20 Cute Easter Outfits for Teen Girls 2023

Easter Outfits for Teen Girls- Easter is here and all of you teenage ladies must be excited when this time of the year finally arrives. Easter comes up with family get-togethers and Easter parties along with formal Easter ceremonies held in the church.

Well, it is a great idea to flaunt your style statement a bit when it comes to dressing up for Easter as the festivity is asking for it and being a fashionista, you want to celebrate it in style.

Being a teenager is all about trying on cool outfits in vibrant and unique shades and cuts. Celebrate this Easter with full zeal and experiment a bit by trying some of the latest looks, you never tried before.

Some of the clothing articles you will find below will hopefully be the ones you’ll enjoy wearing during Easter. A few others can be bought to keep up with the trendy looks being considered super chic nowadays.

easter outfits for teen girls

What to Wear This Easter?

Teen girls who are picking Easter outfits for themselves can find a well-researched guide here which can enhance their style statement, making you look trendy and classy, all at the same time.

The 20 dress-up ideas below will inculcate the necessary tips to dress fashionably on Easter Day and some killer combos which will make your life easier as you can get clear ideas of what to get before shopping for Easter dresses.

But more importantly, here are some insightful tips that can help you map out the ideal outfit for this day! :

  • As the transition of weather is finally happening, opt for bright and beautiful colors with a bold print.
  • Go for cute short dresses with micro prints for a brilliant look.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that look stylish as well i.e. sneakers, kitten heels, pumps etc.
  • Style with crossbody bags or simpler clutches.
  • Make sure to accessorize with huge loop earrings, chunky bracelets or a hat!

20- What to Wear to Easter Sunday Church?

Easter Sunday comes up with lots of visits to church and family brunch. Most of us feel confused as to what the appropriate choice of attire for the church would be? A pair of nude heels and sunglasses are a must for Easter Sunday. A beautiful cotton sundress with cute patterns i.e. either florals or birdy prints is one of the best options to opt for.

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19- Funky Outfit

What can get better than a black tube top under printed designed shorts on Easter since funky looks are trending these days? Try mixing some short heels along with a necklace, bag, or some other accessory to complete the look.

Tube tops and printed shorts are versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match with different types of hairstyles as well. With this boho-chic vibe, add in layered necklaces and let your hair down to create the perfect outfit!

Black tube top with printed shorts


18- Make a Statement with Ankara

The vibrant Ankara outfit is extremely classy and they are a perfect choice for Easter with their beautiful colors and bold prints. For young teens, Ankara pants or skirts are the best choices.

Especially, Ankara dresses as they flatter your overall look and are available in many colors. Accessorize with gold teardrop earrings and a black statement necklace along with stiletto pumps to get the perfect Easter look.

Ankara Blue dress


17- Florals Forever

Florals look perfect on Easter day as these are fresh and brighten up your day even more. For teenagers who want to keep it a bit formal, a long floral dress made of chiffon is a cool option as it will make them look smart and elegant. A short purse in a neon color like yellow or purple will make your look more unique. Do have a look at these Different Ways To Style a Floral Blouse.

Floral dress


16- Frilly Dresses for Easter Sunday

Looking for a retro ensemble? Well, it doesn’t always have to be polka dots, is it? Frilly cotton or chiffon dresses in shades of gorgeous pastel blue, pink, and purple are the best options. This stylish attire is quite appropriate for Easter brunch or dinners as well as Easter parties. You can wear this outfit with platform heels or even a cute pair of sandals!

Frill dress pastel blue and purple


15- Easter Outfits for Chubby Teens

Chubby teens can opt for patterns like little florals, polka dots or multiple stripes. A knee-length onesie is an amazing option for such girls and heels will add grace to their ensemble.

There is no need to wear any accessories other than spectacles and a thin bracelet or necklace. You can also opt for high-waisted pants with crop tops or short dresses with a cinched waist.

Short multi-colored polka dot dress

14- Quirky Easter Dress

For most teenagers, short dresses are a quirky and fun choice. So, Easter will not be different for those who want to rebel and stay young.

You can go with a silk dress in multiple colors and a pleated neckline along with short and funky leather boots in any color to complete your look.


13- Sheer Easter Wear

Sheer dresses have been taking over teen’s fashion trends for quite a long time now. A black sheer frock can be worn over a bright inner dress or even printed ones. Add a few bracelets in multiple colors and some sassy wedges to amp up your festive look.

Another great option is to go with sheer eyelet tops with neon inner and a denim skirt for the day. With sheer outfits, go with comfortable heels and black accessories like bead bracelets and necklaces.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (3)


12- Boho Look

It is a 200-year-old tradition to skip the norms of fashion and instead, opt for a boho outfit. If the like the boho vibes, why not rock this look this Easter? An off-shoulder boho top with lace and embellishments can be worn with faded skinny jean bottoms for daytime. You can add a few silver choker chains on Easter day out. Pair it up with some embellished sandals and a watch as well. Don’t miss out on these beautiful Outfit Ideas For Teen Girls to Wear In Summer.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (20)


11- Long Skirts

Worried about strict dress codes for Easter with Family? Well, you can surely go for longer skirts in this case. Slightly longer skirts can be worn with cutely patterned tees and a fancy belt on Easter Day as it looks cool and different.

