Accordion Skirt Outfits – 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

Best Accordion Skirt Outfits- Did you know accordion skirts were initially worn by Greek men for their military events? Today, however they have been the trendiest piece worn by women almost all over the world. They come in all lengths, patterns, colors, and materials; be it metallic, Ombre, plaid, plain, velvet, leather, or rainbow etc. We bring you the latest trends of today to help you create an even better look.

How to Wear Accordion Skirt Outfits?

These skirts add so much elegance, dimension, and sultriness to your over all outfit. You do not have to do much if you are wearing an accordion skirt because they will be the center of attention. For a casual look, pair your accordion skirt with a simple t-shirt, a jacket if it’s a bit chilly, or perhaps an oversized sweater for the wintry months combat boots, flats or white sneakers. For a dressier look, wear a lace top or a mesh top with your skirt, add a pair of high heels, a big belt, and chunky earrings for that extra fancy look. If you are feeling a bit funky and colorful, accordion skirt come in all sorts of patterns and colors to experiment with. 

Accordion Skirt Outfits

Tips for Wearing Accordion Skirt Outfits

-If you are petite, try wearing heels with your skirts and opt for midi skirts or short ones to look tall instead of wearing long ones.
-You can wear sneakers with your skirts, it has been such a trend lately.
-Adding a belt to your skirts adds a nice touch to your outfit, most outfits with skirts do need belts to complete the look.

↓ 36 – Casual Accordion Skirt Outfits

Sometimes you really want to ditch the heels and wear your comfy shoes. Most people will advise you to wear heels with your accordion skirts, however, converse shoes with a midi skirt make for a great casual outfit. A simple white tee cut studs and a handbag can be added to your look. This casual outfit is perfect for a day at the mall, or a hang out with your friends, and other such day events, etc.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 35 – When to Wear Accordion Skirt Outfits?

You can always wear your skirts to a New Years Eve Party, or a party at your friends. This shiny metallic accordion skirt is perfect for all your glam parties, and night events. Instead of wearing a plain solid colored skirt, wear a metallic one instead and shine through the night! Heels are an absolute must with this outfit.

↓ 34 – How to Wear Accordion Skirt Outfits for a Wedding?

I love the champagne pink color of this outfit and it is perfect for a wedding you are going to attend. The satin finish accordion skirt paired with a matching sleeveless blouse will make you look like a million bucks at the wedding. Wear beautiful pearly studs, and a clutch to go with it.

↓ 33 – Accordion Skirt Outfits for Spring

Spring is the season of beautiful colors so, its always a great idea to experiment with and wear pretty bright colors. The lilac color is so gorgeous and is paired with an even prettier green. Contrasting or color blocking your outfits has been a popular trend lately. You can add a lilac sweater on top if it gets a bit chilly. A statement belt such as this Gucci one really adds to your outfit and helps separate the two colors.

↓ 32 – Long Accordion Skirt Outfits

Long full-length accordion skirts look so flattering and almost look like a dress. They can be paired with any top of your choice. If it is a black skirt, try pairing it up with a printed v cut sleeveless top such as a leopard print one. This outfit is perfect to wear to parties.


↓ 31 – How to Wear White Accordion Skirt Outfits?

White skirts look so cute, and you can go for any length you prefer them in. Here is a midi accordion skirt paired with a pink puffed sleeved top and is paired with white heels and silver accessories.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 30 – Patterned Accordion Skirt Outfits

Don’t stick to the solid-colored accordion skirts this year and incorporate some color and patterns to your outfit. Patterns are a great way to add to your outfit and are easy to style. Pick a color of your choice from the patterns and wear that colored blouse with your skirt.

↓ 29 – Business Casual

You can really make these skirts look business casual/formal by pairing them up with white button up shirts and a pair of black heels. This outfit is business at the top party at the bottom! Black skirts always look so sleek.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 28 – Rainbow Accordion Skirt Outfits

Cant pick a color? Just go for the entire rainbow instead! This skirt will make head turns when you walk down the street or enter the room. All the colors flow together and make for a great statement piece. Keep the rest of the outfit white and plain and let the skirt wow everyone.

↓ 27 – For Women Over 50

Look stylish by pairing your accordion skirt up with a white shirt and your favorite denim jacket. You can wear flats, heels, or wedges. Gold accessories such as the earrings, bracelet, and the belt details add a bit of luxe to your outfit.


↓ 26 – Accordion Skirt Outfits for Work

Pair your black midi skirt up with a white shirt and a long-pocketed blazer. Sneakers can be worn instead of heels for a comfier option. Also, have a look at Professional Skirt Outfits- 25 Ideas To Wear Skirts For Work.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 25 – Leather Accordion Skirt Outfits

Prints are a popular choice to pair your accordion skirts up with. The Snake print looks so sexy with the black leather skirt.

↓ 24 – Accordion Skirt Outfits with Leather Jacket

These accordion skirts are far more versatile than you think they are. This emerald green metallic skirt looks stunning paired with a black lace trim cami and a cropped leather jacket.


↓ 23 – Color Block Accordion Skirt Outfits

Introduce a tad bit of color to your outfit by wearing color block skirts. The gorgeous colors on one side of the skirt make the outfit so much more beautiful. This outfit is one of my favorites.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 22 – How to Wear Green Accordion Skirt Outfits?

