How To Wear Wedge Sandals ? 20 Outfit Ideas

How To Wear Wedge Sandals Outfits – Wedges have been around since the 1930s. This style of shoes is the perfect option for ladies who like to add some style without having to compromise on their comfort. The fantastic thing about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable and can fit any style from super elegant to those who love to keep it simple. Wedges can be worn on every occasion and blend easily with your outfits to make you look trendy. Here, we will show you some of the amazing ways to wear wedge sandals for all occasions and help you create perfect looks with confidence. But before we delve into the looks, here are some tips and tricks that you should definitely follow for achieving the perfect look with this style of shoes.

Outfits To Wear With Wedge Heels

Wedges are super versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can pair them with dresses, workwear, a nice pair of jeans or shorts. This style of shoes is an instant outfit updater and has been popular for ages. They look great on clothes of any length, from long skirts to dresses or even shorter dresses. Other than that, there are so many benefits of wedge sandals including improved body posture by offering more support than stilettos, more arch support, and reduced ankle problems. Now that you know the benefits of wedges, here are some of the tips and tricks that you should definitely follow to create a balanced look every time.

Tips For Styling Wedge Heels Outfits

For all those who are scared of heels, wedges are a perfect way to go. They add some height and make you appear taller while being the most comfortable heels. Furthermore, there are certain tricks that you can follow to ensure that you easily pull off this style of shoe without looking over the top.

  • Know your Personal Style – That’s right! there are so many styles of wedge shoes to choose from, ranging between classic, vintage, contemporary, you can choose which style will look best on you.
  • Steer Clear of Too Form Fitting – Wedges are chunky and when you pair them up with a tight fitted skirt, it can make your appearance a bit proportional. Pairing it with flowy dresses or skirts will make you look much better.
  • Choosing the Height – You should choose height according to the occasion. The general rule is to go for low wedge sandals for a casual look and high ones should be kept for a formal/edgy look.
  • Balance is the Key – This style of shoes requires to be toned down with softer fabrics and silhouettes. Wedges are commanding and can make your appearance a bit clunky.
  • Shape of the Heels Matter – You should decide the thickness of the wedges depending upon the size of your legs and ankles. If you have thick legs, chunky wedges will look perfect on you while slimmer styles will look good on slimmer legs.
  • Know your Feet – Wedges are a great option when it comes to providing extra support and balance to your feet, but knowing the shape of your feet is also extremely important. If you have narrow feet, your best bet in terms of style will be peep-toe wedges or wedges with adjustable straps. For wide feet, you should opt for a pair of wide-fit wedge sandals, this will help prevent your feet from getting pinched or squashed.

Still not sure which style will suit your feet the best? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you in curating your next look with this alluringly elegant style of shoes, let’s dive in.

20 – With A Pair Of Floral Shorts And A Black Blazer

You can add a unique touch to your outfit by making the floral piece the main attraction. Pair a nice floral pair of shorts with a white V-neck top and a black blazer. To make your look stand out, add a nice pair of black wedge heels. This look is super fun and stylish and you should definitely consider it if you like having some colour in your look.


19 – Teal Floral Slit Maxi For Plus Size Women

You can definitely wear your wedge sandals with your favourite maxi dress for a perfect summer look. This idea is perfect for a nice lunch date. The height of the wedge sandals is perfect to add a tad bit of height and dimension to your look while still being super comfortable.


18 – Slitted Black Dress With A Denim Jacket And Orange Wedges

Wedges are so much easier to walk on than heels. For a go-to vacation outfit, you can opt for a casual black dress paired with nice orange wedge sandals to add some pop of colour. A stripped tote bag complements the entire look. This look is perfect for a casual day out or brunch day.


17 – With A Lace Bodysuit And Striped Long Shirt

For a day out by the pool, this look is definitely the one you can go for. Pair a nice pair of wedges with a swimsuit for a super sexy and confident look. Wedges are easy to put on and slip off and look super comfortable and elegant.


16 – Wedge Sneakers With Hidden Heels

This style is in trend in 2022 and can be pulled off easily for any occasion you can think of. You can easily pair a nice pair of wedge sneakers with ripped jeans and a hoodie for a casual look. This look is easy to pull off on day to day basis and is super comfortable and stylish.


15 – Wear A Black Half Mesh Dress For A Date

Wedges are perfect for every occasion, you can style them accordingly to complement your entire outfit. You can pair a nice flowy black embroidered dress with pair of nice wedge heels with a blingy thick strap. You can accessorize the look to make it appropriate for a day out or a date look. To add a pop of colour to the look, go for a nice bold lipstick and leave your hair open for an effortlessly alluring look.


14 – With A Nude One Shoulder Dress

For a perfect casual look for a day out with friends. You can pair a nice pair of high wedge heels with a long neutral-coloured dress with a slit. This look provides a perfect sense of balance by pairing chunky wedge heels with a flowy dress. For hair, you can go with open hair for a casual and effortless look.


13 – Pair Wedges With A Lace Top And Flared Jeans

For a nice daytime casual look, you can pair a pair of heels with a crop top and a pair of blue jeans. This will make you look taller and give you room to play with your makeup to make the look stand out. A nice bold lipstick will help in lifting the look and adding some accessories will make the look perfect for any event.