Also, it is quite appropriate considering the auspicious occasion. It might not be an easy feat to match colors and patterns but doing it right can help you create innovative looks that no one else can match. Go with an off-shoulder Floral top and skirt for Easter this year.

Long Pink skirt


10- Monochrome Outfits

Going minimalist is the new black. So this is a great opportunity for girls who do not want to wear too much color. You can go for a black and white tee with a black skirt.

Add in some colors through accessories and footwear. You know that red sandals or any other bright-colored flat pumps will add style to your ensemble.

Do not hesitate to add accessories like chokers and bracelets as they will make you look stunning. You can even opt for funky belts or graphic crossbody bags to make your look more interesting.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (10)


9- Casual Easter Outfit with Denim

It might be Easter, but for some of us, last-minute shopping is not an option and you haven’t had the time to get something special for yourself.

Well, in this case, denim is your best bet. Denim jackets or shirts will never get old no matter what and add floral embroidery to it for the sake of enhancing the cuteness of the outfit.

You can order in some great motifs, pearls, or sequins and do some creative stunts to make your jacket or shirt stand out. You can even opt for a simple double denim look with a cute shirt for Easter.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (18)

8- Holo Jackets

This trend from the 1980s is making an appearance again with approval from fashion designers and lovers all around the globe.  We all love the subtle display of colors in holographic clothing pieces and it is a great idea to have some in your wardrobe too.

Whether it is Easter or any festive occasion, Holo jackets look the best. For teenagers who are Holo lovers can go for an athleisure top and shorts along with a Holo jacket to create an enchanting style statement. They can be worn with a cute pair of jeans or ripped shorts to create the perfect look! Here are some Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls!

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (12)


7- Polka Dots

Polka dots and pom-pom trims are gonna look the best in summers especially when it comes to a summer dress. As a teenager, you can experiment with funky dresses and totally look awesome. For a nicer look, wear a black and white polka dot dress and throw in some stockings and a pair of black boots along with some necklaces and a ponytail hairstyle to complete your chic Easter outfit.


6- Easter Day Wear

For teens who are fans of casual and simple looks that totally wing it, it is always appropriate to go for a plain cotton top with little print and their favorite denim jacket.

The style will be semi-casual but definitely comfortable. For Easter, you can also wear a pair of plain black pants and pair it up with a fancy blouse to come up with the perfect version of edgy yet simple.

Open-toe boots will look fabulous with this combination but you will need to put in a little more effort in your makeup and hairstyling. Loose curls and a bold lip color would be the perfect cherry on top.

Denim jacket, black pants


5- Onesies for a Cute Look

If you have a comfortable favorite onesie, you can totally upgrade it for a cool Easter outfit. Printed onesies look the best on Easter day and colors like aqua green, mustard and orange will look the best in the daytime.

You can simply add something extra to this look by draping a structured blazer or knitted cardigan on your shoulders. Plain sandals are the best options to wear with onesies and chunky bracelets will look amazing with this look.

Orange jumpsuit


4- Matching Easter Look

If you have a daughter or a little sibling, it is not such a bad idea to wear something matchy. If you are not so keen about completely matching your outfit, you can still go for similar colors or prints for Easter. Take inspiration from these cutest mother-daughter matching outfits.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (9)

3- Pastel Attire

A pastel off-shoulder top can look pretty sophisticated in case you are searching for more formal options. You can pair it up with white jeans because this look can never get old. Add white stilettos and it will look super classy for Easter.

Go for some electrifying nail color with glitter to add the element of fun to your look.

Easter Outfits Teenage Girls (7)


2- Semi-Formal Dress for Easter

If you are wondering how to wear your favorite semi-formal net dress for Easter, we have a great tip. If the sun is shining bright, bright colors are your best bet.

This is a lovely outfit to dress up for family brunch. You should add sequined pumps or minimal heels to enhance the charm of this outfit.

Blue dress


1 – Easter Accessories for Teenage Girls

If the traditional dull-colored outfits are giving you the heebie-jeebies, it is time to try some funky colored skirts, tops and boots. Pastel pink leather skirts are flooding our Pinterest feed and we totally love how you can wear them with different outfits.

These combos will look killer for Easter spring and long floral boots will totally seal the deal. Add in a few bracelets, heart-shaped earrings, a small purse, and tie up some half braids for a more youthful look.


Q: What color should I wear on Easter?

Ans: Pastel colors and hues are most recommended during Easter as it falls during Spring season. Colors like White and Gold, in particular, are known to have traditional significance due to which most girls prefer to wear them more often.

Q: Are skirts or dresses the better choice for Easter for teenage girls?

Ans: Short skirts are widely worn by teenage girls and because they’re more comfortable, they love wearing them. A denim or leather skirt paired with your favorite short top along with a crossbody bag is the go-to Easter look!

Q: What hairstyles would look best for an Easter event?

Ans: Beachy waves if you have short hair, straight hair with half-done side braids, high tied pony for long or medium length hair is the perfect look with any Easter outfit as teenage girls like it better rather than buns, braided updo hairstyles, etc.

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