How to Wear Doc Martens? 20 Chic Outfit Ideas to Try

Outfits with black doc martens: If you have days you can’t decide what shoes to wear? Martens are what you need! You are missing out on a lot if you don’t already own a pair of black Doc-Martens.

These shoes will have your back no matter what. They are easy to style, always look good and go with every outfit; what more does one want from a pair of boots? Docs will be your best friend.

How to Wear Doc Martens?

Plain black boots always seem like they have a lot of upkeep because they do. If you think about how many times you’ll wear one pair of Martens, you will realize that keeping them clean and shiny is super important because they will keep you looking good on the best of days.

You should aim for at least one wash a month for black Docs. You can use an old toothbrush with water and liquid soap to clean them up. Washing them in the machine is not recommended because that can reshape them. Buying and using back shoe polish will be an extra step, but if you love your black Docs, you should do it because it will add that extra shine and keep them looking good as new!

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Doc Martens:

• Keep your docs clean and store them properly to extend their life.

• Make sure to break into your new boots first so they feel comfortable sooner.

• Pad any areas of that boots that rub against your foot.

↓ 20 – Vintage Style Docs

You might think that wearing black doc martens with a slit skirt is a bad idea? Think again. It would be a super cute outfit you can wear to a lunch date with friends, a day out with family, or run errands.

↓ 19 – For When Office Calls

If you don’t want to wear heels and prefer to stay comfortable but must be dressed in a semi-casual outfit, docs will greatly help. A blazer would look stunning paired with mom jeans and black Docs martens. You can put your hair up in a bun for a more formal look, and don’t forget to wear some dainty jewelry pieces!

↓ 18 – With Skinny Jeans

They look the best with skinny jeans, without a doubt. There is a reason for this: skinny jeans bring focus to the boots, and the boots and jeans together create the illusion of a slender figure. This will make you look like a model, and you won’t regret it.

Try to tuck the jeans into the boots for a crisp and clean look. Also, look at these ideas on What Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans.

↓ 17 – Comfy Fit

Of course, there had to be a comfortable fit in this article because martens are super comfortable to wear themselves. You can wear a simple oversized shirt or a crop top and pair it with sweatpants. This outfit is for days you don’t feel like getting ready but still need to go out. Your black docs will bring this outfit together and make it look good, even though it’s simple.

↓ 16 – Cute Outfit With Black Dr Martens

This outfit is simple yet classy. You will only need a black sleeveless sweater and a collared shirt, Mom jeans, or skinny jeans, that is your choice, but Mom jeans will look better with this outfit. Black shoes will make this outfit look amazing. You can wear this outfit to a semi-formal event or a cute date at the bookstore. I recommend you check out these ideas on How To Create Cute Outfits With Simple Clothes.

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 15 – Accessories To Wear

It’s easy to figure out what accessories would look good with an outfit. You need to know what your style is and what you like. Scrunchies are easily accessible and make your hair look super cute.

Chains are another thing that will look amazing when worn with a pair of martens. Buy a few pairs of chains and keep switching them up. Also, small handbags are trending nowadays, so it would be a good time to experiment with them!


↓ 14 – What To Wear With Dr Martens On A Rainy Day

Rainy days call for the best outfits, but comfortable ones too! Dr martens will be a good idea on a rainy day because they won’t be soaking wet when you’re home. An oversized sweatshirt paired with ripped jeans will make a great outfit.

Wearing hoop earrings will add a little bling to your outfit. Don’t forget to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses, even if the sun isn’t out! Here are some more of my favorite Rainy Day Outfits Ideas.

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 13 – Sporty Outfit

Who doesn’t love tracksuits? Everybody does. A comfortable tracksuit is what we all want. They are comfortable enough for us to lounge around, run errands, and even go out in. Doc Martens make such tracksuits even cooler. Adding a bag, sunglasses, and jewelry, you can have a complete outfit with a tracksuit!


↓ 12 – Flannels For Days!

Flannels are super versatile, and they go with any outfit. Wear a flannel with biker shorts or pants if you’re not into shorts. Martens will look amazing with shorts because they have that thing about them; if somebody wears a pair, they get all your attention.

