28 Cool Beard Styles for Round Face

Beard Styles for Round Faces: The round face shape is a little tricky when it comes to choosing the right beard style for it. a lot of individuals look for styles that can help make their face look slimmer and sharper. For women, contouring helps give the effect. For men, different beard styles can help give a similar effect. Beard does not necessarily mean a beaver look. You can look absolutely dapper with a light stubble as well.

What Beard Style To Choose For a Round Face?

Maintaining a beard can be a difficult task, especially for men on the go. Here are some tips that will surely make it  easier:

  • Facial hair needs just as much nourishment as your scalp hair. Nobody wants dry and brittle facial hair.
  • Oil your beard with essential oils like jojoba, lavender, and rosemary that will leave you smelling good.
  • Grow it to a certain length to give it different styles. However, make sure to trim it regularly to give it a decent shape and length.
  • Give it a sculpted look by going for a beard wax.
  • Make sure to select a beard style that best suits your face shape.
  • If you are keeping up with the current trend of sharp beard looks, make sure to pair it with a sharp haircut as well.

Get a Dapper Look With These Beard Styles

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↓27. Gerard Butler Style

We all know that Gerard Butler has got quite a grip when it comes to swaggy styles, let it be his beard or the groundbreaking smile. This light stubble around his chin and moustache is a great, sober look for men of the age. You can also go for this style if you have short hair and need something to go with it. You should not go for a heavy beard without having a thick mop. Particularly this is a great look for professional men looking for a neat and decent appearance.


↓26. Half-Trimmed

Half trimmed beard look comes in handy if you happen to be an admirer of naturally stern styles. Done with how difficult it is to deal with a long beard or are simply looking for a change? Well, worry not. We have a solution for you. Trim off your beard till you are left with light stubble. Most women absolutely adore men with light stubble as it helps them look mature for their age.

↓25. Little Messy


↓24. Half-grown Beard

↓23. Robert Downey Jr. Iconic Iron Man Style


↓22. Kobi Kotchman’s Beard

Want to make your jawline look more prominent? Get a refined look by going for a well-trimmed look. Use a trimmer to get nicely-shaped sideburns and facial hair. This is another great look for young men on the go.

↓21. Taylor Kinney

Want a look that will melt the hearts of many? You are at the right place. Take a look at Taylor Kinney’s thick beard that you could replicate to turn heads along the way. Grow out your beard and mustache for a thick and heavy appearance. Trim out the ends for some neatness and you are good to go.

↓20. Zac Efron’s Light Beard

Here is another Zac Efron inspired facial hair look that is a great option for all young men out there. If you want to impress your girl and want to look your best, this is the perfect youthful style to pick.

↓19. Hipster Look

A lot of men want to look edgy and cool with their fashion and beauty choices. From tattoos and spiked hair to their outfits and shoes, all are required to give a hipster vibe. If you are one of those, here is a beard style you would want to choose.

↓18. South Asian Style

Here is a beard style that we would surely recommend for South Asian men. With beard being an important part of their appearance, many Eastern men go for styles that help them look mature yet super dapper. This slightly thicker look can look great on many. While it may need regular maintenance, it will surely be all worth it. For the next couple of months, you will be spotting more of this beard style as it seems to be the trend of this year.

↓17. With Slick Back Hair

↓16. Leo Caprio Half Round Beard

↓15. Long Beard with Long Hair

We can’t take our eyes off this look, and we bet you can’t either. Give your long hair the perfect pair with this unique style beard for a gorgeous and cool look.

↓14. Thin

↓13. Celebrity Style

Haven’t shaved in days and still don’t intend to? Worry not. Here is how to style your overgrown beard into a more presentable one. The mature look is great for professional men that need to look formal at work at all times.

↓12. Very Thin

↓11. Leo’s 90’s Look

↓10. Liam Hemsworth

↓9. Leo Caprio Circular Beard

↓8. Thick Beard


↓7. Zac Efron’s Look

Despite being young, on the fashion front, Zac Efron has displayed some maturity with his style and beauty outings. From formal suits and bowties to Slick-back hair and bearded styles, he has done it all. The Baywatch actor, now clean-shaven, once sported a gorgeous stubble. Take a look at his facial hair, looking appropriate to his age. His beard has a sharp cut around the sideburns giving him a youthful and modern look. If you want something that is natural yet dapper, this is the go-to style. The little jazz dot goes well with the mustache and beard.

↓6. Joe Jonas Style

Joe Jonas has also stepped in with an eye-catching cute youthful beard look meant for guys who tend to look younger than their ages. Keep it light and natural with a style that is appropriate for your age. Joe has kept his mustache a bit thicker than the rest of the stubble giving him a unique look.


↓5. Ryan Gosling’s Signature Look

The heartthrob of every girl, Ryan Gosling has been sported in varying facial hair styles. While we are huge fans of him either way, we do like him better in this light shave. With his hair color being light, we absolutely love how well it looks on him. Take a break from the clean-shaven look and grow out your stubble for a day or two to replicate this look. The best part about going lighter is how easy it is to manage and would not require too much effort. The signature beard look he puts on in his every fairytale sort of movie genre can be taken and applied to real life.

↓4. The Hunter Beard

↓3. Leo DiCaprio’s  Natural Look

Leo’s another very capturing look for boys to take tips from. Here is another one of Leo’s beard styles to take inspiration from. Leave your cheeks shaven while going for a heavier look under the chin. The light mustache complements the beard, giving him an Italian appearance. One great thing about this look is that once you grow tired of it, you can shave into completely different looks, for example, the French beard or the Goatee.

↓2. The Grim Beard

The grim beard look is named so because of the gravity of attraction it presents at a first glance. The naturally long beard helps make men look hot and sexy. This style will surely look great when styled with formal suits or a biker look. Before going for this style, be prepared about the maintenance of it. Keep it hydrated with oils before the facial hair turns dry and brittle. The slightly curved ends look really cool with the grim style.

↓1. The Early 2000s Look

This look will surely give you glimpses of the early styles of 2000 and how guys back then absolutely nailed it. Well somehow, it has travelled to this date too. This old and classic look was all about a heavier beard on the chin with a light shave around the cheeks and mustache. It is a different and unique look that you could replicate for a bit of a change. If you have a round face, the thick beard around the chin will help give a more defined look.

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