How to Style Boyfriend Jeans? 25 Outfit Ideas

Outfits with Boyfriend Jeans: You may have heard your favorite bloggers raving about boyfriend jeans or perhaps seen your favourite Instagram models wearing them. Whichever the case, you have wound up here, trying to figure out how to rock them yourself!

(Confused about what boyfriend jeans are? We got you, girl. Boyfriend Denims are simply a style that’s usually more fitted around the hips and waistline with a looser fit everywhere else. They aren’t necessarily flared and are definitely not “skinny” jeans. They get their name from the idea that you wear them as if you have borrowed them from your boyfriend… Got it? Great!) There are many different ways to wear boyfriend jeans and in this article, we are going to show you how.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Let’s get started with some simple tips on how to wear and what to wear boyfriend jeans as well as where to find them.

  • Boyfriend jeans look great when rolled at the cuffs. In fact, this is one of the most popular ways to wear them.
  • You can wear them either mid-rise or high-waisted. But if you are a sucker for low-rise jeans, good news! These are one of the few kinds of jeans that are easily styled, even when low-rise.
  • Wear them slightly oversized, but not super baggy. You want to still give a hint as to your general shape without looking like you actually did raid your much larger boyfriend’s closet!
  • Distressed denim suits boyfriend jeans really well. See ripped and distressed fashion trends.
  • To find a pair of great boyfriend jeans, look in such places as Zara, H&M, Mango, Gap, Adidas, Nike, and Urban Outfitters. For more affordable options, check out Target, Marshall’s, or ASOS.

how to wear boyfriend jeans

Frequently Asked Questions

How loose should boyfriend jeans be?

As aforementioned, you want some fit, especially around the hips, but you don’t want to be drowning in denim either. Look for a little give around the thighs and calves but make sure there’s some hint as to the shape underneath.

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

Because boyfriend jeans are often worn rolled at the cuffs, working with some kind of heel is customary. But you can just as well wear your jeans with sneakers, wedges, sandals, and espadrilles. Keep reading for examples on how to do this.

How do you wear boyfriend jeans in the winter?

Same as you would wear any other pair of jeans! However, because of the looseness around the cuffs and calves, it’s easier for cold air to get in. This is where you got to rely on some old tricks. This could mean swapping out the heels for some snug boots, slipping on a pair of long-johns or tights under your jeans, or unrolling the cuffs and pairing them with some classic long Nike socks and sneakers!

What is the difference between boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans?

Girlfriend jeans are just a slimmer, tapered leg version of the boyfriend jeans. They are a bit more feminine as well.

Now let’s have a look at some outfit ideas:

↓ 25. Coffee Date Outfit For Winters

Boyfriend Jeans Outfits


↓ 24. Giving A Feminine Touch

If you want to give a feminine touch to your boyfriend jeans then add some girly elements through your top or accessories, like this beautiful pink wrap dress.

Boyfriend Jeans Outfits


↓ 23.For Curvy Girls

Rock those curves like a boss, my friend. Boyfriend jeans are a great option for curvy girls as the extra give in the thighs and calves make for a fun contrast to a more structured upper half. Start with a black tee and top it off with a blazer. Roll your jeans at the cuffs and opt for delicate pumps… this is a great outfit for a meeting with a client or lunch with colleagues.


Love the jeans and pumps look? Get yours here:

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↓ 22. Sweet, Feminine Casual Style

Our second outfit is a great example of how to pull off a sweet and feminine casual style. Start with a gray tank and top it off with a little white cardigan. Opt for a light wash boyfriend jeans and coordinate your crossbody purse with your slip-on sandals and hairband! For more ideas like these, here’s our previous post on Stylish and Trendy Cardigans Collection for Women.


↓ 21.  Fall Style

A cute fall look can be achieved by pairing a sweater with boyfriend jeans. Note that this pair is only slightly loose and features an array of rips down the leg. (Wear this look on a warmer day or opt for jeans that have fewer rips – your legs will thank you!) Accessorize with statement sunglasses and a brightly colored purse. Slide on some playful bracelets and a pair of nude heels. And voila!

Distressed Boyfriend jeans women

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↓ 20. Street Style

This bold and gorgeous outfit is a great way to let your inner fashionista loose! It’s also a great outfit for a chilly day or a cool winter afternoon. Stay cozy while also looking stylish and chic with an oversized, vibrantly colored sweater. Accessorize with oval sunglasses, a maroon lip, and a bandanna around the neck for added flair.

Designers Boyfriend jeans women


↓ 19. Classic Date Night Outfit

This outfit idea is perfect for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. You can wear this outfit to parties, dinner dates or get-togethers. The star of this outfit is the boyfriend jeans. For the outfit pair your boyfriend jeans with a golden-colored loose tee over it. You can tuck the tee from the front inside the jeans. For the jewelry and clutch go for either black colored or a golden-colored clutch. For the jewelry, you can wear a black and golden colored beaded necklace.

cut out Boyfriend jeans women


↓ 18. With Jacket

We love the versatility of this look. Headed to the movie theater? Getting together with friends? Have a lunch date? This outfit does it all.

Pair a long-sleeved top with a structured black jacket. Opt for non-distressed boyfriend jeans and a standout pair of heels like this gold pair. Last but not least is a cute purse.

Cool Boyfriend jeans for women


↓ 18. How to Wear Boyfriend Denims to Work

While this look might not be right for every work environment, this is a great option for you busy working gals who love the comfort of boyfriend jeans but still want to look professional! A thigh-length coat over a pair of boyfriend jeans looks great for a variety of occasions.

