19 Best Summer Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50 to Stay Cool

Summer Jeans Outfits for Women. Have Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica, Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock left the fashion game when they turned 50? No! So why are you? Get latest summer jeans outfits’ tips and tricks that you can follow to assist you to age gracefully like a bottle of old wine.

Brace yourself to get wowed by looking at below inspiring summer jeans outfit ideas that you can adapt by giving a personal touch of yours.

How to Wear Jeans In Summers for Women In 50s

Blue jeans are considered to be the best classic wardrobe element that everyone owns in their closet. Let’s go chic and cool this summers by adopting evergreen and head-turning denim look. No one is too old to wear jeans. So why not start tossing your apprehensions and welcome the ultimate denim’s practical guide for the women over 50. Scroll down to look into mind-blowing denim collections.

• The best jeans will be the ones that fit you well, specially when you’re older, comfort and fitting will matter more than anything to focus on that when buying jeans.

• Mom jeans are simple and stunning, they will go with most of your outfit but skinny jeans wont so choose wisely.

• Jeans are not comfortable in the summertime so make sure you buy jeans that are either made of lighter material or try jean shorts instead.

• A good belt with make your the appearance of your jeans even better so invest in a belt that will look good.

• Dont be afraid to try out different colors in jeans, blue is not the only color left to wear. Try black, white, and every other color you want to!

Summer Jeans Outfits for Women

↓ 19 – Classic Blue Jeans

Slightly ripped denim look can never go wrong! Feel free to make it a part of everyday dressing statement of yours making the comfort play the major thing. So get ready to look pretty and feminine with this super comfortable look anytime anywhere. You may observe many Hollywood celebrities wearing the exact same look like the one pictured below. However, it is your choice to get your denim ripped off or not. Here are 20 Best Outfit Ideas with Jeans for Women Over 50.

Best Summer Jeans Outfits for Women

↓ 18 – Denim Shirt with A-line Skirt

Classic blue denim shirt combined with white A-line skirt is all you need this summers! You know what is dominating element in this feminine look? Comfort. Yes, you heard it right. You can tuck in denim shirt into your A-line white skirt to make it a more casual look. To add wow factor in denim look, you can go for shoulder clutch bag and pointed heels or pumps. Being an outdoorsy person, denim is one of the best options that any woman can get who is plus size or over her 40’s or 50’s because it is super comfy.

Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 17 – Slim Black Jeans Trousers

The super comfy look to carry can be none other than black skinny denim trouser with the lethal combination of black necktie white or blouse to keep you cool this summers. You can add pointed leather shoes preferably in Black or ankle boots just the way you like it. The black and white combination of the dress can never go wrong and it looks equally look at daytime events and in night rocking parties. The buttoned-up shirt and collar design make the shirt look too good for preferable office wear events. The one disadvantage of Black Denim is that it attracts dust and dirt and so the dust look on black denim may make it look unwashed.

 Jeans Outfits

↓ 16 – Jeans and Stripes

Ripped faded blue jeans will be perfect for the extreme casual look this summers. Moreover, if you want to look slimmer then go for black and white striped shirt combined with black or white lace on shoes hence completing a pretty chic look.

Best Summer Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 15 – Light Blue Denim Shoes

Light blue Chambray shirt ideally with dark blue jeans can be yours any day anywhere look. You can uplift this look by adding vintage buckled or non-buckled plain shoes with any of trendy satchel bag to carry your essential belongings to you. Here are 15 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women Over 50.

Jeans Outfits for Women

↓ 14 – Suit like Onesie

Looking for an office blue denim look? Why not giving a try to this blue denim suit like the onesie.

 Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 13 – Flared Blue Jeans

A pair of flared blue jeans can be worn confidently with a really sexy black full sleeves knitted top. Go for completing this look with a pair of pastel blue pumps and a crossbody bag.

Best Summer Outfits for Women

↓ 12 – Go Minimalist

Looking for a light-weighed denim combo? Grab a crispy white cargo white shirt with faded blue (washed) blue denim pants all teamed up with a cherry like a red leather vintage bag to carry your essentials with you conveniently.

