20 Cute Summer Hairstyles for College Girls

Summer Hairstyles for College – Every college student knows that your hairstyle is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to finish off that stunning summer outfit, both of which are essential traits when being a student. It does not matter whether your hair is long, short, straight, curly, fine or thick; there is a style to suit everyone.

But what styles are in this season? What are the best hairstyles for hot weather? Well, here we have the answers to these queries. Don’t forget to also have a look at our posts on 15 Quick and Cute Hairstyles for University Girls and also 25 Cute Winter Hairstyles for College

Long Hair Styles

Long hairstyle college

Girls with long hair will undoubtedly have more of a choice of styles over those with short hair just due to the sheer volume. Natural and free-flowing hair with a simple headband is a simple and cute choice that requires minimal effort but will still frame your face and look casual. If you have a bit more time on your hands or a vibrant and adventurous personality, why not go all out on a fishtail plait? These have great shape and style and can easily be added with flowers, hair slides, or beads.

Short Hair
Although short hair can seem limiting, this does not stop you from experimenting with different short styles. Waves, wisps, side partings, and short braids are all viable options for short hairstyles.  Even for the more alternative natures, why not try out different shaving shapes?

Side shaving is popular with students and can look amazing if done correctly. Alongside shapes and styles, why not also have a go at using different hair dyes? These are great for short hair, adding bright colours to an otherwise plain style.


Curls, waves, ringlets, and loops are all great possibilities for those who have to own a pair of straighteners. Instead of flattening your curls out, embrace them! Natural hair will create its own volume and, depending on your chosen style, can work wonders for the college girl.

Use side partings to their full potential with curly hair and include floral or butterfly hair clips for extra shape, color and a summer feel.

Straight Hair
Having straight hair myself, I can struggle to get it to stay in shapes and styles as it falls naturally straight. The only way I can hold any form with my hair is by using hair spray or a lot of clips. Try not to use gel on your hair as it can look greasy and unclean, which is never a good look for anyone.

Why not have a mess around with a fringe? Fringes with straight hair can create a gorgeous Cleopatra style that will frame your face beautifully or you can have them to one side for a more casual look. via

Below are some images of college girl hairstyles that can beat this summer’s heat. Why not try some of them and choose your perfect summer style.

Summer Braid Ideas

Long Loose with Braid

 Braided Bun

 Side Braid

 Side Braid and Bun

 Shaved Hair Style

Short Side Shave

 Short Red Dyed Shave Style

 Long Hair with Side Shave red color

 Shave with Braids 

Short Emo Style for College girls

 Straight Short Hair

 Rough Curls

 Rough Side Swipe

French Plait

 Fishtail Braid


 Side Sweep Fringe with Bun

 Ponytail with Volume

Long hairstyle college

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