30 Cool Beard Styles for Bald Men

Growing old is good but if you are getting bald then it might be bit alarming. According to international fashion trends, a man bun was very in but in just a few months bald head took its place.

Good news for naturally bald men indeed. But it might look too bizarre having no hair on the face or head at all. So having some facial hair with a bald head, either natural or shaved head, would look quite masculine and stylish. Everything could look awesome on men of any age, from chin strips to handle beards and full beards. Here are a few reasons and styles why you should go bald but still look handsome and that’s possible just by following the new fashion trend.

Beard Styles for Bald Men


#30- Masculine Look with Full Beard

To get the best shape for your facial hair, talk to your barber about how long you want to go and what is flattering for your head and face shape. A full beard with a curved moustache and shape to match his head looks very masculine and this look is easy to get.


#29- The Cool Guy Summer Look

This look is not very difficult to get. Many men do not like having hairy heads and they prefer to shave heads. In this case, a half jaw strap with a covered chin and moustache could give you a stylish look.


#28- Impressive Facial Hair Style for Old Men

Getting old and bald could not stop you from looking handsome. Just try this style.


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#27- Decent Beard Style for Classy Men – Want to impress someone with decency and an impressive personality? The slightly scruffed beared with a lightly shaved head can look amazing on smart men.


#26- Rough and Tough Style for Middle-Aged Men

A soul path with a thick moustache can look good if you have a slightly bald head.


#25- The Elegant Guy

If you have a small neck and a huge face then this style would suit you with a shaved head.


#24- Light Beard For Simple Look

The permanent stubble is the easiest to get and is best suited for all men of all ages and all skin types. Winter or summer, this style is easy to catch.


#23- Chin Strap for Young Boys

This is one of the popular beard styles, but also a bit harder to pull off. This requires maintenance constantly otherwise it would not look stylish.


#22- The Bad Guy Style

Though not all having this kinda facial hair look bad guys, but to maintain this look one has to take care of his beard a lot. As the facial hair grows, you have to keep it clean and trim it to give a V shape. This looks good on men having a slim face or very slim face. As it gives a fuller look and the jawline is covered under a layer of hair.


#21- Butcher Style Beard for Rowdy LooksBald-Men-10

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#20- Hollywood Style for Old Guys

The simple and easy way to balance baldness is a beard. Full, thick, thin or light, whatever way you want to wear it. Especially on old men, this style looks very good.


#19- The Trendy Goatee with Moustache

The goatee along moustache looks very stylish on men of all ages. It is a smaller piece of facial hair, but it’s quite distinguished. It makes you look serious and quite frankly, demands respect. The moustache is perfect for the corporate world, law enforcement, or any other environment with ‘old-fashioned views’ on style and a strict dress code.


#18- Stubble Beard Style For a Casual Look

One of the most attractive facial hair styles is this. Heavy and light, stubble is a great decision for chrome heads. The look is fantastic. The aura is sexy. The attractiveness is too hard to resist. But it might not work well in every environment as sometimes it gives a very casual look.


#17- Different Style of Classic Goatee

The classic goatee, is often seen on guys who are into rock, metal and punk music, are in the stoner culture, or work in the IT department.


#16- Full Goatee


#15- Wide Thin Goatee with Shaved Head


#14- Sexy Style for Men with Thick Facial Hair


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#13- The Swag Style


#12- Full Goatee


#11- Hollywood Style Goatee with Moustache

This is a variation of the goatee, except the mustache and goatee, are not connected. The goatee is shaped to form an upside down letter “T” and can be worn sans mustache.


#10- Trendy Facial Hair Style for Blond Men


#9- Casual Look for Creative Men


#8- Trendy Facial Hair Style for Black Men

A popular style is a circle beard that combines both the goatee and mustache in a full circle (or square) of hair that surrounds the entire mouth. This looks trendy and many men like it, either bald or have long hair.


#7- The T-Style Goatee – The goatee and its various incarnations have the ability to help shape the face and accentuate your best features. Make it a unique style or stay classic, it works on everyone.


#6- Fashionable Asian Men Style


#5- Classic Style of Chin PuffBald-Men-27

#4- Unique Mutton Chops


#3- The Soul PatchBald-Men-29

#2- The Manicured Scruff

Beards simply exude masculinity and are probably one of the sexiest fashion accessories. A manicured Scruff looks very elegant on men and is a Hollywood trend too.manicuredscruff

#1- The Angry Young Man Style

Having a beard or other facial hair style can add some much-needed style to your look. From impressive to expressive, it says a lot about your personality.Bald-Men-26


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