Top 20 Dreadlock Hairstyles Trends for Girls These Days

Cute Dreadlock Hairstyles. No more is the dreadlock hair trend restricted to Africans wanting to preserve their fashion culture but has evolved to so many places worldwide and is a valuable contributor to the glamorous hair fashion right now. Let it be Zendaya walking in, in Oscars with a dead stunning dreadlock hairdo or Beyonce.

The modern method of creating dreadlocks in the beauty industry is, however, a little different from the traditional times, especially if you haven’t got its hair type, which is fuzzy. So right here, we will be discussing the top 20 dreadlock hairdo ideas which are making us adore the concept of it.

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Some Amazing Ideas for Dreadlock Hair for Girls

polyvore sample

#20 – Celebrity Style

So apparently Shakira’s example was the perfect match we could find to explain what the simplest form of dreadlock hairdo is supposed to be like. So, as you can see, the hair has been split nicely into many segments with equal amounts of hair in each. Plus, two or many layers of hair were bound together to create this look.


#19 – The Half Dreadlock for Parties

If you are one of those who are not quite comfortable with all of your hair being occupied by the dreadlock, then you might want to go for something like this and we are sure you will love it. So you just have to focus on the front upside of your hair looking very much hair-like and naturally shiny while the part continuing from behind it has been divided into dreadlocks which appear quite dry, but that’s how they are, and it’s art.

half dread

#18 – The One With Twists

This unique and eccentric (in a way) style is called the twisted style in the dreadlock category, and those who are ultimate fans of this and want to try absolutely anything they can. As you can see, the dreadlock layers are familiarized with each other in a way that seems twisted from the root to tip.


#17 – One With A Lot of Braiding

This one is probably more meticulous than the rest because it involves way a lot of work by your hands, for which, you should only go for if you really want to do this. So it involves braiding right from the scalp. The hair is then parted from the side.


#16 – The Wavy Appearance

Not sure, what to call this, but it rather looks more like thick and beautiful slits of hair hanging down from her head. Experts say, it gives more of a wavy appearance and also a little of twists. So it’s nearly both wavy and twisted.


#15 – Funky Style

Not often would you see a combination of dreadlock with curls, and when you do, the magic and greatness would be something like this. For some reason, this particular hairdo has the catchiness of a stunner look and specs are killing it further.


#14 – The Long Dreadlock

If you want to be at that peak where you have finally tried so many coolest dreadlocks hair awesomeness, then this one will help you get there, for good. As you can see that the wondrous tresses are all packed up with shine and good texture, and the thin, sleek braid is truly a work of expert art and beauty.


#13 – Dreadlocks for Short Hair

This one is apparently all suited up for those gorgeous short haired ladies out these, and it claims that we all have a chance to show off with some nice locks. What makes it so cool, are the highlights, the texture and that all gives liveliness and color to the hair. You have to part your hair from the middle which is the right way to do it!

short hair

#12 – The Hair Bun Style

This breaks the medium of all that we know about dreadlock hairdos, and that’s they don’t always have to be all loose and flowing, you can set them up in a tight bun too, and that too will look great.

hair bun

#11 – The Donut Buns

So two buns are going to be in this one, one at the front and one at the back, and they both form so many unique pairs of dreadlocks.

donut buns

#10 – For Summer and Beach

Something to go for summer and beach? Yes, this is up! The nice and sexy dreadlocks with blonde highlights will be your best summer look this year and you can show what your dreadlocks are made of.


#9 – Touchable Tendrils

So the woman’s got some post-struggle party getup on and we love how that’s done with a killer tendril dreadlock look! The thick curls and shaded highlights are setting it off.


#8 – The Inky Tresses

Probably called as inky because of the nice coloration and the shine added to the highlights is giving it a luxurious texture. Suits for something where you have to be all fancy and dolled up!


#7 – The Reddish Craze

If you really wish to step out of the line where dreadlocks are supposed to be in a certain way, then this is for you! Add that red dye or blonde hair color right away and get the look that you want to have, without any hesitance. Beauty is all about being happy and boundless, not restricted to look a certain way!


#6 – Go Long and Loose for School

Time to go all long and loose and milkmaid like. The image below shows extreme levels of beauty, simplicity, and class and will work best for a beach trip or a small party.


#5 – Streamlined Sisterlocks

Surely one of the catchiest yet also very distinct from the rest. The braids initiate from scalp into thin blonde dreadlocks with a lot of highlights and texture added.


#4 – The Side-swept Style

When you just need something graceful or simple, this would be it.


#3 – Hot Off-center Updo

Dreadlocks can make their way to anything, let it be updos!


#2 – With Coolness of Strings

What can possibly be cooler and more attractive than string all spread up to your dreadlock?


#1 – Dreadlocks for Work

The locked lob seems like a flawless lock on one’s beauty and impeccable hair and there’s no way that is going to unlock.


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