Patiala Shalwar Outfits-18 Best Ways to Wear Patiala Shalwar

How to style with Patiala Shalwar? Fashion changes within a blink of an eye. There is numerous and vast range of stylish attires available around the world; each belonging to its own specific culture.

For today I have come up with Pak-Indo style of dressing that is Shalwar Kameez. It is usually worn in Asian countries, majority comprising of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. But nowadays, it is also at rage in western countries as well where there is majority of Asian people.

Well, the specific style of shalwar that I have chosen for you girls is Patiala Shalwar Outfits. This style of shalwar is originated from one of India’s cities named Patiala. This outfit is also carried in provinces like Gujarat and Punjab (of both India and Pakistan). Patiala Shalwar is also known as Dhoti Shalwar. It consists of many long plates giving a fall to its design. These can be worn with any sort of shirts, whether long or short. One can also style it with waist coats, blazers, and tee and denim jackets.

Different ways to Dress with Patiala Shalwar

This shalwar style can range from simply plain to prints to embroidery work and amazing cut work. Some also does “Gota, Dabka, Glass, Stones, Taar” work on these shalwar’s painchay. These can be worn in any occasion, from party wear to wedding wear, or from casual to formal wear. It gives you a complete ethnic and traditional appearance.

Here I am now presenting to you some latest styles of Patiala shalwar. I hope this works out well for you girls.

#18. Elegantly carried with long shirt

You can style jamaawar clothe patiala shalwar with plain long shirt along with jhumka (earrings) and khussa (footwear) giving you tradiotional look.



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#17. Embroidered chicken clothe

Select easy to eyes color and tailor Patiala shalwar of Embroidered chicken cloth with an embroidered shirt and plain dupata.



#16. Enhance look with Vest styled shirt

You can wear printed dhoti shalwar with a plain long kameez and pair it with vest styled shirt.



#15. Red and Green Combo

Red and green’s combo is everlasting. You can have full embroidered sherwani styled kameez worn with plain shalwar.



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#14. Very Cultural

Plain white kameez, with patiala shalwar and accessorize yourself with earrings and parandha (colored lace to decorate your braid) and of course a khussa. All this leaves you with much simple traditional glance.
patiala shalwar kameez style


#13. Easrtern & Western Match

Go for eastern western coombo. Pair your patiala shalwar with plain tee and denim.

patiala shalwar ideas


#12. Short kurti with Printed shalwar -Short plain kurti always looks trendy with printed baggy shalwar.New-Style-of-Patiala-Salwar-Kameez-2012-1


#11. Style Yourself

Simple kurti with sleeves pbuckled up, duppata worn as a hairband and kolapuri (footwear) matched with loose painchay tailored patiala which is beautifully embroideresd with flower work.

Patiala Salwar 2012 (6)


#10. Bindi, Jhumka & Turban

Patiala Shalwar 2012 (7)


#09. Fitted Patiala Shalwar

Patiala Shalwar Kameez With Dhoti Salwar - 001 -She-styles


#08. Elegant Look

Patiala Trouser-Onekg (9)


#07. Casually Dressed



#06. Multicolored Shalwar



#05. Inward plates of shalwar with loose painchay


#04. Sindhi Chaadar & Tee with Half styled Patialascuba-blue-semi-patiala-salwar-with-dupatta


#03. Wedding Time!



#02. Red it is! with some Gota work on its painchay



#01. Classical Look



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