20 Cute Tomboy Style Outfits for Teenage Girls This Season

Want to know how to dress like a tomboy? Maybe you want to know what the latest tomboy style fashion trends are? Today outfit trends will reveal some great and simple tomboy styling tips. We will first cover the basics of this look then you can see some cute girls in tomboy outfits and few tomboy celebrity looks.

Tomboy or androgynous style is perfect for the teenage girl who is not exactly into anything ‘pink princess’. I was never really keen on girly things so experimented with the tomboy style for a while. This article is going to search the different ways a tomboy image can be achieved. Keep in mind that the tomboy look is to create a masculine feel which is suitable for a girl and since male and female body shapes are completely different, choosing the right attire is essential (Also see how to dress goth).

Essential Tomboy Accessories.

For tomboys the main accessories are hats and ties. Trilbies are a perfect androgynous hat for a tomboy outfit. They add an 80’s feel to any outfit as well as a sense of wealth. Trilby’s were previously worn by well to do folks and were often seen at horse races.

Ties are also a great accessory and add that touch of masculinity to any outfit. Being a tomboy, playing around with ties is even easier; why not experiment with it by only showing part of it? Or wearing it loosely? Chunky, colourful ties are brilliant for breaking up a plain coloured button up shirt.

Tomboy tops consist mainly of button up shirts and boat neck tops or jumpers. The button up shirt is typical men’s attire and come in such a wide range of colours and styles that finding your ideal one is easy. Patterns are acceptable in the tomboy scene as are pockets so do not be afraid to experiment with either. Pockets are a great way to create the illusion of a not so busty chest which is essential for the tomboy look. Boat neck tops are fantastic for the same reason. Why not leave a button up shirt hanging out under a boat neck jumper? This gives a sense of relaxation and comfort and does not come across as too formal. Open blazers are also very consistent and these match perfectly to button up shirts and also plain or patterned t-shirts.


Jeans are the traditional tomboy style of leg wear. There is the style called ‘boyfriend’ jeans which are very popular in the teenage tomboy scene however skinnies are also acceptable. If jeans are not the style for you then why not try some drawstring trousers?

These can change a whole silhouette with minimal effort. Why not pair skinnies with coloured sneakers? This style of footwear is very common with tomboys and again is found in a variety of colours. Why not match tartan sneakers with a tartan shirt? Tartan is a wonderful pattern which can be easily matched with a plain blazer. Do not use too much tartan though as this can overwhelm an outfit.

Long coats are also seen frequently with tomboys. The perfect length for these is between the hip and knee. They too have a certain silhouette which adapt beautifully to the female figure and add a touch of masculinity.

Lets see the outfits combinations pictures now.

Tomboy Outfit Ideas

This is an accurate version of a country tomboy working in the fields who would like to show their masculinity or just a band member composing songs. Either way its a flattering look to copy to complete your “head on attitude” look.Dungarees are very nice as they can be worn to a number of occasions and look how nicely it is styled. If you are not into too much skin wear a cropped top. No makeup and no jewelry with white sneakers.

cute tomboy style outfits (1)

Ripped jeans have been making rounds in the fashion world for sometime now and what better way to show your strong side than wearing a pair of ripped denim with a stripped cropped top. A high bun and a shoulder bag is good enough to complete the whole look. Remember whenever you are dressing up as a tomboy only sneakers or boots will do as shoe wear. Aviators or a chunky watch should be your only accessory.

cute tomboy style outfits (3)

Girls who love to skate and show their skills but also are not comfortable with their clothes this sleeveless tank top with white logo is good with skin tight leather pants. A flannel shirt to cover yourself up from the cold  and a beanie for extra points. Contrasting shoes will be needed hence the white sneakers.

cute tomboy style outfits (14)

A clean and simple yet a very classic dressing style for all tomboys out there. A polka dot button down shirt with wrinkled jeans and heavy construction boots with a baseball cap. You can have a high pony tail or a braid on the side with your glasses.

cute tomboy style outfits (4)

 Cara Delevingne Tomboy Look.

Cara Delvinge will show herself in the most beautiful ways but at heart she is a tomboy and most of the times you will find her dressed up in that manner.  Denim shorts with a sweat shirt and a blue jacket with ankle high black boots. A good big shoulder bag will be enough you have some things to carry around with a red beanie and no make up.

cute tomboy style outfits (5)

cute tomboy style outfits (13)


 Kristen Stewart Tomboy Style.

Mother jeans rolled up in black and a white full sleeved top is really all that you need for a street tomboy look with low top Chuck Taylors.

cute tomboy style outfits (6)

Okay another must have for the tomboys are the suspenders in any color you prefer but red is good enough if you want to wear with a white and black combo. A long chain and good loafers will finish off the outfit.

cute tomboy style outfits (7)

cute tomboy style outfits (8)

cute tomboy style outfits (9)

Yes you can wear skirt for tomboy look.

being a tomboy doesn’t mean you cannot wear skirts or dresses. You just need to wear them in a manner which shows off your strong side or a little power. Plaid and pleated skirt with a plain top and black heeled boots.

cute tomboy style outfits (10)

cute tomboy style outfits (11)

cute tomboy style outfits (12)

 A perfect Tomboy Hairstyle. 

Mostly prefer short hair cuts boyish looks, spikes and different colors but that doesn’t mean you cannot have long hair. Just tie them or do different braids.

cute tomboy style outfits (15)

 Ripped Jeans with Timberland Boots.

cute tomboy style outfits (16)

cute tomboy style outfits (17)

cute tomboy style outfits (19)

cute tomboy style outfits (18)


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