How to Dress Punk? 25 Outfit Ideas and Styling Tips

Punk fashion emerged in the early 1970s and its followers were people who were going against all the fashion rule and were doing everything on “do it yourself” formula.

It was once considered offensive but now it’s dealt as high fashion and has been featured in many magazines which has helped making it a style to follow. Designers like Vivienne Westwood who have used punk also helped it in gaining popularity and also because of non-punk artists such as Madonna adopted punk fashion. This fashion encompasses everything be it clothing, jewellery, makeup or hair styling.

Punk Outfit Ideas

They use these elements to make a statement, especially the color black and leather. As it is now being followed by non punk people also so we have collected a few ideas to help you with the styling of this fashion.

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#25. The Queen of Punk Fashion

The ultimate punk icon is Madonna, the world-famous singer. Here she is wearing hardcore punk which you can also take ideas from if you are a risk taker and bold.

#24. A Studded Gown for a Formal Evening

You have a fabulous gala to attend and you are a punk who likes gowns this studded gown is the one dress you should invest in and it’s a keeper also.

#23. Tattoos

#22. Selena Gomez

The leather is the heartbeat of punk fashion. Always have leather pants or jackets handy.

Punk Way to Dress (4)

#21. All Black Outfit

Office work or travelling, a very good choice to wear and jazz up the maxi with the leather jacket and a statement handbag.

Punk Way to Dress (5)

#20. High School Attire

Punk Way to Dress (6)

#19. Studs are a Must for a Punk for Anytime

Punk Way to Dress (31)

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#18. Dressing up in a Liberal Manner

Punk Way to Dress (8)

#17. Plus Size Punk Look

#16. Graphic Shirt and Beanies with a Hoodie

Punk Way to Dress (32)

#15. Going Partying – Punk like to hang out and party and another party outfit is this chiffon frock with a trail in a-line fashion. Tie around a thick belt and ankle high-heeled boots.Punk Way to Dress (11)

#14. High Neck Cropped Top with Flannel for Fall

Punk Way to Dress (13)

#13. Leather Pants with Vest Tops

Traditional punk outfit for school. Casual graphic tank top with leather pants and white sneakers.

Punk Way to Dress (34)

#12.  Add Oomph with Leather Shorts

Punk Way to Dress (15)

#11. Hard Core Punk Look

Punk Way to Dress (16)

#10. Black and Leather; Fit for a concert

Punk Way to Dress (17)

#09. Sporty Punk Look

Punk doesn’t always mean going all black. you can wear white and your denim just keep some of the punk elements in your wardrobe such as red hair, eye makeup.

Punk Way to Dress (18)

#08. Plaid Outfit Look for Winter

Punk Way to Dress (19)

#07. Mix and Match with Denim

Punk Way to Dress (33)

#06. Classic White Lace Dress

Although not high in punk fashion but still a classy choice is this white lace dress. You should wear your jacket with its and smokey eye makeup should accompany your looks.

Punk Way to Dress (22)


#05. Going to Work Outfit

Punk Way to Dress (23)

#04. Dressing up in Punk

Punk Way to Dress (24)

#03. Fun Outfit

Punk Way to Dress (25)

#02. Punk in Summer

Punk Way to Dress (28)

#01. Winklepickers; a must-have for Punk


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