105 Best Beard Styles & Styling Tips

Men beards come in different shapes and styles, and they have a great number of options to choose from. However, men really need to opt out for styles that will suit them the best, they’ll have to look into the factors such as maintenance, their face shape and which size they are comfortable with.

People often think that fashion is limited to clothes and accessories. But that isn’t correct because fashion is all about expressing one’s self. It is important for men to express their inner style and personalities through their hairstyles and beard styles.

You may think that beards can’t be fashionable, but they sure can be! This is why we have made a list of the most popular shaving styles that are trending these days.

Men often take immense care of their facial hair, and the upkeep can be time-consuming. Any guy can take inspiration from some celebrities with beards.

Whether you want a short-trimmed or a wild, thick one comes down to your own decision. But I hope you manage to find a style that suits your taste! You can have a real swag look with these styles. For more men’s swag fashion, check out these swag hairstyles and accessories for a complete look.

For today, here’s everything we’ll cover:

best beard styles

Tips and Guidelines

Whenever you decide to grow a beard, remember to first choose the style you’re planning on. This will allow you to trim and shape it properly and on time so it grows well. There are also certain things that you need. First of all, buy a nice comb and use it as often as possible, so your hair grows in the direction that you want. Go for a comb that’s smaller in size so it can easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

Also, use some oils and gels to keep your facial hair well-maintained.

Looking after your beard by using these things will help you keep it clean and smooth. It will also help you avoid problems like itchy or dry skin.

Did you have a no-shave November? Some men don’t really concern themselves with trimming regularly. And while someone can still look great with a rugged look, consider trimming your facial hair to look decent, especially when you are in the office and at formal events.

Whether you want to try a new look, or you’re new to this, and you can’t decide what style is best for you, we are here to guide you. First, consider these few tips from us:

  • Not all beard styles will suit you. Consider matching your shave style to your facial structure.
  • Use an aftershave.
  • Start using a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner for proper care.
  • Eat these foods and vitamins for heathy hair:


105 – Will Smith

104 – Chris Evans

You may know him as Captain America in several MARVEL films. In the 21st franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe called Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Evans portrayed his character with an iconic style.

best beard styles

103 – Robert Downey, Jr.

Beard Styles trend12

102 – Chris Hemsworth

Either you are a fan of myth stories or not, you can try this god-like beard like Chris Hemsworth’s, as seen in several Thor movies in the MARVEL movie franchise.

best beard styles

101 – Jamie Dornan

Pull of a style like that of Jamie from 50 shades of Grey.

Beard Styles trend13

100 – Zayn Malik

Inspire your shave style from the of a heartthrob musician like Zayn.

best beard styles

99 – Oscar Isaac

best beard styles

98 – Hugh Jackman

We know him from the films, The Greatest Showman and X-men. This shave style is called mutton chops. Grow a full beard from ears to the chin, then shave the area where a goatee would normally grow. Remove the small patch of hair on your chin and above your lips where a mustache would be. Keep the mustache and shave the middle of the chin area.

best beard styles

97 – Ben Affleck

best beard styles

96 – Kit Harrington

You may be aware that during his 10-year stay in Game Of Thrones, Kit Harrington portrayed Jon Snow with a distinct style, especially in the show’s later seasons.

best beard styles

95 – Paul Ruud

This MARVEL actor portrayed Scott Lang, aka Ant-man. He is also known for looking like he is not aging even though the thing is, he is around 50 years old already. His style may be saying a lot about it.

best beard styles

94 – Robert Pattinson

As seen in his interviews and photos online, he is rocking a shaved style that makes him even hotter.

Beard Styles trend21

93 – Ryan Reynolds

If you have seen Deadpool, you may not be surprised if he is on this list. His style adds up to how different his personality is.

best beard styles

92 – Andrew Garfield

During his post-Spiderman career, people have seen a lot of photos of him online showing how mature he has been since then. Undeniably, this style has a nice ring to it.

best beard styles3

91 – Henry Cavill

A lot of us may know him for his role as Superman, but one of his latest roles, including The Witcher, shows how beard looks great on him.

best beard styles

90 – Jason Momoa

His style is advisable for men with long hairstyles. This style covers the “lumberjack” and “wizard” styles, which means growing hair at the bottom of your face for months or years until they reach beyond your Adam’s apple and even down your chest.

