Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles For Men-20 New Styles and Tips

Disconnected undercut hairstyles for men. Want to achieve a rugged yet handsome look, go for a disconnected undercut hairstyle. What’s a disconnected undercut? It’s the hairstyle where there’s no gradual transition of long to short hair, instead, there’s a fine and clear point where the long hair stop immediately and the short length hair begin.

Men with different face cuts, or different style sense are always looking for the disconnected undercut which will suit their persona. If you have a round face cut then this hairstyle would also go well with one of these awesome Beard Styles for Round Face. With the fashion evolving so rapidly, choosing a certain style gets really tough. We’ve got it all sorted, and we bring 20 amazing disconnected undercut hairstyles for men.

How to Style Disconnected Undercut Men

disconnected undercut hairstyles for men

#20: The Almost No Hair Look

If you have light hair color, and you really want to make a difference in your look with the disconnected undercut, then go for extremely short hair, these will be barely visible. For an ever edgier look, go for the look where the hair on the top are cut to medium length.

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#19: Paired with a Vandyke

If you really want to look different and are bored of a typical hairstyle then it’s time to completely change your look. Go for a disconnected undercut with the remaining hair longer than usual hair and to make the personality more fascinating you can also go for a Vandyke. This look is very much suitable for oval faces.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (2)


#18: The Transition Disconnected Undercut

Now what we mean by a transition disconnected undercut is that the hair gradually shortens in size. As you see in this picture, the hair is varying in length at three different levels, from short to shortest possible. This can be paired with a beard or even no beard, depending on how you want to style yourself. RECOMMENDED: Hipster Men Hairstyles; 25 Hairstyles for Hipster Men Look

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#17: Disconnected Undercut with Beard

To add a little more drama to your disconnected undercut you can also opt for a little longer hair in the front. These long hair can be styled in plain or voluminous look, depending on whatever you’re comfortable with.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (4)


#16: The Mohawk Style

Mohawk is certainly the most stylish and famous hairstyle currently. This can also work well with a disconnected undercut, instead of a regular undercut this will give more edgy and sturdy look. This look can be even further enhanced if kept with a full beard.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (5)


#15: The Man Bun with Disconnected Undercut

With time man bun has gained a lot of attention, your disconnected undercut can also be styled into man bun. For this your hair must be long enough so they can be tied, this style can work with both no hair or very short hair on the sides. Also have a look at Asian Hairstyles for Men; 30 Best Hairstyles for Asian Guys

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#14: Disconnected Undercut with Spikes

Want to achieve a rugged look? Well your hair apart from the disconnected undercut can vary in length, the back hair shorter and the hair at front longer than the usual. This will make the entire look more interesting and will gather more attention.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (7)


#13: Bold in Black Hair

You can get a disconnected undercut and dye the remaining hair jet black. Complete jet black hair is not everyone’s risk appetite as it gives a very sharp look to the personality.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (8)


#12: The Gentlemen in Disconnected Undercut

Don’t think that an undercut is simply for young boys and can’t be carried out for a sober look. Well if you know the right cut and how to style yourself accordingly then it is the absolute stylish yet gentlemen look that one can pull off.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (9)


#11: The Disconnected Quiff

A disconnected undercut which is combined with a quiff is one good way to look smart. With a little medium to low fade cut and a little work of comb, you’re all set to rock the hairstyle at all events. RECOMMENDED: Boys Pony Hairstyles-18 Latest Pony Hair Styling Ideas Men

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Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Cut and Style Disconnected Undercut

#10: The One-Sided Cut

It is not essential to go for an undercut from both the sides, you can simply opt for a one-sided disconnected undercut. This will bring variation as compared to the traditional undercut, and can be varied with different hair lengths.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (11)


#9: The Everyday Hair Look

Once you have a disconnected undercut it is a daily work to style them, but sometimes it gets very hard and it isn’t convenient at times to style them, so why not opt for an everyday look? Simply do a pulled back hair look, this goes for all occasions and all traditions without much hassle.

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#8: The Blonde Hair

If you’re the guy who is up for experiments and can alter your looks with no hesitation then go for an absolute straight disconnected undercut and you can dye the remaining hair in shades of blonde, this is highly experimental but a lot of fun if you can carry this look.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (13)


#7: The Fringe

Like a reverse fringe you can also pair your disconnected undercut with a normal fringe. This is a good way to style your hair for prom or parties or some semi-formal event with friends.

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#6: The Curly Hair Disconnected Undercut

You think undercuts are only for people with straight hair? Well we’re here to prove you wrong. You can totally go for a disconnected undercut even if you have curly hair, it suits if you have a petite face. Do check out Men Braid Hairstyles; 20 Fashionable New Braided Hairstyles for Men

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#5: Disconnect Undercut for School

If you think school isn’t an appropriate place for such a drastic hair changes then you’re mistaken. Go ahead and try out a less drastic disconnected undercut. This can be carried everyday and are an absolute hassle free to maintain.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (16)


#4: All Hair on the Forehead

After getting a disconnected undercut what additional fun you can add to the look is that you can pull all the hair on the forehead. This is the simplest yet nice hairstyle to carry.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (17)


#3: The Shorter Hair Side

As we know the disconnected undercut is a drastic transition from long to almost no hair, so to add a little difference you can simply have shorter hair on one side and longer on the other, keeping the undercut constant.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (18)


#2: Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

Now here’s an interesting combination you can opt for with a disconnected undercut, you can style it with a disconnected beard, this adds an instant style.

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (19)


#1: The Tattooed Look

Yes an undercut is always a sign of more rugged and sturdy look, so why not even tattoo yourself up and give a more stylish look!

Disconnected undercut hairstyles (20)



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