Fur Vest Outfits – 18 Chic Ideas On How to Wear a Fur Vest

Fur Vest Outfits. Fur in any form is nothing new to the wintry weather-wear world. (Whew! Try saying that three times fast, we dare you.) It hails back to the days of Daniel Boone, Old Mountain Phelps, and, you know, the Vikings. In Laura Ingalls’ time, it was a common bargaining tool used for trading supplies. Nowadays, fur remains an important addition to any winter outfit that is in need of layers and/or warmth.

While we tend to associate the wearing of fur with diamond-dripping ladies in floor-length evening gowns, it’s also a symbol of fashionable femininity for any gal who loves a furry coat or a snuggly muffler. Whether you invest in the real thing or you head down the faux-fur-road, the choice is entirely up to you. Options abound and if you can dream of it, it probably exists somewhere. In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the fur vest, specifically, and the different ways you can style it. We’ll also show you 18 outfits you can put together using a fur vest as the pièce de résistance. Have a look and enjoy!

How to Style Fur Vests this Winter

Before looking at our outfits, we have some quick tips about wearing fur vests and things to keep in mind, as well as a couple of go-to styling tricks:

  • Layer your fur vest with scarves, hats, gloves, and tights for extra warmth, saving you from having to ditch the vest for a coat.
  • Try different versions of fur vests until you find one you love. Whether you like a creamy white fur or a shaggy brown vest, there’s something for everyone.
  • Try out different lengths of a vest. A knee-length vest is a thing, and Kendall Jenner modeled one that still gives us major style envy. (See outfit #12 below.)
  • Try unlikely pairings like pantsuits or leather leggings. Whether you need a date night look or a party outfit, you can find it all in our selected outfits.

how to wear a fur vest

↓ 18. Over Turtleneck Dress

Who doesn’t love a gorgeously soft turtleneck dress? We love that this deep charcoal gray features a glamorous slit up the side and falls just below the knees, making this a daringly conservative number you’ll love wearing to dinner dates, parties, and family get-togethers. Add a plush white fur vest and style with booties to tie this lovely ensemble together.

fur vest outfits


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↓ 17. Stylish Winter Outfit (Browns and Neutrals)

For our second look, we have a lovely brown-and-neutral based outfit that is perfect for warm winter days or very chilly autumn days. It’s stylish but understated and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Start with a sleek pair of mid-rise skinny jeans (black is chic) and pair it with a taupe or beige-colored long-sleeved top. For your accessories, lean into those brown tones. Gold accent jewelry works really well with brown and neutral tones so bear that in mind. For footwear, knee-high boots are always a great option, especially for snow! Last but not least, add your fur vest. We like that this one is collared, adding that extra bit of warmth around the neck that is always so welcome on a freezing cold day.

winter outfits with furs (1)

↓ 16. Cocktail Party Outfit for Cold Weather

Despite bleak weather conditions, throwing together a party look with a fur vest is a pretty easy thing to do. As long as you are indoors and spend as little time as possible standing around in the chilly outdoors, a cocktail dress can totally be an option for your next party. (We do recommend some form of tights or stockings, though! Pantyhose, at the very least!) Opt for a bright color to give yourself a little mood boost. Pair it with a neutral-colored fur vest and some strappy metallic stilettos or pumps. You should also check out these Cocktail Party Outfits.

winter outfits with furs (2)


↓ 15. How to Style a Fur Vest for Plus-Size Ladies

We love this quick and simple go-to outfit that makes great use of a gray fur vest with black undertones. You can wear an outfit like this to a casual party scene, a dinner with friends, or even running errands if you like to rock a heel for that kind of thing. Pop on a black tee and pair it up with your favorite pair of jeans. (We love these skinnies folded at the ankle. Super chic!) Last but not least, bust out a cute open-toed heel to tie the whole look together. A swipe of red lipstick and some cute fashion glasses are the icing on the cake.

winter outfits with furs (3)


↓ 14. Country Girl Charm

If you love some southern country charm, this is the look for you! Bring your love of plaid and cowboy boots to the big city with an outfit you will love rocking over and over again. From the cowboy boots to the skinny jeans to the beautiful plaid and flannel shirt tucked in (or kept out), this outfit is a sweet little thing you can don for pretty much any event, from casual parties with friends to dates at the movie theater. Add a beige or light-colored fur vest to tie it all together and stay cozy warm.

winter outfits with furs (4)


↓ 13. Stylish Fall Outfit with Fur Vest

We adore this cute and refreshing get-up, perfect for lunch dates, business meetings, walks in the park, and trips to the theater. Bring some cool tones into the traditionally warm-toned fall by opting for a cool mint blue turtleneck sweater and some pale suede booties. Ripped skinnies rolled at the hem bring some casual feels to the look, but it is kept polished by the light-colored vest, long pendant necklace, and oversized bag. Accessorize with some big ol’ sunnies and style your hair in long, loose waves. Don’t forget a swipe of bold lipstick to tie it all together! (Brownie points if you can score a cute white puppie to complete the look!)

winter outfits with furs (5)


↓ 12. Celebrity-Inspired: Wear a Fur Vest like Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is an icon in her own right and with a look like this, we can see why. A long fur vest is uncommonly chic, especially when worn over a pair of black leather pants, sleek-fitting jacket, and very black heels. Accessorize with oversized sunglasses and a black designer handbag. You’ll have everyone second-guessing your identity with this one, so have fun with it.

