15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

Emily in Paris Outfits – “Emily in Paris” is a Netflix original series that captivated viewers all over the world with its endearing plot line and intriguing couture. It is about a young marketing executive from Chicago, who is followed as she relocates to Paris for work and explores the city’s fashion scene.

The apparel worn in the series by the main lead is vibrant and refined, and it brilliantly captures the essence of Parisian flair. Her outfits have become a significant talking topic, motivating people to recreate her famous ensembles with striking jackets and exquisite gowns.

In our last post, we talked about Different Ways to Dress Like a French Girl, and today, we will delve into Emily in Paris outfits, exploring the fashion trends and style tips from the show that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Why does Emily in Paris Dress Strangely?

Patricia Field, the show’s costume designer, purposefully designed Emily’s clothes to express her personality and to contrast her American style against the more conventional French couture.

Additionally, the ensembles serve as a visual representation of her journey to adapt to her new surroundings and find her place in the city of Paris.

As the show progresses, we can see her fashion sense evolve and incorporate elements of the Parisian fashion scene, showcasing her growth and integration into the culture.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

Fashion Tips That We Learnt From Emily Cooper

Our Emily in Paris ensembles are bound to inspire you to put together the perfect look that will have you feeling like you’re roaming the streets of Paris. If you’re looking to replicate her fashion sense, here are some tips that can help:

  • Incorporate bold colors and patterns: The outfits worn by her often feature bold and eye-catching colors and patterns. The tip is to not be afraid to mix and match different patterns or pair bright hues together.
15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily
  • Experiment with accessories: Her outfits are often elevated by unique accessories such as berets, statement jewellery, and quirky bags. These pieces can add personality and elevate your outfits.
15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily
  • Embrace feminine silhouettes: As the main focus of the show, her wardrobe is full of feminine dresses and skirts that accentuate her figure. The tip is to look for flowy, dresses or high-waisted skirts to achieve a similar look.
  • Invest in statement coats: Paris can be chilly, and her wardrobe includes an array of statement coats that make her outfits stand out. Look for classic styles with a twist, such as bright colours, patterns, or unique textures.
15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily
  • Mix high-end with vintage: Her wardrobe incorporates both high-end designer pieces and vintage finds. Mix and match these pieces to create a unique and-of-its-kind look.
  • Don’t forget about shoes: The main female leads shoe game is always on point, with a mix of heels, flats, and boots. Look for unique styles that add a pop of personality to your outfits.

12 – Black off-shoulder Lace Dress

Starting strong with a black off-shoulder lace dress. While Emily donned a lot of chic formal wear, her formal outfits from season 1 top the list. This is a classic and elegant choice for a fancy night out or for an event as it exudes elegance.

The off-shoulder design adds a touch of romance and sophistication, while the lace detailing adds a feminine element to the dress. The black colour is a timeless choice that flatters all skin tones and body types, making it a versatile piece in your wardrobe.

To complete the look, pair the dress with black heels, which will elongate your legs and create a seamless silhouette.

For the clutch, choose an embellished option to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the outfit. This will create a balanced and cohesive look while also adding an element of interest and personality. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect makeup with a black dress.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

11 – Two-Toned Pink Top & Skirt

The two-toned pink top and skirt are a cute and feminine outfit that is perfect for a semi-formal occasion. The soft pink color of the top and skirt creates a delicate and elegant appearance that is both chic and sophisticated. Emily’s choice of a ponytail hairstyle is perfect for this outfit, as it complements the elegant and chic style of the outfit.

To complete the look, delicate gold earrings have been added, which add a touch of sparkle and shine to the outfit. The gold accents on the earrings complement the pink color, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Overall, this outfit is a great choice for any occasion your day has in store for you.

