18 Best Ripped Jeans Outfits for Teenage Girls

Ripped Jeans outfits. Ripped jeans is one of those fashion elements that have been in and out of trends over and over again. And now it seems that it have been back into the trend like a boss – with numerous trending new styles to wear them with. It could be used to bring out your ultimate swag, a bit of sophistication, a bit of chicness and much more diversity to adopt. So here are some unusually trending ripped jeans styles for this year with unique hairdos, nail arts and makeup tricks.

How to Wear Ripped Denims

18 styles to wear ripped jeans

#18 – Ripped Jeans, High Heels – Summer Style

This undeniably gorgeous black combo of so much awesomeness stands out as the best summer ripped jeans fashion that we so much adore.

#18 - Ripped Jeans, High Heels - Summer Style

#17 – Stunning White Beauty Style

Who knew ripped jeans could bring out so much decent loveliness and perfection? Well it apparently can. It only depends on your creativity!

#17 - Stunning White Beauty Style

#16 – The Sassy Gold Magic

The sassy use of gold color in this style just makes it magically unique and also have a bohemian tinge to it.

#16 - The Sassy Gold Magic

#15 – The Chic in The Color Grey

Want to beat the dull out of grey? There is no dull in grey in the first place. If you wear it like this.

#15 - The Chic in The Color Grey

#14 – Swag Outfit with Distressed Jeans

This outfit completely shouts out that no mess will be takes because I have got my ultimate swag on.

#14 - The Boot Heels Swagger

#13 – The Classiness and Cuteness in Pink

What works best on a hot summer day? If not ice-cream, then let it be ice-cream pink! Surely it is the creamiest and the prettiest style.

#13 - The Classiness and Cuteness in Pink

#12 – School Outfit

There is always a hidden hot boss in red, and it comes off prominently when you wear it. Plus the Duff’s hairdo makes it even hotter.

#12 - The Hot Boss in Red

#11 – The Nearly Office Look

The bag and the shoes surely gives off an office vibe. The platinum-blond purplish hairdo, the chains, and the mirror glasses is just rocking it further.

#11 - The Nearly Office Look

#10 – Casual Wear

The messy bun, the stunning heels, the Taylor Swift Blank Space eye makeup, and the peachy top has all forms of chicness.

#10 - The Peachy Formality

#9 – The Sunday Morning Look

What could be more relaxed than a top that says something about food? Surely, it is the most relaxed Sunday morning look.

#9 - The Sunday Morning Look

#8 – The Royal Blue Stunning Spell

Wants to stun someone under your fashion? Get on the royal blue magic with your wardrobe.

#8 - The Royal Blue Stunning Spell

#7 – The Ripped Jeans and Denim Combo

There is nothing more fashion-like than a combo of jeans and denim – our two favorite things in the world, with every bit of cuteness.

#7 - The Ripped Jeans and Denim Combo

#6 – The Cool Girlish Swag

Everything about the outfit depicts so much girlish tinge and awesomeness.

#6 - The Cool Girlish Swag

#5 – The Phenomenal Red-Brown Combo

The classic hot red with formal brown? Is absolute magic.

#5 - The Phenomenal Red-Brown Combo

#4 – Heels with torn Jeans – Perfect Footwear

#4 - The Cute Street Style

#3 – The Bluish Ripped Jeans Swag

#3 - The Bluish Ripped Jeans Swag

#2 – The Grey-Pink Combo Fun

#2 - The Grey-Pink Combo Fun

#1 – The Simplistic Beauty

This immensely simplistic beauty of peach, yellow and a classic nail art says all. The Rainbow bag is to die for.

#1 - The Simplistic Beauty

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