12 – With A Striped Dress And Off Shoulder Top

When it comes to wearing wedges with the dress, it all really comes down to your personal style. You can pair a nice black and white dress with a pair of high wedge heels. You can go ahead and wear a shirt on top of the dress for a casual and carefree look. Complete the look with a nice crossbody bag, pair of sunglasses, and tie your hair in a high bun for a casual look.


11 – Mini Black Dress With Plunging Neckline

Wedges look great on any length of the dress. You can easily pair a nice pair of neutral wedges with a short black flared dress. This can easily pass as a cute date outfit or a night out with friends. You can leave your hair open and add loose curls to add some dimension. This is a perfect option for summers and women of any age can pull this off easily without having to worry about their body type.


10 – With A Formal Grey Gown For Older Women

You can wear a nice silk dress for a semi-casual event. To add some height without having to compromise on your comfort, opt for a nice pair of handmade wedge heels. The neutral colour of the heels creates a perfect contrast with the solid-coloured dress.


9 – Chunky Printed Wedges With Skinny Jeans And A Peplum Top

If you are a fan of chunky wedge heels and like to stand out in the room, this look is the right one for you. Pair nice silk flared sleeved top with skinny jeans. To add a super stylish touch to the look, wear a nice super chunky wedge sandal. This look is for women who are fierce and love stepping out of their comfort zone.


8 – With Capris And A Pink Top

Floral elements help you in achieving a carefree, easy-going look without having to put in much effort. You can definitely amp up your entire outfit by adding a pair of floral wedge heels. This adds a nice touch to the entire look and gives a unique touch. You can pair a nice pink top with white crop pants. Put together the entire look by adding a nice pink clutch for an alluringly beautiful look.


7 – With A White Summer Dress And Printed Bag

For a nice summer brunch look, pair a nice flowy white dress with a pair of mid-wedge heels. This style is perfect for people with narrow feet and can be pulled off easily. If you have a long day ahead of you, carrying a nice handmade bag will be a good idea to carry all the essentials that you might need to get through a busy day.


6 – Pair Your Wedges With A Plaid Dress

Wedges are super comfortable and can be easily pulled off on a workday. You can pair a plaid dress with a matching pair of wedges. This will add some height and allow you to move around easily without hurting your feet after a long day at work. Wedges are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and help in creating sophisticated looks without having to put extra effort.



5 –  Ripped Jeans And A Peach Top

Skinny jeans are perfect for showing off your wedges and serve as a classic option in helping you to create the most streamlined silhouette. If you always find yourself reaching for your favourite pair of jeans every morning and want to add some fun to the look without having to put much effort, adding a pair of nice wedge heels is a good idea. Pair the skinny jeans with a loose buttoned solid coloured shirt. This look is perfect for running errands or just a casual day at work.


4 – With A Croptop And Embroidered Shorts

Wedges can instantly add dimension to your entire look. This look is perfect for short heightened girls, all you need is a nice pair of high wedge heels, and wear them with embroidered shorts. To add a fun touch to the look, wear a nice flared top. This look will help in making your legs appear longer by adding height to the look. Finish off the look with a nice pair of sunglasses and a crossbody bag and a bracelet or band.


3 – With A Bikini And Cheetah Print Coverup

The first thing that you must plan every year when the summer is about to begin is a nice vacation trip. In case you are looking for some inspiration for a breezy summer swim look, this look is just the one for you. You can pair a nice swimsuit with cheetah peep-toe wedge sandals. Wedges are easy to slip on and off which makes them a perfect choice of shoes when planning a day at the beach or the pool.


2 – Tye Dye Top With Shorts

When it comes to pairing wedges, short outfits are the perfect option as they help in making you appear taller by adding some height. You can show off your legs by pairing high wedge heels with shorts and a colourful top. This look is perfect for a summer day out for shopping or a brunch date with friends.


1 – A Bright Red Fringe Vest With Straight Ripped Pants

For a nice festive look, pair a nice pair of wedge heels with boyfriend jeans for a practical yet stylish look. A red fringe vest will help in giving the entire look a festive touch. Accessorize the look with a cross-body bag and a nice pair of sunglasses for the daytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are wedge heels trending in 2022?

Ans: Certainly! Wedges are in fashion for spring this year and there are so many trendy options to choose from. Also, they are becoming increasingly popular as they give both fashion and function. One of the styles of wedges that are trending in 2022 is wedge sneakers with hidden heels.

Q. Wedges or high heels, which should I prefer?

Ans: Wedges are super elegant and comfortable as compared to heels. They instantly add height and are much easier to carry than heels or stilettos. Also, they look great with any dress and add some definition and shape to your ankles making them appear thinner, however, if you wear ankle strap heels then your ankles would be hidden. However, they need to be styled in a certain way to prevent the look from becoming clunky.

Q: What do wedges shoes look good with?

Ans: This elegant style of shoes goes well with flare dresses or skirts, the flared bottom with chunky wedges gives a whimsical look. Wedges look great on even short dresses and can be effortlessly styled without having to compromise on comfort.

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