mirrors or Any Other Reflective Surfaces

Mirror selfies and other reflective surfaces are one of the easiest ways to show off your outfit in a fashionable way. A major advantage of such images is that you are completely in control of every aspect. Including your posture, lighting, and what appears in your final product!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


how to take your own photos

Ready for a fun fact? Many influencers don’t even use a mirror for the mirror selfie! They just use an extra phone as a prop and have the picture taken by someone or with their tripods. This is why there mirrors are always so crystal-clear, smudge and dust-free!

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone but many influencers have admitted to doing so as it just helps them get a quick photo of their outfit, even when they’re not in the mood to show their face (since the prop phone helps cover most of it.)

01 – Lastly, if All Else Fails, Take a Quick Single Arm Extension Selfie on a Side Angle

Angle the camera as far back and above as possible to get the majority of your fit in the frame and snap away. There are two options for you when it comes to extension selfies: single or double-arm extension selfies. I would advise capturing both and then deciding on the one which looks best to you!

How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take professional quality photos with an iPhone?

Absolutely! I believe that it is not only effortless to take pictures with an iPhone, but the results are phenomenal too. However, nowadays majority of mobile phones come with an excellent built-in camera that yields professional-looking photos.

Furthermore, an iPhone is super handy and easy to carry. Therefore, you can whip it out, set it on portrait mode to blur the background, and snap a few clicks till you have the one you love. The world will never know the difference!

Q. How to take an outfit selfie from above and without showing your face?

Use the extension selfie trick to take amazing pictures from above to capture your outfit. Open your front camera and tilt your phone above to get the perfect angle. You can use a single or both arms, according to your preference.

Snap a few shots and make the changes you want through editing. Furthermore, crop out your face if you do not want it in the picture. If cropping ruins the dimensions of your image, try photographing again, angling the camera cleverly to focus neck and below only.

Q. What are some good poses for outfit selfies?

There are countless poses for good self-portraits! A personal favorite is the casual walking pose toward the camera while looking to the side. Another great pose is pretending to adjust your pants on the sides or hands tucked into the pockets loosely with eyes cast down.

You can also get phenomenal shots sitting on a stool or chair in front of an aesthetic background. Relax back and throw a dazzling smile to your side, showing off your side profile to the camera with your legs crossed. Or lean forward with your elbows on your knees and an intense expression for a moody vibe.

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