↓ 11 – With Black Jeans

You can wear almost any outfit with black shoes, but this outfit stands out. The brown leather jacket is crisp; we’d want to get our hands on it immediately. The black jeans look amazing paired with the brown leather jacket and boots.

This outfit can be worn on a date, at a family event, or with friends. It gives off a classy vibe that you wouldn’t want to miss!

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 10 – Dr. Martens With Jeans

Jeans are what most of us usually wear, right? I am here to tell you that dr martens look amazing with jeans, so if you’ve only been wearing them with shorts or skirts, you need to give them a chance! Also, look at these Jeans Styles That Girls Must Own This Year.

↓ 9 – With Overcoats

Overcoats are something you’ll need for the wintertime. Many people only reserve their martens for the winter. You can also wear your docs in the summertime; they won’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Anyhow, they are amazing for the wintertime as well. You can wear them with overcoats, oversized hoodies, and sweaters!

↓ 8 – Skirts And Docs

Skirts are super fun to wear and keep you looking stylish no matter what. Putting on an outfit with a skirt and black martens is easy. You can wear any shirt, crop top, or sweater with this outfit. This outfit can be worn out to run errands, meet friends, or walk in the park.

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 7 – Oversized Sweaters For The Win!

You can pair an oversized sweater on its own and throw on a pair of your docs, and you’ll be good to go!

↓ 6 – For The Dress Lovers!

If you don’t know how to wear them with dresses, don’t worry, we got you! Just pair a summer dress with these docs and keep a jacket or sweater on you in case the weather changes. This is a cute look for summer. Wear it to parties, carnivals, and all things adventure!


↓ 5 – Where To Wear Your Black Doc Marten Boots?

You can wear your dr martens anywhere you like. Just make sure you take care of them and don’t crease them. They can be worn even on the rainiest and muddiest of days, so there are no days when you can’t wear these boots!

↓ 4 – Black On Black

An all-black outfit will be the best fit for black martens. Pair a black shirt with black doc martens and a black leather jacket. The black leather jacket will match the boots perfectly because both are leather.

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 3 – Plaid Pants Outfit

Plaid pants are trending nowadays, so you should get your hands on them if you haven’t already! You can pair them with plain tops or plaid ones. Your black dr martens will make your outfit stand out because they will bring out the best in the plaid print and make you the center of attention wherever you go!

↓ 2 – When To Wear Dr Martens?

They can be worn on multiple occasions, but we recommend wearing them to birthday parties, semi-formal events, run errands, for dinner and lunch dates with friends and family, and lastly, for cute dates with your partner!

outfits with black doc martens

↓ 1 – The Perfect Black Fit!

This fit is perfect as it is! You can look like this by wearing a black oversized blazer and stockings. Plain stockings will look good, but ones with different prints will add a twist to your outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Doc Martens bad for your feet?

Ans. No, they are super comfortable and cushioned on the inside. They are made to provide you with comfort along with style. However, if you get a size smaller than your own, they will be uncomfortable and make it hard for you to walk in. Other than that, these should seem heavy because of their thick sole, but I can assure you that they are not. They will be your favorite shoe you’ve ever splurged on!

Q. Do Doc Martens go with everything?

Ans. They are the kind of shoes that go with anything and everything. You can wear these shoes with a dress or a skirt. You can wear them with baggy jeans and a hoodie. You can even wear them with a blazer and pants; they will never look good.

It’s just this thing they have about them; they are versatile and effortlessly chic. Whoever will see you wearing them will want them too. It would be best if you tried to wear your Docs with the coolest outfits because they will make those outfits even better.

Something you’ve always wanted to try but never could? Wear Docs with that outfit. A unique color, and you don’t know what shoes to wear with it? Grab your Docs, and they will ensure you feel confident in your outfits.

Q. Do you tuck jeans into Doc Martens?

Ans. Usually, they look good when tucked into jeans because they are visible to the top, giving your outfit an amazing vibe. However, it is not a compulsion. You can choose not to tuck them into your jeans; they will look good nonetheless.

Tucking your jeans into Docs is only feasible if you wear skinny jeans. If you wear loose, baggy jeans, it gets very challenging to tuck them in, which might even reshape your shoes, and we don’t want that. So it is up to you, and we hope you will make the best decision, the one that you want to choose, not what fashion wants you to do!


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