10 – Rainbow block sweater with black tights

You will hardly find Emily wearing anything that’s remotely casual. However, this look is too good to ignore and not talk about. Emily’s rainbow block sweater with black tights, paired with bright yellow rain boots and a pastel pink beanie is a playful and casual outfit that stands out from her usual chic and stylish attire. Making the whole look the perfect choice for a casual day out, with its warmth and comfort.

The sweater is the centerpiece of the outfit, with its bold and vibrant colors creating a fun and cheerful look. The tights help balance the bright colors, providing a neutral base that allows the sweater to stand out. The bright yellow rain boots are perfect, adding an extra pop of color and fun to the outfit. The pastel pink beanie provides a soft and subtle contrast, adding a touch of sweetness and coziness to the look.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

9 – Bright Orange Jacket Paired with Black Wool Pants

The bright orange jacket paired with black wool pants is a striking and fashionable outfit. The jacket adds a bold pop of color to the outfit, making it stand out and creating a vibrant and energetic vibe. The black wool pants provide a neutral and classic base for the outfit, allowing the jacket to take center stage.

The Louboutin pump heels are the perfect choice to complete the look. It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. Overall, this look is perfect for a variety of occasions, from a night out with friends to a business meeting. It is a great example of how to mix and match high-end designer pieces with more accessible and affordable items to create a look that is stylish and attainable.

8 – Neon Check-Tailored Open Jacket With Blue Trousers

The bright neon check pattern on the jacket creates a bold and energetic look. While the blue trousers provide a complementary and understated base for the outfit. The touch of gold buttons on the trousers adds a touch of elegance, elevating it to a more formal and high-end style. Making the outfit suitable for a variety of occasions. From a fancy dinner party to a night out with friends.

Overall, this outfit speaks to French fashion sensibilities of combining unique, playful elements with classic pieces, creating a look that is both fashionable and timeless. The outfit is a great example of how to mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures to create an outfit that is unique and stylish while still remaining elegant and sophisticated.

7 – Printed Wool and Silk Blend Coat

The printed wool and silk blend coat in green and white is a sophisticated and elegant piece that exudes a Parisian feel. The coat’s pattern is both unique and classic, while still remaining timeless. Pairing the coat with a lime green tote bag creates a pop of colour that adds interest and energy to the outfit.

The dark pink lipstick adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to the look, creating a glamorous and polished finish.

The updo is a classic and timeless style that creates a sophisticated and elegant look, while also keeping the focus on the outfit and accessories. All in all, this ensemble is a great example of the Parisian style. It showcases the importance of practicality and elegance.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

6 – long-sleeved black Velvet Dress with pump heels

The black velvet dress worn by Emily in season 3 is a classic and elegant piece that exudes a sense of sophistication and glamour. The simplicity of the dress allows for the focus to be on the beauty of the wearer.

The gold buttons in the middle of the dress create a subtle yet noticeable detail that elevates the dress to a more formal and high-end style.

The padded shoulders of the dress add an edgy and modern twist to the classic and elegant look of the dress. The shoulder pads create a structured and bold silhouette that exudes confidence and power, making the dress the perfect attire for a romantic date or any formal occasion. Overall, the black velvet dress is a great investment piece, making it a versatile and timeless addition to any wardrobe.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

5 – Green Plaid tennis skirt with lime green coat

The green plaid high-waisted tennis skirt paired with a lime green coat has to be the best look from season 1. it has the right amount of sophistication attached to it.

The high-waisted design skirt creates a flattering and feminine silhouette, making it a perfect choice for a brunch outfit in Paris. The plaid pattern of the skirt is a classic and timeless print that adds interest and texture to the outfit, while the bright green coat adds a pop of color that creates a vibrant and energetic look.

Pairing the skirt and coat with boots adds a touch of practicality to the outfit, making it a great choice for walking around the city. The inclusion of a neckerchief furthermore adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.