Fashionable Summer Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 11 –Denim Jacket

Want to hide your sagging skin of arms? Go for a washed faded light blue denim full sleeves jacket perfectly styled with Salmon Pink dress of short sleeves. You can boost the overall look with brown heel shoes and a brown handbag. The best technique to find the most ideal Jeans pair is totally dependant on your body type and physique that you possess.

Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 10 – Denim in Solid Colors With Prints

A woman in her 50’s making a bold and bright clothing fashion statement will not hurt anyone. One thing that you can keep low and that is the distractions. Go for plain solid colors, your favorite prints or floral ones, a choice is yours! You can steal some inspiring ideas from street style fashion as well and don’t forget a little makeover to uplift your overall look. However, skinny jeans were the first to be made for females and then comes bell bottom jeans styles. Whatever the jeans style, you need to pick and choose the style according to your body type and your comfort level. Don’t miss out these Office Styles For Women Over 50.

Pretty Summer Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50


↓ 9 – Try Denim Bootcut

One of the things that look great on women in her fifties is Denim Bootcut jeans. Buy a dark colored or faded washed denim jeans that come with an elastic waist so that it does not dig deep down in your belly and spoil your amazing look. Brands like Levis has started innovated denim jeans creations for women over 40’s and 50’s so that they can age with grace and glamour. Being 40 years old is not a matter of embarrassment but it is itself a matter of proud. Wear your wrinkles with pride and own your body. However, if you want to look like being aging with grace then we would suggest you to go for denim based outfits that can never become out of fashion any day.

Trendy Summer Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 8 – Skinny Jeans is Always a Yes!

Without overthinking or flinching, get your beach parties passes this summer. Grab a piece of skinny denim pair and become unstoppable for the beach party. If you have a tall and thin body figure, then you are one of the luckiest persons living on planet earth. In case you feel cold, you can wear a blazer over any shirt. Wearing a blazer will instantly change your outfit to office wear. However, wearing a pair of glasses is optional if outside is too sunny. As a matter of fact, you need to balance your outfits. Every wardrobe has few essentials and Denim jeans is one of them no matter it is winters or summers. Everyone love jeans every day.

Jeans Outfits


↓ 7 – Boyfriend Jeans

Look how good Katie Holmes is looking in this oversized jeans! You can wear them with your hems rolled on or get it cuffed above ankles is what we call a here to stay category. If you feel discomfort in oversized jeans then you can add a belt so that the jeans can be strongly tied up to your waist. The half-tuck top is another good thing one can go for boldly. The Boyfriend jeans look peerless in faded washed style. See how Jennifer Aniston is rocking the denim look in this denim outfit so why not take some denim inspiration from her. White sneakers with jeans is what one can always opt for any day. Moreover, solid colored skinny jeans is also one of the style statement that many celebrities and fashionistas have made publically.

Jeans Outfits


↓ 6 – Distressed Jeans

Want to look hot and sassy this summers? Go for distressed jeans but with few alterations like keep the rips and holes to the minimum levels, select looser slim jeans rather than skin tight one. You have to watch out where your skin gets exposed like knees are ok to get exposed. You can add a slip-on sneakers pair to elevate the look. Have a look on the super casual look on Huda Kotb who is successfully rocking the denim look with her evergreen smile on her face. Comfort and Jeans come hand in hand both in summers and in winters so let the jeans speak smile on your face. All you need to do is to balance your outfit wherever you go.

 Jeans Outfits for Women Over 50

↓ 5 – Sparkling White Jeans

Make pastels grow with dark or bright neutral colored tops. White jeans can look really good with any of the tees or sandals. Put a glance below on the picture of Bo Derek and Sarah Jessica Parker (below) how much they are looking chic in their jeans along with their kids. In extreme summers, your white sparkling jeans might make sweat marks visible in public which can embarrass you but in pleasant weather (not too cold or not too hot climate), one can opt for skin colors if you don’t prefer white jeans much. Whatever the case be, Jeans is something to which we always look forward to. Here are 10 Most Productive Hobbies for Women Over 50.

