18 Cool Mustache Styles for Teenagers

Mustache Styles for Teenagers. Grown-up men all around the globe have many ways to show off their personalities, with their beard styles, dressing, and overall personality. However, in the case of teenage boys, they usually find it hard and are always looking for ideas to carry their personality.

Most of them think that they can just make a mark by dressing well or by adding on accessories to their outfits. However, there are many other ways by which they can flaunt their personalities and give a great impact of themselves. While we’ve already discussed the 24 Cool Beard Styles Without Moustache For Perfect Look, today we’ll be focusing solely on moustaches that look best on young teenage guys.

When boys hit the age of puberty they grow their facial hair, but at this age the facial hair are lesser as compared to old ages, and boys usually think that it is not possible to style them or have facial hair styles. Well we can prove them wrong, teen guys can opt for multiple facial hairstyles and among them mustaches top the list.

To help teenagers all around the globe we have got 18 mustaches styles, which they can opt for and add more charm to their personalities.

Which Moustache Style is Best for Young Guys

#18: Teen Celebrity Mustache Style

Like Zayn Malik and many other teen celebrities, you can also opt to go for a light mustache with a medium stubble beard. This will give a rugged and manly look to your personality. This is even easy to grow as in teenage days guys usually have lighter hair. Check out these awesome Zayn Malik Pics-30 Hottest Pictures of Zayn Malik so far

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#17: Curved Beard with Mustache

If you are a boy who is daring and choose to go for styles which are bold then a good style of mustache is that to go for a full mustache and have a curved beard with it. Curved beard will add the daring look to the personality and give you a different look.

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#16: Heavy Mustache

As men age they tend to opt for a few restricted colors for their outfits, but in the teenage days they can wear as many colors as they want, as it gives a playful look. Boys should carry their mustaches with colorful outfits so they look their age. RECOMMENDED: Types of Beards Styles; Their Name with Pictures; A Complete List

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#15: For Asian Boys

Asian boys also tend to grow mustaches in their teenage days. A great idea for them is to keep a light mustache as there may be lighter hair, along a small goatee beard.

This will not make them look more older than their age, but it will add maturity to the overall look. Here are some great Asian Hairstyles for Men; 30 Best Hairstyles for Asian Guys

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#14: With an Undercut

Undercut is the most famous and trending hairstyle among teen boys as well as grown up men. This is ideal for teen guys as they can have very light mustache and they can compliment it with an undercut. This will give them a rugged yet handsome look. If you’re interested in undercuts then don’t miss out these Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles

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#13: Heavy Mustache for a Cool Look

Another simple yet completely changing style that young boys can do is to carry a heavy mustache for some really cool look. Paired with black shades, this is ideal for casual style and adds great impression.

#12: With Long Hair

It is usually a misconception that long hair on men make them seem less professional. Well in teenage boys can try out multiple styles which will help them determine which look they can carry or not, so they must try long hair with light mustache. This is ideal for oval faces.

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#11: With Goatee Beard

It would not be wrong to say that whether it is teen boys or elderly men, all of them love goatee beards; from celebrities to common people, men are usually comfortable carrying goatee beards.

Thus teen boys can take inspiration from there and opt to style themselves by pairing their mustache with a goatee beard, this will give a touch of maturity to their personalities.

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#10: Full Beard With Mustache

Not all teenage boys have very rapid and heavy facial hair growth in their early teens, but towards the end they develop a good growth. In such times, they’re trying new facial hair styles and choosing which one will suit them better.

In such times, the best and foolproof style is to opt for a fuller beard with mustaches intact to it. This suits every face cut.

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#9: Mustaches Look for Christmas

Everyone is looking for different looks for holidays, well a great way to celebrate Christmas is to let out your comfy sweaters and get some fuzzy look.

Wear a colorful sweater with messy hair. But what to do with mustaches? Well keep a medium stubble beard and pair it up with a medium growth beard and add some charm to your Christmas look.

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#8: With Blonde Hair

It is usually considered that with blonde hair you can keep much facial hairstyle as they won’t compliment the overall look. Well we can prove this wrong. You can choose to have a full mustache with blonde hair and still look handsome.

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#7: With Messy Hair

Vacations call for a lot of fun and some rough yet sexy look. Well in order to achieve that in your teens all you’ve got to do is opt for messy hair with a regular mustache and beard. This will add instant charm to your holiday personality.

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#6: With Side Burns

Not all men are courageous to try and go for some rough side burns, but if you do it you’ll achieve a really handsome yet rugged look. Teen boys can easily opt for this style as they usually don’t have very high growth of facial hair so this style will definitely be easy and will look incredible.

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#5: Thick Mustache

Boys who are looking for ways to style their beard must essentially focus on it. Instead of growing a beard fully as your mustache, you can simply grow a thick mustache and let the beard be a light.

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#4:  Van Dyke Style

Another famous yet stylish way to wear your mustache is to style it in a Van Dyke. In olden times usually older men would carry it but in recent times young boys are styling themselves and they look way better than older men in Van Dyke.

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#3: With a Man Bun

Carrying long hair with grace is not possible for all men, but who can know they can style up themselves in several ways. A man bun with mustache look very handsome and gives a playful look.

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#2: With Spikes Hairstyle

Both the hairstyle and facial hairstyle matters a lot for determining the personality. Well you need to maintain both of them. For easy maintenance, choose spikes hairstyle with beard, this looks neat and proper.

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#1: Zac Efron’s Style

Teen celebrities are a great source of inspiration and motivation. You can choose Zac Efron’s style, who wears his mustache with a light disconnected beard.

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