24 Cool Beard Styles Without Moustache For Perfect Look

Beard without Moustache: Who does not wants to make his personality’s bold impression? Men can do that simply with their facial hair. Beards are the new trendy accessory a man can wear with confidence, and without moustache it is more challenging to wear a beard.

Either go for classic ways or trim the way you want, beard can be as the way stylish as much effort you can do. They look sexy, stylish and very manly, no matter what shape of face you have, facial hair or beard, in other words, it can add some more charm to your personality. It also emerged that it takes men on average 67 days to grow what they consider to be ‘the perfect beard‘.  If you have patchy facial hair, even then there can be many styles of beard with no moustache. Many men do not like a moustache for so many reasons, so here we are giving you a complete guide on how to have facial hair without a moustache or just a hint of them.

How to Style Beard When You Don’t Have a Moustache

Stylish and Trendy Beard Style with no Moustache

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First of all you must know how to keep your look perfect by knowing many styles of beards. As facial hair of men says a lot about them, at least a research claims, then one must be careful what style they are going to chose. Mainly, the given beard styles can be styles without moustache.

1- Spartan – a variation of a fill beard with some trimming on the cheeks and the accent on the jaw and chin.

2- Wolverine – a beard worn by the main character of the movie Wolverine

3- Goatee – never goes out of style. Right now the popular way to wear such a beard is to cut it pretty short.

4- Chinstrap – another all-purpose beard which is always in style. Such a beard looks easy to make but takes some patience to take care of.

5- The Soul Patch – a thin strip from the bottom lip to the middle of the chin, made famous by Johnny Depp, which is getting popular among men of all ages.

Here are a few of the cool guy styles which you can carry without a moustache, varying from thick and thin hair and face shapes.

#24- Goatee beard without Moustache

A goatee looks very manlier and you do not need to have a full beard at all. This beard style looks very cool and even for bald hair men, this is going to suit them. This is a chin enhancer as well.



#23- Sleek Chinstrap with GoateeChinstrap-Beard-1


#22- Sexy Boy with Less Facial Hair

You are lucky if have dark or thick facial hair. Variations are numerous and people having a slightly slimmer face would look with this style. Especially young guys or college going guys.


#21- Cool Guy Facial Hair Style without Moustache

Just a slightly think beard filling your jawline, some waving hairstyle and you are ready to spread your charm.



#20- The Rockstar Look – Be yourself and for a crazy yet cool look, a sleek and trimmed chin puff is perfect without moustache.


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#19- The Bad Guy



#18- Different Style of Chin Puff for College Boys

Some goatee styles are shy, sitting on the face but not really putting themselves forward. The Chin Puff, though, is an entirely different beast. There’s a certain amount of dedication needed to actually grow and maintain a Chin Puff.



#17- Traditional Yet Simple Goatee

About the same width as the mouth, a goatee can help give the illusion of length to a round face.



#16- The Door Knocker

This is a great option for men who have strong growth around the mouth but less dense growth on the cheeks and sideburns. Commonly called a “goatee” today and also known as the “Van Dyke,” this style is quite popular among men and can help disguise a weak jawline and add the illusion of length to a round face.



#15- Broad Goatee for Mature Men The-sould-patch


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#14- The Soul Patch

This style can be worn narrow or extended towards the corners of the mouth.



#13- Jhon Trovolta’s Goatee Style



#12- Cool College Boy Style

This goatee style looks very hip, keep experimenting with goatee to get a more stylish look.



#11- The Wolverine Style Facial Hair

Wolverine style is no doubt very manly and impressive. Many bold men go for this style as it looks very Hollywood and sexy as well.



#10-  Facial Hair Style for Men with Light Hair – Goatee with a soul patch is your saviour if you have light facial hair. This look is perfect for office and even if you are CEO, this could be the style statement beard.



#9- Preppy Style Beard



#8- The Businessman Look



#7- Think Chinstrip for Cool Guy Look

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#6- Jawline with Soul Patch for Office Going Guys



#5- The Brad Pit Style

Whatever Hollywood heroes do, many people follow them. Even the beard got famous in west because of many television series and actors.Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp Attend 'The Tourist' Madrid Premiere


#4- Stylish Chinstrap for Men with Thick Hair

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival -


#3- The Manicured Scruff for Casual Look

For this style, the beard is grown for about a week and the neck is shaved clean as it would be for a traditional beard. A good option for the balding guy. It is also said that men wit stubble or scruffy facial hair are those who are up on the latest trends.


#2- Small Donegal Beard

To get this look grow  a small and trimmed chin curtain hanging from the lower chin and extending on the jaw line on both the sides. You can also have a pencil moustache with it if want. There is a pencil moustache connecting the beard on right and left sides. Or this look is good to go with no moustache as well.



#1- Thick Donegal Beard Style for Impressive Look

Try out something that is simple and easy to maintain, try out this style. The beard style has an evenly trimmed short beard extending from right jaw line to the left via the lower chin. The facial hair on the jaw line, lower chin and neck are trimmed to match the same length. The mustache and the upper chin area are clean shaved, and the sideburns blend into the jawline hair.



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