Cocktail Party Outfits- 27 Dresses to Wear at Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Outfit: Cocktail party is an event where you are required to dress well but not formally like a black tie event but formal than your casual wear. Cocktail dresses are a must have for every girls wardrobe and you may have used your dresses one too many times.

There are long dresses and short dresses but short dresses are ideal wear for your cocktail party;wear stockings if it is a formal gathering but always complete your look with a clutch, heels and let down hair. Although there is a proper dress code but you can still be creative with your outfits. Wear bright colors but don’t go overboard with accessories with them. Just a couple of statement pieces will do the trick. But if in doubt always go for your little black dress or plain one toned dresses. Just combine them with your highest heels and you are a go.

How to Wear Cocktail Dress

#27. Olive Green Off the Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Whenever you have a little doubt as to what to wear you can always go for a one toned dress. This green off the shoulder dress is a unique example. Wear your pumps and can add a long gold necklace.

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#26. Sheer Sequined Party Wear

Dressing up to impress? This is a perfect choice. A gold sheath with sequins is what takes to be a bombshell. Remember to keep everything else simple.

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#25. Full Sleeved Scoop Necked Sheath

If you are kind of girl who doesn’t like to expose much this black full sleeved mini dress is an excellent choice for you.Tie up your hair for a perfect look.

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#24. Draped Green  Long Dress

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#23. Cocktail Party Wear for Day Function

Formal functions call for a more formal look that long gowns can help achieve. Yellow is a color that will help you shine.


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#22. Purple Themed Midi Dress

This color always give a classy look to the wearer.

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#21. Plunging Neck Line Gown for Plus Size Women

It is a bit difficult to dress up beautifully for a cocktail party, you don’t want to look like a circus clown but also want to ooze sensuality. This red maxi is what you need to achieve this.

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#20. Sequined Bodice Flowy Dress

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#19. Net Sheath in Red as Cocktail Dress

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#18.  Customized Black Trail Evening Wear

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#17. Baby Pink Dress Net Top Pleated Dress – Although baby pink is not a choice of many women when going for party wear but this net bodice with applique is a unique choice for you.ideas for women (15)


#16. Collared Styled Dress for Black Americans

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#15. Neutral Shades for Day Time Function

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#14. Glitters For the Warm Nights

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#13. Ice Blue Off the Shoulder Flared Dress

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#12. Organza Working Lovely as a Party Wear

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#11. Ideas for Dressing Up

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#10. Floral Sheath for Cocktail Party

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#09. Traditional Look

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#08. Electric Blue Silk Cropped Top and Skirt

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#07. Winter Dressing Style

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#06. Experimenting with your Party Dresses

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#05. Mini Red Silk Frock

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#04. Elegant In Blue

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#03. Star Studded Evening Wear

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#02.  Chic Dressing Idea

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#01. V- Necked Net Black Outfitideas for women (44)


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