Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits – 30 Ways to Wear a Cobalt Blue Skirt

Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfit Ideas. Blue is a neutral color, neither too showy nor too formal. It manages to maintain a balance. It has several shades, and every single one tells a different story. Cobalt blue makes for a very snazzy and classy hue. Skirts of this shade make you look prominent without overdoing your look.

There are several ways you can style your attire with a cobalt blue skirt, and there are many types of skirts as well. Here’s a complete guide on how you can wear a cobalt blue skirt in a chic manner. With these ideas, you are bound never to go wrong!

How to Wear Cobalt Blue Skirts

Here are a few things you should take note of while wearing this color:

  • First off, unlike other bright colors, Cobalt Blue looks pretty with flashy colors as well. For instance, Orange and Yellow would look lovely with a Cobalt Blue Skirt.
  • Don’t pair it with more than two colors. Of these two as well, only one should be bright apart from cobalt blue. Three bright colors would make for a clownish look.
  • This shade of blue looks best with colors like black and gray.
  • Don’t be too cautious: experiment with styles with confidence, and flaunt your individuality.

how to wear blue skirts

Now let’s look at those outfits.

Rocking a cobalt blue skirt is not as tough as you might think. It’s a bold color, for sure, but because of it’s innate “statement” quality, you can build your outfit around your skirt… Let it be the focal point of your look and work out from it and you can’t go wrong. Here are 30 curated looks to give you an idea of how to style a cobalt blue skirt.

↓ 30 – Scalloped Hem Skirt with Tunic Top

Let’s start with a classic work attire ensemble. For this outfit, you can pop on a pair of black pumps or ankle strap heels to complete the look.

Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits


↓ 29 – Matching Blouse and Pencil Skirt

When in doubt, pair your cobalt blue pencil skirt with a matching top (a tunic or flutter-sleeve blouse are two great options) and top it off with a beige cardigan duster and nude heels.

Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits


↓ 28 – Cute, Cozy Fall Ensemble

Spice up your regular autumnal attire by throwing in a bold blue skirt! Not only will it have you standing out (because most people stick to a very typical range of colors when it comes to fall-wear) but you’ll love how bright and colorful you’ll feel wearing it. A pleated skirt is ultra-feminine and super comfortable and is a great match for a cozy white crewneck sweater. The cozy versus girly pieces will work so great together. Add mule flats and a statement pair of earrings and get ready to take on those chilly but enjoyable autumn days.

Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits


↓ 27 – Summer Styling for Envelope Skirt

For a modern twist on a classic mini skirt style, why not try an envelope skirt? These cute little pieces are great for summer. Pair yours with a white tank top tucked in and some platform sandals for a fun, chic look you’ll want to wear all summer long. Don’t forget the accessories! Statement earrings and a couple of stacked necklaces are all you need to complement this easy but stylish ensemble.

ways to wear cobalt blue skirt


↓ 26 – Blue on Blue for Work Event

A fun way to wear a cobalt blue skirt is a pleated a-line skirt or poodle style skirt with a lighter-hued blue top. We love this button-down top, perfect for tucking in, that also brings some formality to the look, making it the perfect ensemble for a work event or party. You can even add a brooch or an ornate hair accessory to further jazz up the outfit. Plus, a side-swept curly hairdo is so girly and pretty!

ways to wear cobalt blue skirts


↓ 25 – Blue Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts look very elegant. A cobalt blue one paired with a white button-down shirt looks gorgeous. Or for an even classier look, pair it with a black top and put on your high heels! Here are some more great Outfits with Pencil Skirts.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (16)


↓ 24 – Leather Skirt

Leather makes for opulence and sass. A cobalt blue leather skirt with a white top and a black leather jacket would look very fancy. Or you can wear it with a black and white striped shirt for a fabulous look. Here are some of the best Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (21)


↓ 23 – Tulle Skirt & Tights

Tulle skirts make for a princess-like look. Paired with black leggings and a fitted black top it would make for a marvelous outfit! Don’t miss out on this guide on How to Wear Tulle Skirts.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (3)


↓ 22 – Midi Skirt and Moto Jacket

Midi skirts look sober and chic. Don your cobalt blue midi skirt with a black off-shoulder top for a delicate look. Or for a look that leans toward the tough-girl style throw on a black leather or suede jacket! Don’t miss out on these 16 Cute Outfits To Wear With Midi Skirts.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (18)


↓ 21 – High Low Skirt

High low skirts give you the vibe of a woman who knows her fashion. Combined with a sleeveless bright yellow or white top the attire is mesmerizing. We love this look for parties or outdoor events in the fall when you want to stay warm but still look chic. Consider layering up your look (a thin sweater or tank under your gauzy white blouse is a pro tip for staying warm on cold days) and of course, keeping a coat on hand if you need it. Combat boots or Doc Martens are another stylish way to keep your toes toasty.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (24)


↓ 20 – Maxi Skirt

For a graceful and stylish look, wear a maxi skirt of this color. Here are 12 Best Ways to Wear Maxi Skirt.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (19)


↓ 19 – Long Skirt

Long skirts aren’t just stylish, but they make for a modest look, too. If you are the sort of person who doesn’t want to flash some skin, you can always go for long skirts. Jazz up your style by donning a cobalt blue long skirt with a sky blue or any other light tone of blue top. This makes for a very fashionable dress.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (20)


↓ 18 – Embroidered Skirts

For a trendy look, wear your cobalt blue mini skirt with a cute top. Don’t miss out on these gorgeous Mini skirts Outfits.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (17)