4 – Viva Magenta Quilted Jacket & matching Crop Top and Skirt 

Emily in Paris donned a Viva Magenta quilted jacket, matching crop top, and skirt in a bold and daring combination that oozes confidence and flair. The jacket’s velour material offers a luxurious and velvety feel that lends a touch of elegance to the ensemble. The ensemble’s vivid Viva Magenta color makes it ideal for a night out or a special event.

Combining the jacket, crop top, and skirt results in a well-coordinated and unified look. The crop top and skirt combo creates a sleek and sensual silhouette that emphasizes the waist and legs, while the jacket provides warmth and flair.

A timeless and traditional design that emphasizes the elegance of the clothing is completed with basic yet exquisite accessories such as high ankle boots and a lighter-colored purse such as baby pink.


3 – Black & White Checkered Suit With crimson Beret

Emily’s black and white checkered coat and skirt with a red beret is a classic Parisian outfit! The checkered coat and skirt combine to produce a sophisticated and elegant look that is appropriate for a range of events.

A crimson beret hat has been added to the ensemble to make it stand out. Emily’s beret acts as a statement item, emphasising her confident appearance.

The look is completed with minimal makeup and a strong red lipstick that draws attention to the lips while also adding a hint of elegance and refinement. Combining the ensemble with pump heels and a black crossbody purse results in an attractive appearance that is ideal for a coffee date with friends.

2 – Navy Blue Suede Pant Suit

Emily’s navy blue suede pantsuit is a classic choice for a fancy musical night. The pantsuit is tailored to fit her figure perfectly. The deep V-neckline adds a touch of femininity to the otherwise masculine suit, while the fitted pants create a sleek and streamlined look.

Moreover, with her hair styled in loose waves, it adds a touch of softness and romance to the overall look. The dangly earrings she wears are also a perfect addition, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to the outfit.

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily

1 – Red Frilled Dress

We certainly saved the finest look for last. This iconic dress worn by Emily on the show has to be one of her greatest looks in the series.

While her beauty has never disappointed, there is something about her in that red dress that makes you fall even more in love with her.

Frilled dresses are nothing short of perfection and look fantastic in any style. What about heels and a nice necklace? ideal for a fun night out. Words cannot explain the stunning beauty this gown has!

15 Best Emily in Paris Outfits That You Can Recreate Easily


Q. Where does Emily in Paris get her clothes? What brand of clothes does Emily in Paris wear?

Her outfits feature a mix of high-end designer pieces, vintage finds, and affordable pieces. Some of the brands that Emily wears in the show include Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Ganni, and Maje.

She also wears clothing from other European designers, such as Isabel Marant, Sandro, and Zadig & Voltaire. In addition, her wardrobe also features more accessible brands like Zara and ASOS, which can make her style more attainable for viewers looking to recreate her looks.

Q. How do French people feel about Emily in Paris?

While the show has gained popularity all over the globe, some have criticized it for keeping clichés and stereotypes about Paris and its people alive.

Some French viewers have taken issue with the show’s portrayal of Paris, finding it to be unrealistic. Some viewers however have enjoyed the show’s lighthearted and fun portrayal of life in Paris, while others have appreciated the show’s focus on fashion and the beauty of the city.

Overall, the reception of Emily in Paris by the French people has been somewhat mixed.

Q. What is the fashion style in Paris?

Parisian fashion is characterized by its timeless and effortless style. It is known for its simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. The French prioritize quality and craftsmanship.

Some key elements include:

  • Classic cuts: The European style is defined by classic cuts that are simple and elegant. This includes tailored blazers, well-fitting jeans, and simple dresses.
  • Quality fabrics: They prioritize quality over quantity, investing in well-made pieces that are made from high-quality fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cashmere.
  • Accessories: They also use accessories to add interest to their outfits. This includes classic accessories such as a silk scarf, a statement bag, or a pair of simple earrings.
  • Effortless style: The style followed in Paris is all about looking effortless and natural. This means avoiding outfits that are too over-the-top and opting for pieces that are simple, elegant, and easy to wear.


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