Men Outfits with Jeans-30 Best Combinations with Jeans for Guys

Men Outfits with Jeans. Who doesn’t have Jeans in their wardrobe! We all do.Right? But why always wear it without any sense of style when this quintessential piece of clothing can be paired up smartly with different attires without being hard on your budget.

That’s right, jeans are not to be worn casually only, you can wear them to your office or better still, to occasions like weddings too. To help you dress up smartly, we have made a list for you of 30 ways in which you can wear your jeans with different pieces of clothing. read on and do let us know how helpful were the suggestions for you.

How to Wear Jeans for Guys

↓30 – What Shirt to Wear with Light Colored Jeans

Every guy has a light colored jeans. Wear it with Deep Green shirt and black sneakers and look fab yet carefree.
What to Wear With Light Colored Jeans


↓ 29 – Casual Street Style

While Jeans is normally worn casually but that does not mean you can’t look hunk in it. Wear it with a printed Tee-shirt and a Check Print Dress Shirt and you’re ready to impress some girls.Casual Street Style


↓ 28 – Wearing jeans With Turtleneck and Jacket

This casual street style is so classy, you would surely turn some eyes on you this time. Pait the Jeans with the Turtleneck of your choice to define your style.

Combining Jeans With Turtle Neck & Jacket


↓27 – What to Wear with Dark Jeans

Do you have a vintage style dark jeans? Why not wear it with Black or Navy Blue High-neck and show your handsome style to the world. Wait, don’t forget wearing your biker boots with the look.What to Wear with Dark Jeans


↓26 – Casual Street Style

Wow! Wow! Wow! Leather Jacket with Ripped Jeans! and A dress shirt with stripes on it- surely this is The stylish way to dress up. A pair of Leather boots would look great with this style.Smart Street Style


↓25 – Wearing Jeans with Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets are all rage among guys and because the weather is still a bit cold, you can always wear it with your favourite faded jeans and be the cool dude everyone admires so much.How to wear jeans with Bomber Jacket


↓24 – Wearing Jeans with Denim Jacket

Every guy should have a denim Jacket because it can be paired with just anything. So if you own one, you’re smart! Wear it with black skinny rolled up jeans and casual white t-shirt and you’re all set to make up your own street style.
Wearing Jeans with Denim


↓23 – Jeans: The Ultimate Street Style

A pair of jeans coupled with a brown waist coat and denim jacket could do wonders to your style. Apart from being super comfortable, this look gives you a luxury to carry it for both formal and casual occasions. The ultimate example of best of both worlds.
Casual Street Style 2


↓22 – Wearing Leather Jacket with Jeans

Guys love leather jackets, so it is highly unlikely to not have them in the wardrobe. If you have your favourite leather coat or jacket, wear it with a check printed shirt and a pair of jeans of your choice, viola, you’re all ready for the hot biker look!How to Wear Leather Jacket with Jeans


↓21 – Wearing Jeans like Will Smith

Show the dude in you to the world by dressing up as smartly as Will Smith. Just by the way, you don’t have to spend fortunes for that, a casual full sleeved t-shirt and your jeans are all that you need.Wearing Jeans Like Will Smith


↓20 – Dress to Impress

Who says office is all about dressing plain and boring. Office is all about dressing up smartly, so next time you plan to update your wardrobe, go for a plaided slim-fit coat that can be worn with every shade of denim. Pretty cool, isn’t it!

Dress to Impress


↓19 – How to Wear Jeans with Baggy Pants

It is summers and it very uncomfortable to wear the skinny jeans with such humid weather. But since nothing can provide the comfort that jeans can, so go for baggy jeans and your worn out t-shirt. Trust us, it is THE perfect way to dress up for summers.How to Wear T-Shirt with Baggy Jeans


↓18 – What Hair Style to Go for with Jeans

While jeans are worn casually, but if you plan to go out with friends or have a meeting with your clients, you don’t have to buy pricey outfits to impress, just your jeans with leather upper and smartly made spikes would do the magic.