↓ 17 – Chiffon Skirt

Wear your cobalt blue chiffon skirt with a colored top for a glamorous look, perfect for summer.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (25)


↓ 16 – High Waisted Skirt

For a vivacious look, wear your high-waisted cobalt blue skirt with a tight dress shirt. This long envelope skirt is a high fashion piece worn in a totally relaxed and relatable way. This ensemble is great for date night, girls night out, or a semi-casual dinner. If you’re into high waisted outfits, then don’t miss out on these 20 Ways To Wear High Waisted Pants.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (23)


↓ 15 – Blue Skater Skirt

For the girly look wear your cobalt blue skater skirt with knee-high stockings and an adorable top. Your footwear options are vast with this outfit. Go for sneakers, boots, or pumps. Another way to don a cobalt blue skater skirt stylishly is by pairing it with an oversized black and white tee that has full sleeves. Wear leggings beneath the skirt to cheer up the dress even more.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (14)


↓ 14 – A-Line Skirt

Cobalt blue a-line skirt would look fab with a white top. You can go for other colors as well as black or orange. For more ideas, check out these beautiful Asymmetrical Skirt Outfits.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (26)


↓ 13 – Cobalt Blue Lace Skirt

Lace looks sleek and stylish. A cobalt blue lace skirt would look very sophisticated with a pretty pair of high heels or ballet flats. Go for a fitted top for maximum style.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (22)

↓ 12 – Cobalt Blue Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are flowy and look gorgeous. Pleated cobalt blue skirt would look amazing too. Try the look. Here are 23 Ideas How to Wear Pleated Skirts.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (15)


↓ 11 – Cobalt Blue Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts look snazzy and unique. A cobalt blue one would look ultra-stylish with a classy white top! A white top is a must-have for summers because there are so many great looks you can create with it, find out some of the best ones here: 18 Ways To Wear White Shirts For Girls.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (2)


↓ 10 – With Leggings for Winter Fashion

Don’t want to show too much of your legs? Wear a pair of leggings beneath the skirt for a fancy look. Keep this style in mind for the winter season. Here are some fabulous Outfits with Black Leggings.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (5)


↓ 9 – With Crop Top

For a modish look, wear a crop top with your cobalt blue skirt. Add accessories for added style.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (13)


↓ 8 – With Graphic Tees

Graphic tees and blue skirts can never go wrong. Try a white top with your cobalt blue skirt if you aren’t sure about other colors.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (4)


↓ 7 – With Black Top

A cobalt blue skirt would look very fashionable with a plain black tee that is fitted and has a boat neck.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (6)


↓ 6 – With Printed Tops

Cobalt blue goes with several colors. Mint green would look lovely with it. So will yellow and orange. Black and white go with cobalt blue as well. Different shades of grey would also look stunning. Light blue would make for a gorgeous look as well. The slit surely makes this outfit perfect for parties. Here are 40 Best Outfit Ideas with Thigh High Slit to Copy.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (1)


↓ 5 – With Yellow Top

All sorts of tees and tops can be worn with a cobalt blue skirt. Throw on a jacket, blazer, or vest for cheering up the look. You can wear boots, sneakers, pumps, or heels depending on your dressing. Don’t overdo the look by wearing too many different bright colors. There’s a fine line between an eye-catchy look and an outright funny look. Make the right pairs, there are a lot of choices of how you can do that.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (8)


↓ 4 – With White Top & Blazer

Spice up your work attire by pairing your bold-colored pencil skirt with a white top and blazer. Accessorize the look with pumps and a cute statement necklace. Here are some uber-chic Outfits with Pink Skirts.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (10)


↓ 3 – With Orange Top

For casual spring and summer days, try this breezy ensemble.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (11)

↓ 2 – With Striped Shirt & Animal Print Belt

Bring some high fashion to your girl’s night out with a chic hairstyle, Parisian red lips, and a pleated knee-length skirt.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (7)

↓ 1 – With White Shirt & Red Heels

For our final look, check out this glam street-style look featuring some bombshell colors.

how to wear cobalt blue skirts (12)

Frequently Asked Questions

We always like to include some frequently asked questions to further help you in your quest to rock a cobalt blue skirt. Check them out! And be sure to leave us a comment below if we missed anything.

Q. What can I wear with a blue pencil skirt?

A. Try pairing a cobalt blue pencil skirt with either black or white if you want to keep it simple. Remember, cobalt blue is a very bold shade so keeping the rest of the look neutral (color-wise) is definitely a good idea.

Q. What goes good with a blue pencil skirt?

A. A light and breezy top will work as a lovely pairing when it comes to bold-colored pencil skirts. Try a breezy material like chiffon and consider going super girly with your blouse or top as it will pair well with the more business-like skirt.

Q. What goes good with a blue skirt?

A. We hope we gave you a good starting point with this article but here are some easy-to-remember bullet points about what goes well with a blue skirt:

  • A neutral shade like black or white. Keep your shoes, top, and purse all the same color for continuity.
  • A patterned blouse. As long as your skirt is all one solid shade of blue, you can afford to get a little creative with your top. Floral tops in blue and white or soft yellow are good options.
  • Heels! Heels will always look amazing with a skirt of any type.
  • A lace top. This is especially great to wear over a cami tucked into a skirt.
  • A leather jacket. Want to spice up an otherwise boring look? Add a leather jacket (moto jacket) and pair it up with some black heels or booties for an alluring look.

Did you find a favorite look from our curated outfit picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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