How to Wear a Waist Belt? 18 Perfect Outfit Ideas

Clothes are an important part of every human being, a basic need but this need has been modernized to a vast scale. Dressing up along with accessories has become a must.

Belts have been used by both genders from time immemorial; initially to hold the cloth; now just as an accessory depending on the fashion trends of the decade. This basic accessory has gained popularity over the last decade as it can give your attire an instant oomph be it a thin belt or an oversized one.

Outfits to Wear with Waist Belts

#18. Blues Outfits with Brown Belts

This simple brown leather belt goes really well with a blue floral dress and navy blue floral jacket. Keep your makeup minimal and let the dress say it all. Put on  a long dark necklace, blue sandals and you will have fun today.

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#17. Same Colour Belts Rock in Summers

If you want to make a statement this is the dress. Neon lime is what you need to add color to your wardrobe. Combine it with a same-color belt, nude cut out heels and a white handbag. A necklace is the only piece of jewellery required. Put on some dark shades, a wristwatch, let your hair loose and you are going to rock.

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#16. Floral is the Key to a Fashionable Spring

Planning a dinner? This is the perfect blue floral dress accentuated with a brown leather belt and a maroon cardigan. Add a string of pearls and blue heels and you are ready to rock and roll.

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# 15. Over sized Belt

This belt is a must-have this season. Accessorize this black leather masterpiece with the all-time favourite combination of the fashion world; a knee-length black circle skirt, a white button-down shirt and your best Louboutins. Add a gold chain and bracelets with some midis and you are a head turner today.

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# 14. Belts and Office

Pencil dresses are worthwhile to be invested in as they go really well with either a broad or a thin belt. They enhance the overall image. Grey goes really well with a baby blue cardigan. To hold it in place use the same color belt and you have got the “it” dress for going to a meeting. Put on some mascara, blow dry your hair, accessorize with some bracelets and you are ready for your date.

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# 13. Metallics Rule in Winters

High neck sweaters whether long or short go well with chunky belts. Mix up a beige wool sweater with a gold heavy belt and a black pencil skirt. Together with a black clutch and a high bun of dark glasses, you are perfect. Just put on nude heels.

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 # 12. Modern Mommy Look –  Becoming a mother is the greatest blessing and would be mothers should know the importance of this accessory. This stripped black and white dress is what is going to keep you in the fashion books. Add brown to this combination in the form of a belt, a bag and leopard print heels. Put some loose curls in your hair and you are done. Nude makeup will go best with this look.

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#11. Blue is the new Black

Metallic gold belts; the ultimate belt to have this season. Pair it with this navy blue dress and a gold chain. Loose hair and fashionable shades with a pink tote. Pair this dress with either gold or red heels.

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# 10. Jackets and Printed Belts for Plus-Size Girls

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# 09. Girl Next Door

Another dress for the winter season to rock is this beige off the shoulder frock. To achieve this girl next-door look you need to pair up this dress with a maroon layered cardigan and a black leather belt. Put on your heel boots and tie a sideways ponytail with a touch of blush and lip color.

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#08. Funky Pink

A Navy blue anchor dress with a customized pink belt with a gold buckle is what you need if planning a dinner in the evening or going out during the day to meet up at lunch. You can wear it office also if you combine it with a layered cardigan.  accessorize it with a chunky pearl necklace and pink kitten heels. Keep the makeup to a minimum and to show off the necklace tie up a bun.

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#07. Halter Neck Gown – Summer Dress with Belt

This silk and chiffon gown is what you need to make a statement. Combined with a leather belt is perfect. Tie your hair in a bun and keep the makeup to a minimum. Wear diamond studs and your look for an evening out is complete.

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#06. Sequinced Bow

The sequined metal bow buckle with a black leather belt is the best thing you can own. combine it with a floral pencil blue dress and a maroon cardigan, with a touch of red on your lips and a brush of coffee eye shades, tie up your hair and you are ready for an evening out. add gloves and you are going to turn heads today.

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#05. Go Boho

Dress as the celebrities do. This belt is doing the thing for this otherwise simple dress that no other accessory could do. Pair this white floral jump short with a thin belt to emphasize your waist. A shoulder bag, a gold chain, high brown heels are what you need with it. to make a statement add the hat.

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# 04. Nerdy Look

Another classic dress showing off the white belt. It is always good to mix up some prints. This patterned red and white skirt with blue polka dots white shirt is what you need for a day out. White belt is giving the emphasis the dress requires. Put on your lace boots and accessorize it with an orange leopard clutch, a wrist watch, a blue leather bracelet, and a necklace. To complete the nerdy look add glasses with loose curls.

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# 03. Winter Attire

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#02. The “it” Dress for Dinner Parties

This glamorous silver-striped gown is what you can wear at a dinner. Accessorize it with a braided metal belt and high metallic heels with sleek hair. Smokey eyes and silver ear loops will add an extra edge.

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#01. Plus size Belt Dress

Bring out your fun side with this spring combination. The orange pencil dress goes well with a yellow jacket and a statement-heavy black belt that gives you the emphasis that the dress requires, black stockings and black boots together with some gold chunky jewellery pieces are required to complete the look. Keep your make-up to a minimum, liner and lip colour will do.

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