Use an oil and balm to keep your facial hair hydrated and conditioned all day. And as it grows thicker and longer, use a natural boar bristle brush to straighten your beard and maintain the styling.

best beard styles

89 – Uniform or Corporate

This is more on the professional side. Office men should go for this style. It may take a few weeks or months if your beard grows slowly. Maintain this short style by trimming your cheeks and neck. Having a fresh, clean presentation is important, and crisp lines and proper shaping is a must. Invest in a reputable brand’s trimmer for smooth, close cuts.

best beard styles

88 – Leonardo

This highlights your facial hair along your jawline, chin, and mouth. If you have prominent cheekbones, having this Hollywoodian style is for you. It needs two to three months of facial hair growth. Let your beard grow out all over, and then completely shave the sideburns.

best beard styles

87 – Adam Gallagher Style

Restrict the hair on your face to just your jaws, and keep your mustache into a thin line. You may have seen your fav singer Enrique Iglesias rocking this faded line look quite often. This look is perfect for boys who are in their colleges or even high schools. They will, for sure, get elected the home king if they try this look.

men beard styles10

Short to Medium Beards

86 – Handlebar

This style may look funny, but men, especially oldies who know how to rock it, can prove that it’s one of the trendy styles. Grow your mustache out long but keep the area above your lip trimmed. Use mustache wax to aid you to twist the ends of the handlebars, then turn them up or down.

best beard styles

85 – Ducktail

Ducktail styles are medium-length beards that look good, especially if you have rugged features. It is a good look for men who struggle to grow a full beard.

Ducktail starts on the cheeks and come down to a rounded point two to four inches below the chin. You can have a ducktail with clean-shaven cheeks, or you can grow your facial hair out, but keep it trimmed and well-groomed.

Beard Styles for Swag9

84 – Cool Yet Suave And Mysterious Style

men beard styles

Men love facial hair, and this is a great alluring style for them to choose from. Focus on the side-parted hair and well defined, rugged stubble. This style is wearable to college or even at the office.

83 – Smooth Yet Casual Style

This style looks great on men with long face cuts. Yes, there are different recommended styles for different face shapes. 

men beard styles1

82 – Slick and Smooth Style

Keep your hair gelled and well-oiled for this smooth look that is fun yet easy to maintain.

men beard styles4

81 – Funky Style

Actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal really know how to look manly yet seductive. This style includes a bit thick but trimmed and rough hair. In this style, the hair around the chin are kept fuller while those around the chin are on the thinner side. Check out these Funky Hairstyles for Teen Guys.

men beard styles6

80 – With Undercut Hairstyle

Keep it chic by applying a lot of frizz-free serum on your hair to keep your whiskers tamed.

men beard styles7

79 – For Bald Men

Keep your hair bald, and let the rest of your hair turn gray and shaggy for this fun look. This look is the most opted look among older Hollywood celebrities.

Going bald makes sure that all the attention goes to the facial hair, not the head or the hairstyle. Here are some more Beard Styles for Bald Guys.

As with most other styles, regular trimming is vital to help you maintain the shape.

men beard styles11

78 – Hipster Style

This look is perfect for younger and older guys because it will put the age factor to the side. You can also dye your beard to achieve a hipster look. But don’t go for funky colors. Try to use different shades of brown as the dye color.

men beard styles12

77 – Swag with Moustache

men beard styles13

76 – For Teen Guys

men beard styles14

75 – Simple and Neat

beard style for swag

74 – Old Man Style

Older men can easily pull this look off. Simply stop dying your hair and let it all go natural and long! Because there is no shame in age and age is just a number, so why hide your age by using hair dye filled with chemicals? Stop right there and embrace the natural color of your hair and have fun.

men beard styles5

73 – With Long Hair

swag beard styles for men

72 – Van Dyke

Many hipsters love this one. The Van Dyke is similar to the goatee. It features a pointy mustache and facial hair on the chin. The mustache isn’t linked to the beard and can be shaped into a handlebar.

swag beard styles

71 – Dutch Style

swag beard styles

70 – Wedding Day

swag beard style

69 – Scruff Style

This is known as a light stubble. It can be styled with just a couple of days’ worth of growth. This style looks like you’ve forgotten to shave for a day or two. Stubble trimmers are used to achieve this masculine, gritty facial hair look.

You can let the hair grow, including that on your neck and cheeks, or you can trim and shape your stubble in these areas for a more clean-cut finish.

men swag beard

68 – Multicolored

black men beard styles
swag beard styles

67 – Strong & Professional

beard swag style
swag beard styles

66 – Stylish

swag beard style

65 – Short Boxed Beard

best beard styles
swag beard style

64 – Trimmed Look

swag beard for men

63 – Asian Style

swag beard styles

30 – With Long Hair

swag beard styles

62 – With Man Buns

swag beard styles

61 – Beards and Tattoos

beard swag

60 – Intense

men seag beards

59 – Hot and Happening

beard swag style

58 – Legendary

swag beards for men

57 – Perfect for Date Night

swag beard styles

56 – Handsome Look

swag beard styles

55 – Guy Gang

swag beard styles

54 – Ginger

swag beard styles men

53 – Street Style

men swag beard ideas

52 – On Point

swag beard style

Long/Full Beards

51 – The Bandholz

A man with a long jawline and chin should grow facial hair up to beyond the 20 cm mark.

best beard styles


50 – Garibaldi

A full long beard stops at about 20 cm. This requires regular maintenance, especially at the bottom part.

