Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas 2022 – 20 Stylish Approved Picks

Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s: Looking for a stylish and romantic outfit for this Valentine’s for teen girls? We bring you these 20 most stylish and amazing outfits combinations for Valentine’s Day 2022. The most difficult situation you can come across is what to wear on Valentine’s day?

Choosing the perfect outfits for Valentine’s is a tricky job, but it will no longer be so once you’re done reading this article because we have made this job too easy for you. Whether you have decided to spend a relaxing Valentine’s by watching a movie with your loved ones or decided to look a little funky on this Valentine’s, we bring you the best collection of outfits combination that makes your valentine’s day special.

Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you can be romantic to your loved ones, and if you have planned a romantic date all you need now is to have a proper plan for it. From deciding the location to choosing the perfect dress. We all know that the colour that reflects love on Valentine’s is none other than Red. If you go around the market you will find some amazing dresses in red and pink in colour. February 14th is the day when you can flaunt your beauty. Embrace anything that suits you. Whether it is a short dress, a long maxi, formal coat with pants, a shirt with a coat, etc. you can go for anything that you like. Make your Valentine’s day one special memory to cherish for your entire life.  Below are the pictures of some amazing outfits to wear on Valentine’s day along with some matching accessories that will make you look like a perfect diva.

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day 2022?

With Valentine’s day almost here, you’ve probably planned what you’ll be doing but what worries you more now is what you’ll be wearing. The aim is to dress your best while staying within your comfort zone and expressing your personal style. The outfit you choose depends mainly on what you plan to do. Here are some tips and tricks that you could do with:

  • Pair your outfit with a classy handbag that perfectly matches your attire.
  • While the outfit is required to look perfect, your feet need attention too. Pick out statement heels or some classy boots to wear with your dresses.
  • Experiment with your look by going for unique cuts and styles.
  • Lace dresses are a sexy option that you could wear to a date night.
  • You do not need to look for formal options only. If you are planning on a casual night in, look for options that are comfortable yet elegant.
  • If you are planning on going outdoors, make sure to carry a jacket or a cardigan to help keep warm.

Valentine's Day Outfits For Girls (1)

↓20. Accessories Ideas To Match Your Outfits

Never underestimate the power of accessories as they can be the X-factor for even the simplest outfits. So whatever outfit you choose from our given list, do remember to accessorize it properly. The art of accessorizing involves making sure that you harmonize the look by keeping a common theme or element amongst all your accessories and your outfit. Another important thing is to keep your body and face shape in mind when selecting the accessories. For instance, if you have a round face then go for longer earrings to elongate your face.

20 stylish valentine outfits combination

When it comes to shoes, you can wear almost anything on valentine’s day but our favorites this year are boat shoes, loafers and nude pump heels as these can be paired with all kinds of outfits.

what to wear on valentine

Vintage beige button up shirt $32.99

Mini skater skirt $13.98

Nude pump heels $31.50

Gold heart earrings $69.99

19. Classic Colours

Black and red are the classic colors for Valentine’s day and always the safest option to go for. If you still have not decided on what to go for, pick out some classic pieces from your wardrobe and put them together for a fun look. You can pair your red and black outfit with a red pout and nude eyes for a hot look.

valentine outfits for girls

Heart printed button-up shirt (similar in white color) $15.99

Heart print top in blue (similar) $25.99

Button up heart print short in beige color $18.99

18. Dress to Impress

Play with different and unique color combinations to leave a lasting impression on your partner. With dewy makeup doing rounds, we would definitely recommend it to go with this look. The natural and refreshing makeup look can definitely help impress your significant other. Add in a coral or a nude pink lip color to keep the look super light, perfect for daytime.

valentine outfit ideas

Heart polka dot blouse (similar) $21.99

Coral skinny stretch jeans $34.99

Heart shaped crossbody bag (similar) $23.99

17. Hot Casual Combination

For a hot casual look, pair up your black and white dress with hot pink makeup and accessories. This vibrant color can help uplift any ordinary look. If you are not too happy about your outfit choice and need to take it up a notch, going for an accessorized look is a great idea. If your outfit is a light color or something that is black, you can go for this hot pink color to spice things up a bit. Also, have a look at these Season’s 12 Most Hot Casual Outfit Combinations for Girls.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

Heart printed dress (similar) $27.99

16. Funkiest Colours for Valentine’s

Sometimes the colors you don’t even think of look the best when paired together. This seems like a great depiction of 50 shades of pink where multiple pink tones have been put together to create a fun, youthful Valentine’s look for this year. With skirts reigning on the ramps and fashion charts, we definitely recommend it for the occasion. However, if you are planning on going outdoors, make sure you wear leggings underneath. Add in a bit of sparkle by going a little heavy on the highlighter and adding in some gems and jewels.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

15. Cami Dress for a Hot Date

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

13. Accessories

No party look is complete without accessories. Since the occasion is that of Valentine’s, both formal and casual outfits need some uplifting. One easy way to do so is by opting for a belt. Now the belts are not only important for Jeans and Pants but also dresses as well. They can be funky for example the ones with stone embellishments, or the casual ones that come in leather. Another great way is by going for jewels. If you are a dress with a high neckline, you can easily add in a statement necklace to make your outfit look ten times more attractive. Another alternative is to go for light danglers or studs to make your ears more prominent. Other items include beanies and hats that can help give you a cute and simple look. Lastly, bags are super important when going out. You need something that can store your phone, keys and a wallet. If you are going casual, a crossbody bag is a great option. However, if you are wearing a short or a long dress, make sure to add in a classy clutch that complements your overall style.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