Green accordion skirts look fantastic. You can wear a simple grey tee with your skirt and match your bag with the shirt to coordinate your outfit. A patterned jacket, or perhaps a leather jacket over the top looks great too.

↓ 21 – For Teenagers  

Teens can be found wearing short skirts; however, it is time to try something new and change it up. I think accordion skirts look elegant. They come in all different colors and patterns so you can take your pick and pair them with your favorite band or graphic tees and sneakers under.

↓ 20 – Black Accordion Skirt Outfits

Black accordion skirts should be a staple in your closet. The pleats add so much dimension and sultriness to a plain skirt. Here we have one, paired with a matte black belt, a black shirt, but the furs add the most amazing dazzle to this outfit. She is also wearing matching snake print heels and a bag.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 19 – Where to Wear Accordion Skirt Outfits?

These skirts are so versatile and an outfit like this is perfect for any sort of a summer event, from summer weddings, to baby showers, parties, formal brunches, and easter etc. Paired with a lace top this one is a beautiful look.


↓ 18 – Accordion Skirt Outfits for Summer

Skirts are perfect for the hot summer months because they are so easy to carry, lightweight, and breathable. You can pair your blue accordion skirts with a white blouse, perhaps, an off-the-shoulder top. Also, have a look at Cobalt Blue Skirt Outfits – 30 Ways to Wear a Cobalt Blue Skirt.

↓ 17 – For Plus Size

In my opinion skirts look best on women with curves. Add a favorite blouse on top and heels and you are all dressed up for the occasion. Belts are a must because they cinch the waist in and add an oomph to your look.

Accordion Skirt Outfits - 36 Outfits Ideas to Wear Accordion Skirts

↓ 16 – Accessories to Wear with Accordion Skirt Outfits

Its always a great idea to add accessories to your outfit, especially if it is a plain one. Not in this case though, because the skirt is made of an iridescent material. You can still add a printed book tote bag, high heels, a pretty choker necklace and big fancy earrings.

↓ 15 – How to Wear Black Accordion Skirt Outfits

Full black outfits look so amazing, and you don’t even have to try too hard to find pieces in your closet to steal this look because you can pair a plain black sweater, black boots and a black bag with your skirt to rock out in this one.


↓ 14 – Accordion Skirt Outfits for Fall

All the fashion bloggers seem to be wearing baggy oversized sweaters with accordion skirts, and why wouldn’t they? This outfit looks amazing, and you can really play with the colors by keeping the skirt a bright color, and the sweater in autumnal or wintery tones or vice versa.

↓ 13 – Best Accordion Skirt Outfits

The burnt orange monochromatic look is so beautiful. Simple is always classy.

↓ 12 – Short Accordion Skirt Outfits

Short skits can be paired with a white tee, and a backpack. Its perfect for girls to wear on a summer day.  

↓ 11 – For a Day Out with Friends

Looking for a comfy yet cute look? Just wear a comfy tee with your favorite-colored skirt.

↓ 10 – Accordion Skirt Outfits for Winter

Stay warm and look stylish by adding layers to your accordion skirt.

↓ 9 – Color Wheel

Gotta love this skirt, I love everything about it. Usually rainbow skirts may end up looking tacky but not this one.

↓ 8 – Animal Print Accordion Skirt Outfits

Printed skirts are a great way to add something to your plain outfit. Here is one paired with a solid-colored blazer. The colors go so well together.

↓ 7 – All-White

The cut-out turtleneck paired with the long white accordion skirt speaks volumes of elegance.

↓ 6 – For Skinny Girls

Skirts look gorgeous on petite or skinny girls because they are so flowy. The legs look like Kendall Jenner’s when the skirt is worn with heels.

↓ 5 – Date Night

Instead of wearing skinny jeans, wear a sultry skirt instead and look sexy and glam for your date night.

↓ 4 – Ombre Accordion Skirt Outfits

Ombre skirts especially a subtle ombre one like this adds so much to your outfit without you having to try too much with the top or the accessories. Side note: it looks beautiful when you twirl in it!

↓ 3 – Metallic Accordion Skirt Outfits

Metallic skirts were the biggest craze of the year when they first came out, and they are very much in style today. These are perfect for night look, or the holiday season. Here is a silver one paired with a cropped leather skirt and silver jewels.

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↓ 2 – Accordion Skirt Outfits with Blazers

Who knew you could rock accordion skirts with blazers but surely you can and they are definitely not reserved for your work fits, but can be worn to your day out with friends or in the city. This screams high fashion because of the odd yet seems to be working well together type pieces; the chunky sneakers, with the mini pearl bag, and that luxe blazer.

↓ 1 – Lush Lace

Lace is one of my favorite materials ever because it makes the outfit automatically sexy and attractive. Here is an accordion skirt with lace borders, paired with a lace blouse of course as well as the most stunning heels I have ever seen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Accordion Skirts in Style?

A. Yes indeed! If you follow Instagram models or stumble upon paparazzi pictures of celebrities on your social media feed you would know that they have been rocking these skirts for a while. You will find dozens of pictures of Victoria Beckham wearing the beautiful accordion skirts on the streets of New York.

Q. What to Wear with a Midi Accordion Skirt?

A. Midi skirts are easier to style than the long ones, and suit everyone. It totally depends on the event you are going to because midi skirts are versatile and can be worn to almost any event. Cami tops, lace tops, and sleeveless turtlenecks make for a great choice.

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