Pair a cute black tee with your boyfriend jeans and layer it with your zebra print coat (or go for a bright yellow coat!) and a chunky statement necklace. Notice the choice of shoes and accessorize with a soft pastel pink purse. Here are some more ideas on Outfits with Bootcut Jeans.

Boyfriend jeans for women

↓ 17. Cute Lunch Date Outfit

We love the edginess of this black leather jacket paired with a soft and super feminine pink sweater. Play up this contrast with a rhinestone necklace, boyfriend jeans, and kitten heels.

Boyfriend jeans fashion tips


↓ 16. Country Style

Whip out your favorite cowgirl hat for this country-style look! A plaid or checkered blouse pairs with some basic boyfriend jeans (note the lack of distressed denim and the unrolled cuffs) and some beige or taupe stiletto-heeled boots.

Boyfriend jeans fashion tips


↓ 15. Preppy Style

If you love a bit of a preppy look, then pair a slim knit sweater with some boyfriend jeans! (Note that in the picture, the model wears low-rise jeans… we recommend mid-rise or high-waist but the choice lies with you!) Roll your jeans just slightly at the cuff and pop on some delicate nude heels. Accessorize with a gold hairpiece and call it a day!

Boyfriend jeans fashion ideas


↓ 14. Tartan Top for Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love a cozy tartan sweater? This is a wonderful look for a holiday event or dinner.

Boyfriend jeans fashion

↓ 13. Party Look

This funky party look includes a sheer top, a blazer, and a statement necklace. With this look, the boyfriend jeans add an element of casual that keeps the look from being too dressy. Add black heels and a cute purse to finish off the look.

Boyfriend jeans Cut


↓ 12. Winter Wear

Think it can’t be done? Think again! These boyfriend jeans look darling paired with a long cardigan or coat and a striped fuzzy sweater. Add some cute brown boots and a statement pair of sunglasses and you will look and feel like a million bucks.

zara Boyfriend jeans


↓ 11. Casually Chic Velvety Jacket and Jeans

If you love effortless fashion then this look is the one for you. European girls are renowned for effortless beauty and timeless style and that is what a look like this reminds us of! Throw on your favorite boyfriend jeans and pair them with a striped top as well as a velvety or woolly jacket. Neutral colored booties and a cute embellished purse finish the look off.

white Boyfriend jeans women

↓ 10. Winter Style for Fashionista

We love that this is fashion we can all try for ourselves no matter if we are bonafide “fashionistas” or not. If you love a good shaggy coat then this is a great way to rock it! Throw on a graphic tee or sweater and top it off with this luxurious coat of shaggy faux fur. Add your boyfriend jeans and a pair of printed Converse. Top off your look with a beanie to match your coat, a red lip, and some oversized sunglasses! Have a look at these Best Winter Jeans Outfits for Girls to Stay Cozy and Chic.

when to wear Boyfriend jeans

↓ 9. With a Varsity Jacket

This casual outfit idea is a great one for college-aged girls. Opt for some dark-wash boyfriend jeans and pair with a simple striped top. This short gray varsity jacket is chic and looks great when worn with a matching beanie, blue flats, and a peach-colored handbag (oversized, of course).

Stylish Boyfriend jeans


↓ 8. Business Casual

Slip into your boyfriend jeans and start layering! This is a great business casual winter option for you ladies. Chambray or a thin denim shirt is worn under a soft thin sweater and topped off with a faux fur vest. Add nude heels and your favorite neutral purse as well as Aviator sunglasses.

Ripped Boyfriend jeans for women


↓ 7. With Bright Colors

If this picture doesn’t carry you off to dreams of vacationing in Greece, we don’t know what will!

Pair your boyfriend jeans with a white linen top and bright yellow coat. Have fun with your accessories by glamming it up with a bright pink purse and blue statement necklaces. Last but not least, are some animal print heels to really seal the deal on this unforgettable look.

Latest style jeans fashion for women


↓ 6. Casual Wear

We love the juxtaposition of a sherpa jacket with aviator sunglasses and a statement necklace… alongside some baggy boyfriend jeans and some casual sneaks! If you like a more streamlined look, opt for slimmer fitting jeans but keep the sneakers for a super stylish casual ensemble.

↓ 5. Classy Neutral Tones for Fall Weather

 Everyone loves a beautifully color-coordinated outfit every now and then. With this ensemble, we can see why.

These neutral tones compliment each other so well and make for a lovely fall look. Note the patterned belt, the taupe hat, and the contrasting bag and booties.

H&M Boyfriend jeans

↓ 4. Semi-Casual Streetstyle

Top off a pin-striped shirt wit∆h a cute gray sweater. (Points for a cute phrase!) Pair with boyfriend jeans, a wide black belt, oversized sunglasses, and play with some red shoes and a matching bag!

Funky Boyfriend jeans women


↓ 3. Street Style Boots and Animal Print Jacket

Street style doesn’t get much better than this! This animal print jacket is worn over a graphic tee and paired with low-rise boyfriend jeans, black boots, and a clutch. Accessorize with round sunglasses, gold jewelry, and matching red lips and nails!

2014 Boyfriend jeans trends


↓ 2. Cozy

Get cozy this fall with a fun sweater worn with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Great outfit for running errands or grabbing a coffee at your local cafe.


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↓ 1. In Summers

This is how! Simply pop on a white tank and tuck them into your mid-rise boyfriend jeans. Voila! Roll at cuffs and go with sandals or little sneakers for footwear.


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