Tall Girls Fashion -35 Cute Outfits Ideas for Tall Ladies

Tall Girls Fashion. Being a tall girl is truly one of the best gifts you can get, it’s what makes you unique, beautiful and stand out in any crowd. If you are tall, all you need is the right attitude, posture and you can carry any outfit with confidence. Another thing tall girls need to be extremely careful of is selecting the right foundational garments as these give your dresses a better look and shape.

Other than that, you can work at finding matching accessories for your dresses like belts and bags or shoes. Being a tall girl often means that you won’t be able to find the right length jeans, pants, jumpsuits, maxis or other outfits but that never means you can’t wear them. If you search the net you can easily find solutions to such problems, like folding shorter friends and showing off those beautiful ankles. So be creative, confident and create a new and cute outfit for yourself every day.

How to Dress if You’re a Tall Girl

Let’s cover some basic fashion tips that all tall Ladies need to keep in mind, the pictures below show the ideal outfits combinations which will suit your height.

how to dress for tall women

↓ 35 – Skirt Outfits for Tall Girls

Skirts are a favourite outfit for most tall girls. If you are looking for tips on choosing the right skirt for yourself then just remember to try all sorts of skirts in order to find the best one for your personality. Mostly, high-waisted skirts are the best option. Belts can also be helpful to highlight your best body parts. Here are 12 Gorgeous Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt.


↓ 34 – How to Wear Heels if You’re Tall

The fact that tall girls can not wear heels is one of the greatest misconceptions. Heels can actually help balance out your outfit and make you look more proportionate. I would specially recommend the three-inch heels as they work out the best with tall girls.



So now that we are done with some basics, here are some cute tall girl outfits you are bound to fall in love with:

↓ 33 – Casual Outfit for Tall Girls

Tucked in shirt with a wide legged trouser – an outfit which looks best on tall girls. You can use any of your favorite blouse or shirts and find a matching or contrasting trouser. Try pairing it up with a bag and sunglasses to create that perfect summer look. Here are 18 Ways To Wear White Shirts For Girls.

b13be337b47767d9f81abf83fa6466bd Source

↓ 32 – Vintage Look

Such trendy tall shirts have a flowy material which helps greatly with the body proportions of tall girls. Dresses like these are great for functions and you can even wear them to work if you want. Do check out 25 Best Vintage Outfit Ideas for A Perfect Vintage Look.



↓ 31 – Spring Outfits

Maxis look great on tall women if tailored the right way. When selecting a maxi, make sure you select the one which highlights your best features.



↓ 30 – Work Outfits for Tall Girls

Jumpsuits look great on tall girls though it might be a little harder to find the right sizes. Have a look at these Celebrity Work Outfits for Women.



Here are two more work outfits that are comparatively simpler and so easier to find, in fact, you might already have the right pieces for these looks in your wardrobe.

tall girls outfit ideas


tall girls outfit ideas


↓ 29 – Winter outfit

Winter style for tall girls

↓ 28 – Tall Girl Style with Long boots


↓ 27 – Celebrities With Tall Height Fashion.

If you really want to be updated with tall height women fashion  then follow Taylor swift. Being 1.78 meters, she always comes with classy dresses for all the seasons. Here are 22 Stylish Outfits to Wear with Long Boots This Season.

Tall Girls Celebrities style

↓ 26 – Beach Outfit for Tall and Beautiful Girls

Summer shorts style for tall girls

outfits for tall girls

Viabeach outfits for tall girls

Viabeach outfits for tall girls


↓ 25 – Spring Outfit with Cropped Pants

Spring outfit for long leg girls

↓ 24 – Leather Pants with Flats


↓ 23 – Bomber Jacket Swag

outfit with puffer coat

↓ 22 – Tall University girls Look.

Also see some of the cute hairstyles for university girls for a complete look.

Long leg girls outfits

↓ 21 – Stylish Dressing combination for Tall and Curvy women.

Plus size tall girls outfits

tall and curvy women outfit


↓ 20 – Tall Street Style

 ↓ 19 – Casual Style outfit.

↓ 18 – Airport Style.

Check out Ideas what to wear while travelling with style .

↓ 17 – Cute Hairstyle for Tall Girls

Long and simple haircuts are surely a great choice for any tall girl looking for a soft and feminine look.

Accessories for tall girls

Short hairstyles look especially good on tall girls as it helps you show off your gorgeous neck, but the trick is to not go too short.

hairstyles for tall girls


↓ 16 – Gowns



↓ 15 – Wrap Dress with skirt



↓ 14 – Striped Outfits for Tall Women

Tallook.com: Tall Fashion Blog


Here’s a Striped Handkerchief-Hem Patio Dress



A striped Shirt dress



Striped Boatneck top and skinny jeans



↓ 13 – Formal Wear Lace dress



↓  12 – Any long length dress






↓  11 – High waist skinny jeans – Swag Style



↓ 10 – Velvet jackets



↓ 9 – Envelope Dress for Date Night

Have a look at these 20 Ideas how to Dress up for Movie Date.



↓ 8 – Dresses with Slits

outfit ideas for tall girls


↓ 7 – Tall Girl’s Travelling Outfits

outfit ideas for tall girls

You can even go for flared pants for a more proportionate look, and we simply love the idea of wearing a messy top bun with them.outfit ideas for tall girls outfit ideas for tall girls

travel outfits for girls travel outfits for girls


↓ 6 – Wedding Guest Outfit for Tall Girls

Laura Schofield is a 6 feet 2 inches tall fashion blogger with an amazing sense of style. Her fashion choices are unique and of course very irresistible. If you’re a tall girl, her blog is one that you can not miss out. For more ideas on outfits for weddings, check out these beautiful Wedding Dresses with Open Back.

outfit ideas for tall girlsoutfit ideas for tall girls

↓ 5 – Maternity Outfits for Tall Girls

Laura is currently expecting and we’re so in love with her maternity outfits. Most of the outfits are from ASOS and so they’re pretty reasonable and you can surely find something that goes with your budget.

outfits for tall girlsoutfit ideas for tall women

Pregnancy has made her a huge fan of kaftans and kimonos as she feels they act as a good cover up and also look great, we couldn’t agree more.outfit ideas for tall women

↓ 4 – Minimalist Outfits for Tall Girls

The minimalist fashion trend is in full swing and for all the right reasons. This trend is about wearing simple outfits but of course they don’t have to be boring, in fact, it can include the coolest outfits that you’ve ever seen. The trick is to focus on little details like the colour, the fabric and the cuts. Make sure that the outfits fit well and add some statement element like a belt or flared sleeves. Here we see some minimalist outfits of one of the tallest fashion bloggers, Alicia Jay. At 6 feet and 6 inches tall, Alicia is surely an inspiration for all tall girls so follow her blog for some great fashion tips. Here are 13 Cute Minimalist Outfits for Winters.

tall girl outfits


outfits for tall girls

↓ 3 – Crazy and Funky Party Look

Who doesn’t love standing out and this crazy outfit is sure to turn every head your way. It’s not just unique but also a bold and beautiful look for party wear. And of course, it would look amazing on any tall girl.

outfit ideas for tall girls


↓ 2 – Hot Casual Outfit for Fall

hot casual outfit for tall girls

↓ 1 – Sleek and Sporty

Andy Torres is another blogger who’s over 6 feet tall and her sporty outfits give you some serious fashion goals.

outfit ideas for tall girls outfit ideas for tall girls outfit ideas for tall girls


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