Belted Wool Coat Outfits 20 Tips How to Wear

Belted Wool Coat Outfits – This is a popular winter choice for women that they can wear each year. The belt of these wool coats is made up of the same fabric and color as that of the coat.

Just tie this belt around your waist and leave a short tail hanging down at the center and you are good to go. The best part of these coats is that you can style them with almost any outfit you want.

Whether you are going with a casual or formal look, these fall belted coats are simply the best because they can enhance the beauty of any costume you are wearing. A plain and wool belted coat gives you a perfectly sharp appearance for a smart or traditional event. You can complete the look by adding a pair of heels and plain tights. You must have also seen these types of woollen coats in expensive royal events and weddings.

How to Wear Belted Wool Coats

Though belted wool coats are the old classics yet they look as graceful and charming as ever before. Fashion followers keep these amazing wardrobe staples on their top priority. You can wear this timeless wardrobe staple for your formal occasions. Not only this but they make a perfect go-to outfit for a casual day. Like you can wear them daily for going to your office.

A camel-colored belted coat styled with black has been selected by girls for years to have a chic look. They are simply the best choice for women especially in winters as they are warm, and are not bulky. The best thing is they can be worn in plenty of styles. Whether you style your belted wool long coat with a scarf or make up a layered ensemble for the evening, anything you like, this thing won’t ever go out of style.

Styling Tips

  • If you are going for an ankle-length wool coat then avoid using joggers with it as they both are an awkward combination.
  • Neutral colors like skin and camel are the old classic ones. Try wearing them in black.
  • Keeping your belted coat half-open is a great way to show off your clothes. 
  • Layered outfits look stylish but don’t add many layers to your outfit to avoid bulkiness.
  • Adding more details like brass buttons to your belt wool coat will give it a more neat and military kind of look.  

20 – Black Wool Coat

For this winter season, how about returning to the old all-black style. It will give you a sharp and decent appearance for your outing. Carry a black woolen overcoat with black pants and matching boots and bag. Try pairing this look with the same colored glasses if you want and there is nothing like this killer silhouette.


19 – With Brown Long Boots And Skin Tight Jeans

This fall season, take out your grey belted wool coat and combine it with black slim jeans as they are a perfect match. What’s better than dark brown long suede with falling leaves and autumn season in full swing. All these colors compliment each other and make your autumn season clothing a perfect one.

Belted wool coat outfits

18 – With Baggy Jeans

Planning for a shopping trip? Or going outside for a casual stroll in winter. A woolen coat is a perfect choice with loosely fitted jeans that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time. A black overcoat with baggy jeans is a heavenly combination that always has a relaxed and neat outlook.

Belted wool coat outfits

17 – Cream Colored Short Wool Coat

Grey pants look good with various colors. You can make a combo of the blue belted wool coat with grey wool pants for a relaxed look and complete this ensemble with a pair of black leather shoes. Try an off-duty pairing of the grey wool coat with matching colored pants for a cool look.

Wear a warm sweater with the outfit and make the look more comfortable by adding sneakers. A short woolen skin coat with long belts and grey also gives you a deadly gorgeous look.

16 – With Matching Shoes

We have prepared you a terrific look for the extremely cold days of this winter season. Take out your brown full-length wool coat and wear it over a simple white shirt. Tie the belt in a single stylish knot and combine this look with matching corduroy heels to complete this ever-stylish look.


15 – Over A Legging And Shirt

You can don a black legging with a formal dress and then enhance your look by wearing a belted wool coat over it. Keep the belt of your coat open to show off your clothes. 


14 – Houndstooth Coat With A Plain Black T-Shirt

Houndstooth pattern is a traditional design that is classic and always trending. It looks fashionable in all styles whether it is buttoned up or you want to wear an oversized one. You can wear it with a plain t-shirt or a sweater. However, a simple black shirt and light blue jeans with a black cheque wool coat have their own charm.

Belted wool coat outfits

13 – Long Wool Coat With Loose Pant And Sneakers

Winter outfits mostly revolve around the right kind of coat and suitable shoes with that. Loose white pants and a black t-shirt tucked inside it looks amazing with a long belted wool coat. This will give you a modern look but make sure to keep the coat open.


12 – With Skirt

Belted wool coats look amazing with mini or midi skirts and long knee length boots. We have taken a long white wool overcoat and styled it with a short white mini skirt and maroon t-shirt.


11 – With Wide Legged Trouser

If you want to wear a girlish kind of look then try wearing a belted wool coat that is open from the sides with a wide legged trouser. Match your heels with your bag and enjoy the unique style.

10 – With Formal Dress

Thinking of what to wear at a formal event in winter? Chose a heavier fabric with full-length sleeves. A plain off white short dress would be a perfect fit for this. Don a plain cream-colored or skin wool coat and don’t forget to keep the belt of your coat wide open. It won’t hide your inner glamorous look. 


