20 Most Funny and Unique Beard Styles

Funny Beard Styles. Want to have a look at some of the weirdly unique sets of beard styles that many men have had the guts to apply on themselves? Here you will be incredulous by looking at how these men managed to be gutsy enough to do different tricks on their beard styles and it turned out to be quite well.

Well, some of these are entirely suited for costume party looks and fashion, while a few fall for having your signature beard as well.

Have a look at these 20 funniest-looking facial hair looks ever and have a chance of finding something that matches your unique personality! Go ahead now.

Weird Beard Styles


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#20 – Johnny Depp Balbo Look

Johnny Depp’s Balbo style is not entirely hard to adopt as your regular daily look. Surely is the least weird of the ones you will find below.

#19 – The Chin Strap

Elijah Wood adopts the chin strap beard look for men to be a symbol of uniqueness. You can adapt it if you think it suits your facial character.


#18 – The Circle Beard

The circle beard has got to be the funniest trick to do to your beard. Check it out too.

#17 – The Dali Mustache

The hilariously awesome Dali mustache must have been derived from a particular culture or is simply meant for a classy costume party! Check out Asian Hairstyles for Men

#16 – The Freestyle Beard

The freestyle beard is probably the one that catches your attention the most. Will surely work well for a costume party or so.

#15 – The Fu Manchu Look (Chinese)

The Fun Manchu look is a Chinese-themed beard style that you might have seen in movies that add a hilarious element to Chinese culture.

#14 – Robert Pattinson Goatee Beard

Robert Pattinson’s Goatee beard style is just as capturing as his any other twilight series looks. Not funny, but surely something out of the blue. Have a look at these Hairstyles with Beards; 20 Best Haircuts that Go with Beard

#13 – The Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache has got to be the coolest and sexiest funny beard look you would all love to have some time.

#12 – The Horseshoe Mustache

The horseshoe mustache has literally the shaped body of a horseshoe and that is what makes it interesting.

#11 – The Jesus Beard Look

Want to have a real life Jesus style? Catch his style right here.

#10 – Hilarious Mutton Chops Style

#9 – The Napoleon Imperial III Look

#8 – The Octopus Crazy Beard

#7 – Pencil Mustache Trend

The vintage pencil moustache will be a hilarious fit for a costume party and gives us all glimpses of the 80’s era.

#6 – Ryan Reynolds’ S-Beard Look

#5 – Mathew Fox Funky Beard

#4 – The Soul Patch Look

#3 – The Vintage Stache

Nothing could be more iconic than this style, which gives us the terrific impression of guys who smoke cigars and practically owned the 90’s era.

#2 – The Stairs Style

#1 – The Pointed Beard

The pointed beard style has a lot of techniques applied to it to make it look a certain way.

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