How to Wear Low Rise Jeans? 10 Outfit Ideas

Low Rise Jeans Outfits: When it comes to the recently resurrected trends of the early 2000s the low-rise jeans have proven to be on everyone’s minds, Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds.

Now, that the trend is seeing yet another resurgence, and stars including Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and countless others have already gotten their hands on a pair or 20 of their own. It is most certainly time to get you some as well. More importantly, it is necessary that we talk about styling them. We have taken into consideration that there is worry circulating around the idea of styling this style of pants as they are more revealing than other pant options. But worry not, this guide was made especially to provide you with a variety of styling options, so you will be able to find at least one which makes you feel so so confident.

What to Wear With Low Rise Jeans?

We understand that these Rise Jeans are a trend at the moment, but we want to assure you that there are many more ways of styling this garment that you might have seen online. It is of high importance to us to cater our styling guide to all girls out there, and not leave anyone out, which is why we have taken the time to research into the ways these jeans can be styled for all body types, lifestyles, and all occasions.

Furthermore, we are interested in providing our readers with the most creative, fun, and exciting ways to rock their low rise. We intend for you to style yourself in a way that will surprise and inspire others just like Britney Spears inspired her fans once.

How to Wear Low Rise Jeans? 10 Outfit Ideas

How to choose the right low rise jeans?

An aspect of styling a good outfit that gets unjustly overlooked is choosing the most fitting article of clothing before you begin. If you think there is just one type of low-rise jeans, you’re mistaken and we’re about to tell you about them all.

The fit of the low-rise jeans is very important to consider, it can make a world of a difference for your look depending on your body type. Similarly, understanding the difference between the fit of your jeans can make a style difference for your entire look, you can regulate whether you go for a more casual or a more fancy going out look, simply by choosing one style of jeans over another.

  • Low to Medium Rise jeans: still considered a low rise, but are known to be more flattering on the bum, and especially for taller individuals.
  • Low Rise: these are your basic low rise.
  • Ultra Low Rise: these jeans start lower than your regular low rise jeans, and are known to be most flattering for shorter girls.
  • Low Rise Boot Cut: these are your highly promenent flared low rise’s perfect to pair with a combat boot or a heel.
  • Low Rise Flared: this is a unique style of low rises, which offer a flare all throughout the length of the leg for a really showstopping look.
  • Low Rise Baggy Fit: this is another unique style in the arsenal of low rise jeans, they really offer you the early 2000’s street style, hip hop aesthetic. This type of pant paires really well with some chunky white sneakers. You can learn more on this from our post on Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans.
  • Low Rise Straight Cut: the straight cut low rises are normally only long enough to reach the anckles, this is important to consider as it might cause a visual shortening of the leg. Therefore if this is an aspect you struggle with in other pant models, or perhaps you prefer to acentuate or amplofy the length of your leg, consider choosing another option. Coversely, this effect can be combatted with a heel option for the shoes. Paires well with heels, and pumps.

As you can see there are two elements to consider, the height of your jeans, which is most important in consideration of your body type. And, the style of the pant, which has a lot to do with the aesthetic it will give your outfit, as well as pairing capabilities with shoes. Having taken into consideration the best way to flatter your body, achieve your desired style, or simply to match your choice of jeans to the shoes that you own, you are all set to move on to the styling combinations of your perfect look.

10 – With an Asymetric Cropped Top

We are starting off simple. One of the most renowned ways is to style a low-rise pant with a crop top, but we are kicking it up a notch. Asymmetrical Cut cropped tops are a fun way to spice up your look and make it more head-turning than usual.

A tip to consider: usually upcycled cropped tops made with deadstock fabrics, which tend to be composed of different pieces of recycled fabric are made to fit asymmetrically. Searching for independent environmentally conscious suppliers of these tops would be an affordable and sustainable way to hit the mark on this look.


9 – With a Sport Jersey

If you are interested in trying out the sporty hip hop aesthetic look, reach for the baggy low rise jeans and your favorite sport pullover to complete the look. This will look additionally cool if your pullover is cropped, on a zipper or a button-up. To complete the look, pair with chunky large white sneakers.


8 – Straight Cut Jeans and a Long Sleeved Button Up

In case that you are styling your straight-cut low-rise jeans, you will notice they have quite a rigid silhouette. Well, a second tip to consider is that the most stylish outfits can be comprised of contrasting articles of clothing whether in color, fit, or style. This keeps the outfit from looking overbearing or oversimplistic and instead perceived as intricate. As noted above the straight cut jeans are usually rigid in style, which is why they are best paired with a gentle, thin, button-up long sleeve.