Best Beard Styles for Swag7

49 – Long, Shaggy Style

This rough and tough full beard looks like a great way to elongate your face if you feel that it’s too round or chubby.

men beard styles2

 48 – Rough and Tough

This is an extremely daring look for all the confident men out there. Simply let it grow wild! If you’re growing a full beard like this, remember to use oil for its nourishment and protection.

men beard styles8

47 – Unique Style

Merge your mustache with the rest of your facial hair for a totally dazzling look. Though this look is very bold and many men may not feel comfortable to go for this look but trust me, this look suits everyone and looks amazing on everyone because of its uniqueness.

Be bold and go for this look to make people remember you. Check out here some more Weird and Unique Facial Hair Looks Ever.

men beard styles9

46 – Classics

swag beard styles

45 – Go Old School

swag beard styles

Trimmed and Stubble Beards

44 – Stubble

It can be called a thick, 5 o’clock shadow. It takes about 10 days to grow. Grow the beard three to four millimeters long. This cut is recommended for men who grow even hair all over their faces without patches. You can keep your neck and cheeks clean-shaven or not and just let the hair grow.

best beard styles

43 – Chin Strap

This style is a thin strip of facial hair that connects the sideburns to your chin.

Chinstrap styles may include a mustache or soul patch. Groom and trim properly, to make it look like a strap that goes around your head and down under your chin.

best beard styles

42 – Subtle and Understated Style

Teenage boys love to look manly and mature, and this style is perfect as it does not require much maintenance. It is easy to keep and looks super attractive. This super hot look includes spiky hair but only from the front part, a very thin beard, and a thin mustache.

This style looks perfect on guys in their teens and early 20s because they want to look older than their actual age. Check out these Curly Hairstyles for Teen Guys.

men beard styles3

41 – Goatee Swag

If you have patchy, thin facial hair, this style is perfect for you. Shape your facial hair from the corners of your mouth down to your chin.

A tip for you, let the hair grow and pull off a style from one of the popular goatee styles depending on where your hair is growing.

beard styles for guys

40 – Balbo

swag beard styles

39 – Swag Mutton Chops

swag beard styles

38 – Stubble

This is a stubble style with intent. Set the clipper blade to between 1.3 and 1.5 mm.

swag beard styles

37- Connected Style

swag beard style

36 – With a Swag Hairstyle

swag beard styles

35 – Slaying

swag beard styles

34 – Cool and Casual

swag beard style

Popular Beard Styles with Names

33 – The Arabic Style Beard

This typical Arabic style beard is ideal for young boys, this gives a sharp look due to the way the lines are defined in it, also this is really short in length so it is easy to maintain.

32 – Box Shaped Beard

A box-shaped beard is ideal for elongated faces, as broad faces will look further broad in this beard. A box-shaped beard takes time to grow and settle at an equal length.


31 – The Broad Jawline

A great trick to make you face shape looked more defined is to have a beard of this sort. This will focus on your jawline and hence will end up making your face look thinner.

30 – The Chinstrap

The chinstrap begins from one corner of the face and ends on the other corner. This has been one of the oldest yet one of the most trendy beard styles in men.

29 –  The Defined Sideburns

Instead of letting your sideburns grow out in their natural shape, you can also shave and give them precision. These defined lines will give your face a bolder look.

28 – The Edgy Beard

This edgy beard is ideal for any man who is willing to give himself a completely different look. This involves adding a lot of hairlines in the chin.

27 – The Extended Long Goatee

The extended long goatee is similar to full beard but is medium in length and is sharp and pointed at the chin. This suits almost all face types and can be worn by men of varying age groups.

26 – The Full Beard

No matter what age, what size and whatever face shape you have, the classical full beard is the easiest solution. No matter what era we move to, this is never going out of fashion.

25 – The Fuller Goatee

Extended and Fuller goatee is only slightly different from one another, the fuller goatee has thicker hair, hence giving the beard a fuller look.

24 – Long Bushy Beard

As the name suggests, a long bushy beard includes the hair to grow in their natural shape and style. This beard is ideal if you want to give yourself a rugged look.

23 – The Medium Stubble

A stubble beard is easy to grow, you just have to wait for the facial hair to grow and a medium stubble, i.e. it has slightly darker hair then the new grown facial hair.