9 – Casual Look

Wear this casual look with your belted woolen coat in Meghan Markle’s style. How about ditching all other colors and wearing an all-black this time? Keep the color of your wool coat neutral though, like a dull grey or skin and get even more comfortable with flat shoes.

8 – With Scarf

If you want to feel warm and cozy on a freezing cold winter day then we have another explicit outfit for you. Enjoy timeless style in your camel brown belted wool coat with a coordinating cashmere or woolen scarf. Dark blue jeans and a pointed toe skin heel will give you the added glamour that you need.


7 – Sweater Outfit

The most liked and easier way to wear your brand new belted wool coat is by layering it with a sweater dress. Here we have selected a rather unique color scheme for you. If you have a white turtle neck sweater then wear it with black jeans and a pink knee-length coat to have a decent yet classy outfit for the day.


6 – White Coat With Black Ripped Jeans

Enjoying your off-duty days and want to have some fun? A nice pure white belted wool coat with ripped jeans and a stylish hat is exactly what you want. Wear your favorite sunglasses with the dress and become a fashion inspiration for the people around you. 


5 – Skin Coat With Long Brown Leather Shoes

A skin or camel-colored coat is perfect for party wear and a casual outlook. They become even more versatile when you support them with long leather boots. If the temperature is low, these boots are the best choice for you. 


4 – With Leather Pants

Looking for a neat and trendy ensemble then go for leather pants with your belted wool coats. They look even more glamorous when combined with sleek and shiny leather boots. Styling a belted wool coat with these leather pants will take your outfit to the next level.


3 – Belted Fur Coat With Long Boots

A belted wool coat with a fur collar is a staple that everyone wants to have in their closet. They look amazing when worn bare legs or with skin-tight jeans and high heels. A beautiful off-white wool coat with fur collars also looks stunning with black long boots.

Faux fur or rabbit fur is a go-to option that most people prefer when the temperatures drop because It’s always warm to wear and it keeps them looking equally good during the day as it will on a night out.

Belted wool coat outfits

2 – With Bare Legs

Make a bold and beautiful style statement by donning an elegant dark red long coat. It looks simply gorgeous even if you wear it bare legs. It will look great if you wear it over a bottleneck black or brown sweater. Button it up on a romantic date night with your partner or wear it on valentines day, it will give you a ladylike appearance that everyone desires.

Belted wool coat outfits

1 – Brown Long Coat With White Trouser

A dark brown long wool coat looks stunning with a plain white t-shirt and simple white trousers. Brown and white is an ever admired combo that looks cool in every kind of outfit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make my wool coat look good?

A. Wool coats are amazing when worn over sweater dresses. This is the most easiest and elegant trend that you can follow. You can also wear your long wool coat over a simple t-shirt and layer it with a vibrant scarf. These coats look best when you cinch the waist-tie or add a leather belt as it provides you a proper shape under your outerwear and gives you a more feminine look. However, the things that complete your look are the kind of trousers or pants you wear with them. A sleek tight and ankle boots are extremely elegant and complete your overall outlook.

Q. How do you layer a wool coat?

A. If you are layering your belted wool coat in the winter then keep in mind the main trick, and that is the textures of your clothes. You should know that an oversized woolen sweater looks great underneath a sleeveless coat with a cocoon-like silhouette. Try not to swap it for a longline jacket, it’ll bunch uncomfortably which will make the overall look awkward. You can also think about layering thinner knits atop one another or just simply a plain t-shirt if you want and then support the look with a beautiful wool scarf. This small piece of cloth will always enhance your overall outlook.

Q. Can you wear a wool coat in the snow?

A. Fortunately, you can wear wool coats in the snow, thanks to its naturally water-resistant texture and the lanolin it contains that makes it so warm and effective in extremely cold weather. Did you know that wool is also an outstanding insulator, so if you are wearing a coat made of wool then it will keep you warm when other fibers simply won’t? If you are living in a place where you’re gonna be surrounded by a lot of snow this winter, then buying a wool coat might be a wise option for you. This winter, if there is snow then don’t hesitate to go for the wool coat option when you dig into your closet.

Q. How does Meghan Markle tie her coat belt?

A. You must have noticed that royals simply love to wear various types of coats including the belted wool coat. Meghan Markle is one such royal member whose style is followed by the general public. You can argue about that but Markle just loves to style her belt tied in just a single loop. A streamlined take on the classic bow, her belting technique consists of a slip knot-style tie that is looped through the fastened waist once more to add security. Following the style of celebrities is always a trend. People want to know how these public figures carry themselves so elegantly and confidently. You can also follow these simple techniques and have a style statement of your own.

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