winter outfits with furs (6)


↓ 11. How to Style a Mini Fur Vest

Go all-black with a mini fur jacket for a glamorous club-look this winter. Start with some leather black pants and pair it up with a long-sleeved black sweatshirt. Black booties, glam makeup, and a clutch purse bring all the elements of this look together… You can rock this look for date nights, parties, or even the movies if you’re feeling extra fun.

winter outfits with furs (7)


↓ 10. Cute, Simple Girl-Next-Door Look with Fur Vest

An everyday outfit that requires little effort on your part is this one right here. A chambray top is cute and understated. Pair it with some burnt orange skinnies and animal-print flats. Add a short-furred vest and voila!

winter outfits with furs (8)


↓ 9. Chic Work Outfit

A corporate job requires dressing decently but stylishly. Your own personal style also counts but this is one ensemble that you can always adopt for a mod day at work. A gorgeous black fur vest matched perfectly with all black and white details. Nude makeup is what you will be wearing with this stylish look as well as a chunky necklace for an accessory. Don’t miss out on these 17 Cute Winter WorkWear Outfits For Women For Elegant Look.

winter outfits with furs (9)


↓ 8. Casually Chic: Date Night Look

There’s a lot to love with this blend of shades and materials. Plush black pants, loose sweater, taupe booties, and designer bag? Yes, please. Add your token vest and style that hair in loose curls and go wow your guy with your cute winter wear!

winter outfits with furs (10)


↓ 7. Super Cozy and Chic Winter Outfit

Every girl needs an outfit like this to turn to on a day when she wants the best of both worlds: cozy warmth and chic style. Wondering where to start? We’ll break it down for you. Start with a soft white knit sweater and black skinny jeans. Add very pale brown booties and a chunky knit beanie. (Snow-white because that’s just classy.) Last but not least, go all out on the fur vest. We particularly like the blend of this shade on white.

winter outfits with furs (11)


↓ 6. Get Your Winter Party On

There’s a lot to love about this look. From the Aviator sunnies to the diamond studs and the pleated skirt, this look is modern, trendy, and fun. Go all-black with a skirt and turtleneck and deep gray fur vest. Cool gray over-the-knee boots go great with this long vest and berry lipstick. A designer bag and sleek leather gloves are the final touches on a look as iconic as it is stylish. For more ideas on outfits that you can wear with your boots this season, have a look at Outfits with Boots for Girls.

winter outfits with furs (12)


↓ 5. Sunday Lunch Casual Ensemble

Okay, okay. We get it. Fur vests are a little, shall we say, dressy. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ridiculously practical. Need proof? Check out this outfit. We can picture coffee runs, kid pick-ups, even brunches with sisters-in-law when we see this cute little get-up. Got for a demure checkered button-down and mid-wash jeans. And yes, roll ’em at the cuffs, ladies. Add a gray vest and a thick white infinity scarf and accessorize with your favorite sunnies. Don’t forget some cute neutral booties and you are ready for the day. Do check out Season’s 12 Most Hot Casual Outfit Combinations for Girls.

winter outfits with furs (13)


↓ 4. Stylish Party Look with Fur Vest

Gosh, there’s just something about pale fur and mulberry lips that make you think of bubbling champagne and glinting light off chinaware. For a party look that whispers back to jazzy, bluesy nightclubs and wedding parties on Ibiza coasts, try this one out for size. Start with a white long-sleeved top and pale grayish vest. Your favorite jeans and a pair of soft brown over-the-knee boots provide the lower half of this charming look. Tie the whole thing together with some berry-red lipstick and a gold chain necklace and get ready to hit the dance floor. (Alternately, this makes for a dazzling date night look. Your call.)

winter outfits with furs (14)


↓ 3. Celebrity-Inspired Street-Style

Think long furry vests are reserved for just the Kendall Jenners of the world? Think again. This bad boy can be worn with a big ol’ flannel shirt (double the warmth: we can hear the wintry angel choirs singing), skinny jeans, and some suede ankle booties. Accessorize with some round sunglasses and go hit those Target aisles with confidence, lady.

winter outfits with furs (18)


↓ 2. How to Wear a Fur Vest: Fashionista Edition

If you love modeling looks after high-end fashion bloggers and runway magazines, then you may want to give this outfit a try. A white matching pantsuit gives a lovely, refreshing feel to winterwear. Worn with a slim-fitting velvety sweater, you’ll have a hard time changing back out of this stylishly comfortable ensemble at the end of the day. Accessorize with some tortoise-shell sunnies and stiletto-heeled booties. Last but certainly not least, throw on a luscious furry vest and say goodbye to shivering on the sidewalk while waiting for your taxi!

winter outfits with furs (22)


↓ 1. Fun, Spicy Fur Vest Outfit

For a look as fresh and unpredictable as rain in May, check out this little ensemble. From the plaid tunic top to the knit jogger skirt to the luscious furry blue vest, the contrasting prints and fabrics will make your head spin – in the best kind of way. Combining these varied pieces might feel like taking shot in the dark but the final result is pretty bangin’, we’d say. Give this look a whirl next time you’re headed for a night on the town (or even if you feel like looking extra spicy in the line-up to pick up the kids from school) and make sure you tie the whole do together with a pendant necklace (get yourself a silver heart the size of Texas for extra brownie points).


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