7 – How to Wear Low Rise Jeans to Work?

We have already touched on low-rise jeans being compatible with heeled boots, to complete this look it is possible to pair with outerwear of the same finish – a leather jacket! This look can be both day-to-day or serve as a stylish look to wear out with friends.

Here are some more of my favorite Black Jacket Outfits.

A tip to consider: the choice of denim color can be crucial to make your outfit match the occasion you are wearing it for. Darker blue types of denim look more suitable for a night on the town, whilst light blue denim wears effortlessly through the daytime.


6 – Boot Cut Jeans and Accross the Waist

This is a style that will be good if you are trying to spice up a very basic outfit, perhaps you were planning to wear a long sleeve or t-shirt top to match with your bootcut, low-rise jeans. Well try this to amplify the look; instead of wearing sneakers or combat boots, try a pair of heels. And in addition to that find a thin scarf and tie it around your waist in a triangle shape to hang off your hip.

A tip to consider: an outfit becomes countless times more impressive when little details click together, so if by any chance you have the option to match the color of your shoes to your scarf your outfit will look ten times more put together and is certainly going to impress everyone around you! You can get more ideas from these Outfits with Boot Cut Jeans.


5 – To Match Your Collared Shirt

To the ladies who prefer to wear comfortably reserved outfits, this next one is for you – moreover, this look could be especially fun for students out there who want to experiment with style but do not want to come under fire for breaking the rules of their dress code. The next time you are getting dressed into your favourite jeans, consider pairing them with a blouse, and a vest or a sweater. Even in the case that your sweater or blouse aren’t cropped, the fact that the jeans are low-rise will still give a very unique appearance to the outfit.

A tip to consider: as mentioned previously, matching the details within your outfit elevates the entire look. In this specific outfit, you have the possibility to match your blouse to the colour of your jeans, whilst contrasting it with your sweater or vest. As a result, you will have an eye-catching shirt collar, visibly complementing the color of your jeans.


4 – To Reveal Your Undergarment Straps

This next look is on the riskier side, it stems from the overall sex appeal of the low-rise jeans, as they notoriously reveal more skin than any other model of pants. The modern-day interpretation of this pant style has been taken one step further, and a trend for showing off your undergarment straps, by pulling them into visibility over your hips has become an adventurous, fun look. This look is especially glamorous when the straps contrast the rest of the outfit.


3 – With a Puffer Vest

In the case that you were searching for ways to rock your jeans in the transitional seasons of fall or spring, worry not, we have got you covered. In an effort to not interfere with the open stomach appeal of these pants, we suggest you wear a zip-up hoodie with a cropped tank top underneath. And if the weather allows for it, the hoodie can be kept unzipped. To compensate for the open-top, we suggest layering a puffer vest on top of the hoodie.

Tip to consider: Layering in an outfit opens a door for sublime color coordination. Moreso, it becomes increasingly impressive when a layered outfit is made monochromatic. So try to find all these items in the same color. Colors most unique to comprise your outfit in entirety are beige, grey, and deep dark (olive) green.

Puffer vests are an absolute must-have this season so do check out these Chic Outfits With Puffer Jackets.


2 – Flared Low Rise Jeans and a Faux Leather Blazer

We have already gone over that flared low-rise jeans can give the outfit an unexpected oomph, and that will be even more accentuated if worn with a heel. Although this outfit is really completed with a sleek black blazer. Paired with some silver jewelry, and bold lipstick this is your best night outlook. This outfit will be best presented if the low-rise jeans you find are black to match the blazer.


1 – Body Accessories

One thing that is of high importance to consider about low-rise jeans, and something not everyone has caught on to is the opportunities it gives you to integrate body jewelry into your look. This summer we have seen a surge of trends surrounding highly delicate body chains, and necklaces that look around the back. Low-rise jeans offer the opportunity to have this delicate piece of jewelry be the star of the show. Pair it with a bandana top for a more layered effect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shoes to wear with low-rise jeans?

Low rise jeans work best with casual shoes such as sneakers. But if you need to be a bit more formal, you can go for booties or loafers.

Q. What is considered a low-rise jeans?

Low rise jeans, as evident from their name, are the opposite of high waisted jeans. Low-rise ones usually sit below the waist and closer to the hips.

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