12. Valentine’s Day Look for Work

If your workplace is super cool and you have colleagues taking the day a bit seriously, here is how you can dress up while keeping work ethics in mind. This red and white silk top with printed hearts can easily be worn under a black blazer for a formal yet quirky look. Wear it a black pant or leggings for an edgy or cool look. You will definitely become the talk of the office, for all the right reasons.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

11. Valentine’s Day Travelling Outfit

It’s always a good idea to go for a romantic hike or a long drive on Valentine’s day and here’s a chic sporty look you can try.  We bet you had not seen a vibrant leather jacket like this one. Get a biker girl look by pairing this with any casual attire to impress your partner. Alternatively, this fuzzy sweater and beanie can help you look super adorable and is also a great alternative to all the fancy red options.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

Step by Step Video Tutorial – Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Your hair and makeup are as important as your outfit so check out this simple tutorial that you can easily follow.

10. Best Color Combination for Valentine’s Day

No matter what your body shape, black is a color that any woman can rock and it looks even sexier when paired with red accessories. Do check out 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles for Fall to Copy

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

9. Lace Dress to Stand Out in the Crowd

Lace dresses will once again be trending this year and they’re now available in so many beautiful colors and designs that one can easily find one that looks great on them. For more help in choosing the right lace dress, check out 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas how to Wear Them

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

Lace dress (Similar) $29.89

Casual black blazer $46.99

Black high platform heels $24.99

Heart shaped bag $23.99

8. Swag Clubbing Dress

Got a happening party to attend at a club? You definitely need to look your best. What better than a sexy short dress in the ideal Valentine’s color scheme: red and black. The fun thing about this short dress is that the neckline is in the shape of a heart, giving you all the more reasons to pick it for this special night. Since the outfit is red and black, the right way to go about accessorizing it is to pick the color black for it. The black bracelets, studs, clutch, and stilettos go really well with the hot dress. Though we will suggest some red nails and lips perfect it a bit. While we have talked about the outfit, the accessories and the makeup, keep in mind that the hair needs to complement the look as well. We would suggest going for a messy hairdo with some sharp cut bangs.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

7. Warm and Comfortable Date Outfit for Outdoor Adventures

If you and your partner are into adventure and would like to go a bit wild in this cold weather, we would suggest bundling up to brace the weather. However, as boring as it sounds, you can sure make it one hell of a look. This sequins embroidered sweater over denim pants can help you look super adorable. To save yourself from the cold weather, go for a leather or a bomber jacket that can help you look cool while keeping you warm. Add in some ugg boots and a beret style hat for the ultimate winter look.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

6. Outfit for Valentine’s Day at His Place

Animal print is one of those classic prints that never seem to go out of fashion and are a crowd favorite. You can add it to your everyday wear by going for it in accessories or by wearing outfits in similar prints. Here is a subtle way to do it for Valentine’s this year without going too overboard with it. This pink round-neck sweater with an animal print heart is a great piece of clothing to wear to a casual date at his place this V-day. Since it is still Winters, we would suggest going for the Ugg boots to keep yourself warm. Now since the outfit is casual and minimalistic, we suggest adding some elements that can help you look stylish and trendy for example, the round studs and the stone ring in coral. With coral being the Pantone color of the year, you have all the more reasons to add it to your look.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

5. Cute and Elegant

You can also get lots of trendy and latest outfits ideas and make your own perfect outfits combination for Valentine’s from here.

Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

4. Fancy Dinner Dress


  1. Sanguine Outlook Dress, $59.99
  2. Quilted Faux Leather Cross-Body Bag, $18.99
  3. Safety Pin Cuff, $13.99
  4. Platform Pumps, $30.38
Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

3. Movie Date Outfit for Valentine’s

Here’s a feminine and yet flirty look that would be ideal for a movie-dinner combination date. The sheer blouse will make sure that your guy just can’t get enough of you. Here are 20 Ideas how to Dress up for Movie Date.


  1. Moto Black Jamie High Waisted Jeans, $70
  2. Target Limited Edition Quilted Crossbody Handbag, $14.99
  3. Polka Dot Cropped Blouse, $69.90
  4. Blu Bijoux Triangle Collar Necklace, $34
  5. Britton Smoking Loafer, $59.95
Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

2. Comfortable Outfit for a Date at Home

Planning a night in? Well, we don’t blame you. The weather is chilly, restaurants are crowded and well, who does not enjoy some Netflix and Chill? Watch a movie inside by the fireplace, all cuddled up. But instead of going in dressed in your everyday attire, make the extra effort by picking out a super cute look to impress your loved one. This “I love sleep” sweatshirt and denim jeans can help set a cozy vibe, making your Valentine’s extra special. If you have been married for quite some time and want something intimate, this sounds like a great option for you too.


  1. Sleep shirt (similar) $25.99
  2. Jegging, $29.99
  3. Cupid Bullseye, $12
  4. Rookie Loop De Loop, $60
Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day

1. Valentine’s Day Party Outfit

Whether you’re partying with your guy or having a girl’s night out, nothing can beat this hot party outfit.


  1. Jess Skater Skirt, $16
  2. Gallington Clutch, $35
  3. Always Be Yourself Tee, $22
  4. Rose Barrel Ring, $20
  5. Fallen Leaves Lace-Up Booties, $46.99
Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day


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