Vegetable Dresses – 8 Creative Dress Made From Vegetable

Creative Dress Made From Vegetable – Want to shake things up a little and dress differently? For too long, we have been wearing the same kind of clothes and fashions. This time, why not go all natural and opt for clothes made entirely from vegetables? These can be substituted with fruit dresses or plant dresses, and can be worn indoors for a short period of time. These will look fun for a Halloween outfit or a costume party or a theme party of function. So live it up a little with these awesomely creative dresses!

Organic Dresses and Costumes made from Vegetables

outfits made from vegetables

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#1- Cabbage and Chilies

Cabbage leaves are a fun way to dress up. Spread them across by sewing the ends and use the red chilis as a form of a necklace. This is an extremely versatile outfit that can be worn as a sleeveless or halter dress. Just remember to wear it quickly because the leafs can wilt, especially in hot or humid conditions.

vegetable dress 1

#2. Spring Onion Short Dress

Instead of throwing away the stalks of spring onions, why not tie them together for a fun dress? This looks great for a fun Hawaii themed or Beach themed outfit. Lemongrass or any other long, green stalk can be used to make this fun dress for summers and winters. Be warned though – this skimpy dress is only for those willing to bare some skin. This is why it will work wonderfully during the hot season, as it is very airy and skimpy.

vegetable dress 2

#3. Live It Up With Lettuce Leaves!

Lettuce leaves make for an extremely fun yet cheap and cost effective outfit that can be worn for a fun themed birthday party or a fun day out with friends. The leaves can be sewn onto cloth or tied together using thin string. The sky is the limit with how creative and imaginative you can be. Keep the remaining accessories to a bare minimum in order to draw attention to your dress and not appear cheaply dressed.

vegetable dress 4

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#4. Go Sexy like the Greeks!

If you’re heading out to a costume party or a party with the theme of Greek Fashion, then try this fishtail gown. It has an elegant mermaid-style train at the end of the dress, and accentuates a curvy figure. Thus, full-figured girls will love this outfit. It can be made from banana leaves, pineapple shells and red cabbage.

vegetable dress 5

#5. Eco Friendly Fashion

For style that is graceful and reminiscent of the Victorian British era, try this dress. The body is made from spring onions, and the skirt is made from large cabbage leaves glued together. It also comes with a necklace that is formed from leaves and an accessory consisting of an entire cabbage. This is a truly fun and creative vegetable dress that is sure to turn heads.

vegetable dress 6

#6. Sexy Aubergine Dress

For a fun party vegetable dress, try this short aubergine dress. Not only does it provide a nice medley of vibrant colours, but it matches will with top summer trends of 2016. In order to truly draw attention to the vegetable dress, wear beige heels and smokey matching eyes. Do not wear a lot of matching accessories, in order to keep the eyes towards this short yet fun summer dress.

vegetable dress 7

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#7. Elegant Vegetable Accessories

For a sunny day out, why not opt for a fun vegetable dress made of spring onions and other leafs? Pair it with an umbrella made of flowers sprouting from vegetable plants, and you have yourself a complete long gown. The waist has been clinched with a DIY belt, making it appear chic and fabulous.

vegetable dress 8

#8. Groovy Halter Outfit

This short vegetable halter dress is made entirely from red cabbage sliced together. It is extremely groovy and funky and is sure to grab attention during night time parties. Pair it with long heels and gold accessories for a nice contrast of colours. This dress is cut short and low, because too much red cabbage can appear tacky and streak the skin.

vegetable dress

Here you go folks! These are our top trending vegetable dresses to suit all tastes, occasions and sizes.

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