Best Summer Jeans Outfits

↓ 4 – Leather Jeans

Faux leather jeans can both look fabulous and funky at the same time. The leather is not as such summer wardrobe but one can adapt it in winters. Leather black jeans will always look good combined with a white shirt making it you look more adventurous with a touch of luxury without adding much glamour and glitter. Although Leather comes under winter stuff and cannot be worn in Summers due to its unbreathable nature. Leather jeans can be best worn in winters. Leather jeans come in generally black color and if you ask us then our vote will go for Leather jeans in winter which should be Black in color. Some people prefer wearing leather jeans in dark brown or light brown colors and that looks awesome too. It just depends on your personal taste and choice.

Best Summer Jeans

↓ 3 – Straight Cut Jeans

Have you got bored from wearing the leggings every day? Are you still unable to find the replacement of leggings? Why not giving a try to stretchy denim that can provide even more comfort than leggings. You can choose between a medium to high waist cut jeans like the one which Nicole Kidman has been slaying with her kids. You can do a finishing touch with solid colored pumps and a ladylike structured bag with not so funky colors. How super casual Brook Sheilds is looking in this denim wear of Calvin Klein and simply rocking the whole look and inspiring many women over 50’s right on. If you have skinny body and legging make you look really awkward or even if you have a plus size body and skinny legging will make you feel bulkier them straight cut jeans is one of the options that you can go for. Even if your height is not too much or if you come under the category of short height people then you can switch to straight cut jeans because it will make you look very balanced.

Straight Cut Jeans


↓ 2 – Vintage Wash Jeans

Jeans with faded wash can revive a look of your high school jeans. You can add up the sophistication quotient by adorning your look with some fashionable tee or a long shirt (whatever you prefer according to your mood). Look how Helen Mirren is slaying her crisp denim look with her feminine white silk blouse all paired up with a jacket which is optional for you if you are wearing the dress in summers. You can adapt the same style as of Helen Mirren by adding a flavor of your style but if you do copy the exact then it won’t look bad too.

vintage wash jeans


↓ 1 – Get the Look to Have it

Pinstripe shirt and high waist blue jeans are somewhat which can go equally good for an office party or at a casual party. Want to freshen up your look? go grab a striped shirt and pair it up with your everyday jeans and that definitely can never go wrong. Shop your favorite pair of jeans today! Have no clue what you wear tomorrow? The striped shirt can be of collar or without a collar but both will look equally good and that only depends on what occasion you are going to attend. We recommend this wear to be preferred for specifically daytime events of the summer season.

Best Summer Jeans Outfits


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can i wear jeans in my 50s?

A. There are way too many ways for you to wear jeans in your 50s. You can wear jeasn with a blazer and a plain shirt underneath it if you have to dress up semi formally. You can wear jeans with a overcoat and a shirt. Wear a scard for some added bonus. Jeans are easy to style, you just need to keep in mind how you like to dress and what is your style, As long as you follow these two things, you will have the best outfits. Another easy way to wear jeans when you’re older is to wear mom jeans with oxford shirts. This outfit gives the chicest look and you will look amazing.

Q. What is the best over 50 jeans outfit?

A. The best and most comfortable jeans outfit for women over 50 has to be plain mom jeans with any shirt that you feel comfortable in. Pair this outfit with a pair of plain white sneakers and you have an amazing outfit ready to go. The best thing about this outfit is that you can switch it up and wear it to different occasions. You can wear heels instead of sneakers if you have to go to a formal event and wear a collared shirt. Sneakers will help you stay comfortable for trips to the grocery stores and just to meet some friends.

Q. What’s the biggest mistake women over 50 make and should avoid when wearing jeans?

A. Wearing alot of distressed jeans. Dont get us wrong, distressed jeans are super cool but sometimes they look a bit too much. Instead exchange the distressed jeans for a pair of regular mom jeans. Yes, you should wear distressed denim but according to an occasion. However, if you love distresses jeans and wear them everyday, then dont let us stop you. If you love them then you must know how to style them and why would we have a problem with that!


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