22 – The Pointed Mustache

There are various beard styles which have the disconnected mustache with them, so you can also style your mustache, give it a pointed look to appear even sharper.

21 – The Shaggy Style

Remember Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Yes here we have a beard style inspired from him, a shaggy beard looks a little unkempt but adds a lot of ruggedness.

20 – The Shaved Lines

Many young boys are a fan of having their facial hair all shaped up. Well, they can totally give themselves an edgy look by having shaved lines.

19 – Taper Beard

Many of the guys are interested that the area around their jawline and chin should appear the longest, so this style is for all of them and can be achieved even with help of a trimmer.

18 – The Thick Beard

The thick and fuller beard is what every man dreams of. This doesn’t need a particular direction to grow in but must be trimmed accordingly.

17 – The Tight Beard

The tight beard, as appears from its name is basically a facial hairstyle which will give you a very composed and well-maintained look.

16 – The Beard Till Neck

To give a more artsy look you can also have the beard growing till the beginning of the neck. This is not very popular but many men who experiment prefer it.

15 – The Rounded Bandholz

The famous Bandholdz beard style can also be given a rounded trim from the ends, this can complement well with the bald head.

14 – The Balbo Beard Style

Take best beard highlights from the iconic Robert Downey who stole the real-life show with his groundbreaking Balbo beard look and we cannot possibly be more grateful for Hollywood fashion. It’s a great swag look for men in their 40s and beyond. Now coming towards the main question, what exactly is a Balbo beard?

The Balbo beard is suspected to have its origin in Italy and it includes a mustache, combined with a soul patch and some beard hair on both sides of the soul patch. It’s a beard style that gives you the gangster look without looking like you made a lot of effort into your look.

So who should grow a Balbo beard? Men with a prominent chin who wish to make the chin look broader rather than narrow or pointy should definitely go for this style.


13 – The Bandholz Beard Look

Want the smuggest yet most artistic style? Go for the Bandholz.



12 – The Stubble Goatee

The immensely grim yet appealing stubble goatee beard look has got men wanting to keep it for longer and we can see why. The less detailed circle beard for men keeps it light and cool and mildly formal. Check otu Celebrities Goatee Styles; These 20 Actors Who Love Goatees


11 – Extended Goatee Style

The extended goatee is simply a broader form of the traditional goatee. For instance, while this is what you’ll call a goatee:


An extended goatee will look more like this:

beard styles 2017

The picture above shows actor Ben Affleck in an extended goatee which of course includes a mustache.

10 – Friendly Mutton Chops Look

The friendly mutton chops look of Bradley Cooper will admire you to bits because the attractive star has impressed fans with this look in some of his best work. Check out Mutton Chops Beard Styles-15 Best Looks with Mutton Chop Beards

The mutton chop beard style involves broad sideburns that are connected with the mustache. It gives a man a very bold but also a friendly look. Once again, there are many different beards of this style which trend from time to time. The T mutton chops, for instance, have been more popular amongst older man while the boomerang mutton chops are a favorite for youngsters.



9 – Swaggy Full Beard

Who says an absolute full beard style cannot be swaggy or equally cooler? So retain your cool and bring out your swag with a completely full beard for men because style comes in all ways.



8 – The Garibaldi Style

The festive Garibaldi beard style will be handy if you tend to keep your beard messier than most people would. have your try depending on whether you can manage long beards!



7 – The Imperial Beard Style

The glorious imperial beard style from the past has finally made its way and is included in the list of all awesome beards to be followed by men in the year to come.


6 – The Short Stubble

The signature style of none other than the most memes-inspired singer in the image below has given us some great tips about the short stubble beard look.



5 – The Medium Stubble

The perfect spot in between the full beard and clean-shave is the medium stubble beard. If you’re looking for a beard style that represents your laid back and casual personality then this is what you’re looking for. It can easily be maintained with an electric trimmer.



4 – The Long Stubble

The long stubble beard style for all those who want a bit of everything in their beard styles.


3 – The Van Dyke

One of the oldest beard styles that never goes out of style. The Van Dyke came around in the 17th century and it is a combination of mustache and goatee with clean shaved cheeks.

Over the years, many variations of this style have developed so every guy can find a van dyke beard to suit his personality and face shape. Many actors have made this look popular by growing it to impeccable perfection, our favorites include Johny Depp and Christian Bale.


2 – Groomed Stubble

The groomed stubble beard style for men who want to come off as friendly and outspoken. Let’s have a try.


1 – The Jawline Beard Style for Youngsters

This beard style is also known as the chin strap beard and you can grow it with or without the mustache, and it looks great on young guys. These beards got popular in the 18th century but now once again they are back in style this year. This beard style involves growing a thin strip of hair from one end of the face to the other including the jawline and chin.



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