Cute Tops to Wear with Jeans – 21 Jeans Tops Outfit Ideas

Tops to wear with jeans for women: I can bet that each one of you will surely have favorite jeans always available in your wardrobe. No matter how much you have worn, I am sure that we all have one pair of jeans that is still an easy & reliable option that would look perfect even with a white shirt!

However, it’s high time; you should look for new ways to style your favorite jeans. If you are looking for beautiful tops to wear with jeans, then you are in the right place, this article is going to line out different ideas that would look great with jeans.

Today, Women wearing jeans have become a fashion statement, though the actual reasoning to it was the convenience aspect. Nowadays, it does not matter what size you are, what your age is if you wear a pair of jeans with style you can sway the overall look! This is why we discussed in our latest post the  Popular Boyfriend Jeans Outfits Trends This Season. My recommendation to skinny women is to wear loose jeans that would give more impression of having a curvy body. While on the contrary, curvy women can also work with a tight pair of jeans to appear slim and tall. Jeans can be used for ideal workwear paired with a simple shirt, or you can grab smart tops to wear with jeans while dressing up for parties with accessories, jewels, and makeup that would make you more prominent among rest. Be it a casual event, date, or just going out to chill; all you need is to find a way to style that would look good on your body. The right pair of jeans would make a lot of difference to your curves, and help you showcase your beauty in the best possible manner.

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How to Wear Tops with Jeans

tops to wear with jeans for girls

How to style tops with jeans in ideal ways?

  • When you have decided to wear flats/sandals rather than heels do cuff your jeans.
  • Just try out colored jeans to alleviate the intensity of the beauty.
  • When going out for a date, make sure to wear tight jeans that would enhance your figure, with stylish heels or boots, top with jewelry!
  • Do try tight jeans with blousy tops to balance simple technique for chic!
  • Don’t forget to keep it simple and elegant. If your jean is not fussy you can go, choose bold and bright colors for a top!
  • Don’t overdo it. As the rule states, less is more!

Take a look at the roadmap to get the best 19 inspirational ideas for the outfits to pair up with your jeans that will be a fashion statement this year.

#21- Tops with Ripped Jeans

Ariel Winter is the cutest curvy we know of, and she rocked her simple loose white shirt with black cutout jeans. Do check out her beautiful and personalized slip-on shoes and you’ll understand why she’s just the cutest. Have a look at 18 Styles to Wear Ripped Jeans for Teenage Girls; Outfit Ideas

#20 – Simple Top with Denim Jeans

Nowadays, ripped denim jeans are back in fashion though it is challenging to choose which type would suit best. This summers, you can get yourself dressed up in distress dark blue jeans to enhance your charms along with an ash-white shirt. RECOMMENDED: 15 Ripped and distressed Jeans Fashion Trends for Women


#19 – Strappy Sandals and White Top

If you are off to outing, pair up a set of naked sandals with skinny jeans that would make you look super-sexy with a loose scarf and white button down shirt. Such sandals usually consist of a strap across your toes and ankle. Here are the best Shoes With Skinny Jeans Women-18 Perfect Outfit Combinations

what top to wear with jeans women


#18 – Top with Boot-cut Jeans

Before in time, it was something that was worn by ‘moms,’ but that’s not the case any longer. The best thing about them is that you can wear it with anything & it would still look good. If your top is baggy, add a belt around your waist. For easy look pair it with a tee and jacket! Similarly, you can wear a button-down shirt tucked in boot cut jeans to have a professional look. blank

#17- High Boots and Tucked in Top

High boots will always be a bold decision. However, if you have decided then make sure to wear them with super-skinny jeans, so it does not loosen up under the surface of the boots. Keep in mind to keep the color of your jeans in contrast to your shoes; bring more attention to your legs.

what top to wear with jeans women


#16- Girly Lace top with Jeans

Twenty seventeen brings lace top in fashion. All ladies are recommended to have a few of it as it brings quite a lot of attraction from the opposite gender. So, gear yourself up for tonight’s date by pairing an elegant lace top, pretty ankle boots with a jean to have a refined look. Check out 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas on how to Wear Them

what top to wear with jeans women

#15- Crop Top and Jeans for Fall

Dress up yourself high waisted jeans, heels, and an adorable cropped sweater that would showcase your mid-riff and make people turn around to appreciate your charms.

what top to wear with jeans women


#14- Hot Casual Top for Work

Simplicity has more appeal to it! Pink top with a pair of blue jeans will surely make a terrific combination, don’t forget to wear a matching shoe and a blazer on top.

what top to wear with jeans women

#13- Tops for College Girls

To show a youthful appearance, pair your jeans with a blouse, and knee-length boots to elevate the whole look. To have more sway, look put on a chic blazer.

what top to wear with jeans women

#12- How to Accessorize Your Tops and Jeans

Your casual stripe tank top, baggy jeans can turn into stylish outfits if you add on some light accessories like necklaces or bracelet; that would transform your simple look into remarkable style!

what top to wear with jeans women


#11- Chic Top with Blazer

Collared shirt paired with skinny jeans topped with a blazer can be a street style nowadays. You can pair it with flat pumps and a necklace. Wearing tight skinny jeans with camel blazer will enhance your body features and add on to your charms. RECOMMENDED: 16 Cute Outfits with Sleeveless Blazers; Ideas How to Wear

what top to wear with jeans women


#10- Cool and Casual Outfit

You can wear check printed open button-down shirt with a casual jean if you are in a mood of relaxing. Add up lace boots for a long walk with sunglasses to keep you safe from dark sunrays. If you are feeling beautiful in & out you will surely perform well in all your work all day long.

what top to wear with jeans women


#9- Vintage Look in Jeans

Do try the vintage look, with high waist jeans and top that has shoulder pads a combination that is trending today. Grab your flats and cuff your jeans to give them a final look.

what top to wear with jeans women


# 8- Tops with Jeans for Day Out in Summers

Grab a white off the shoulder stripe top pair with white shoes, skinny blue jeans, and a black handbag. Don’t forget to take round glasses to display a chic look!

what top to wear with jeans womenVia

#7- Cape Top with Jeans

For Everyday occasions, you can wear a cape with distress jeans. To grab more attention, wear sandals to keep you comfortable, warm, and trendy. Add on a bracelet and locket to bring more charm to the personality.


#6- Shoes to Wear with a Simple Top

The on-going trend of lace-up sneakers should always be available in your wardrobe. Especially if you are planning to wear a t-shirt and skinny jeans cuff to run casual daytime errands.

what top to wear with jeans women

#5- Work to Party Look

Heading for a brunch or a cocktail hour after work, wear your skinny jeans, flat pumps, and leopard top with a red blazer to keep your look stylish yet simpler.what top to wear with jeans women

#4- Top with Floral Scarf for Spring

When the temperature turns warmer, skinny white jeans paired with a plain half sleeve tee shirt, a colorful muffler around the neck and wedges.

what top to wear with jeans women

#3- How to Wear Tops with White Jeans.

Going for a girl night out, pair white jeans with a long sleeve top and long coat and don’t forget to slip on sneakers! For more ideas: Outfits With White Jeans; 23 Chic Ways to Style White Jeans

what top to wear with jeans women

#2- Loose Baggy Sweater

Make it a dreamy look by wearing a loose sweater with a button shirt inside and skinny black jeans.

what top to wear with jeans women

#1- Celebrity Style Sporty Look

Take inspiration from the stylish model Gigi Hadid who was seen in NYC wearing her ripped jeans with a hoody and white trainers. This is the perfect casual look every girl needs for running errands in Winters.


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