What Hairstyle to Choose with Jeans


↓17 – Pairing Jeans with the Polka dots

Gone are days when polka dots were associated with girls only, not they are one of the most fashionable prints that people of both the genders love to wear. So grab your jeans and that funky polka dot dress shirt in your wardrobe, go partying, with your friends.Polka Dot Dress Shirt with Jeans


↓16 – The Gentleman Style

White is graceful, white is fashionable, white is chic, so why not wear your white shirt with your favourite jeans and enchant some girls at your university with your charm.Gentleman Style-Classy White Shirt with Blue Jeans


↓ 15 – Style Up for Office in Jeans with Blazer

Your super comfortable jeans does not have to be always worn casually. Why wear dress pants when a pair of jeans paired up with sport cardigans can bring out the gentle man in you.

Style Up for Office



↓14 – Boy-Next-Door Style

A bit of twist to your casual style can change you from being the goof to the total hunk. Wear your cuffed jeans with casual t-shirt  and rolled-up-sleeved dress shirt and you are set to turn some eyes on you.

Boy-Next-Door Style


↓13 – Go All Black

Who does not like men in black. Go all black this season at dinner date and let your date feel proud of your dressing sense.

Go All Black


↓12 – Skinny Jeans with Cardigan

If you live in a colder region, pair up your jeans with nude color hand-knitted turtle neck and the leather jacket. Black chain would look pretty voguish with this attire.

Skinny Jeans with Cardigan


↓11 – The Ultimate Office Dress

Not everyone likes to go to office in casual clothing. For some office is all about suiting smart. If you are one of those peeps who like to dress formally to your office, go for your dress shirt and coat but instead of your usual dress pants, opt for jeans. Trust us, you will steal the show.

The Ultimate Office Dress


↓10 – How to Wear Jeans with Long Coat

For some regions, winters are still in full swings, so it is always the best idea to keep yourself warm. What could be better than a pair of jeans and a long woolen coat. Stylish yet to wear Jeans with Long Coat


↓9 – How to Wear Jeans with Blazer

Planning to look your best for the presentation? Wear your faded jeans with Blazer and tie and your official look is ready.

How to Wear Jeans with Blazervia

↓8 – Dressing Up for Lazy Afternoon

Want to stroll a bit to enjoy the weather. Well, you don’t have to wear your jogging suit, a simple jeans and a t-shirt would be just fine and you will surely look great in it.
Casual Full-Sleeved T-Shirt and Jeans


↓7 – How to Carry Ripped-Up Jeans

Ripped Jeans are the ultimate street style but not everyone can pull it off smartly. You don’t have to think too much when planning to adorn one, just wear it with casual half sleeved t-shirts and you’re pro with the look.

Ripped Jeans Outfit


↓6 – Dressing Up for Party

Impress your mates with this chic style by pairing your jeans with t-shirt and beaded bracelets. Don’t forget the brown leather belt to complete the look.

Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans


↓5 – How to Wear Brown Jeans

While blue or faded jeans are common, sometimes it is good to try something unusual. if you love experimenting, then opt for a brown jeans that can be worn with a muffler and a leather jacket. People will surely skip a beat, if you will dress-up this cool.

How to Wear Brown Jeans


↓4 – Stylish Best Man Attire

Oh so you’re planning to be the best man to the groom? Well, all you need is those lovely jeans of yours which you can wear with checkered printed shirt and sexy waistcoat. How very charming.Stylish Best Man Attire


↓3 – Dress Up in Jeans for Meeting

Meetings are the times when you really want to impress people with you and your ideas. But before people get a chance to know about your idea they judge you by the way you are dressed up. Let them make a positive opinion of yours by dressing up as smartly as Enrique Iglesias with just a pair of jeans and a neutral colored jacket. Don’t forget to wear your canvas shoes with this dress.

Dress-Up for Meetings


↓2 – What Color Jeans to Wear with Black Shirt or Blazer

Have a black shirt but don’t know what to wear with it? Well, worry not, black is one of those colors which can be combined with any colors and still won’t look odd, but if your style is not quirky, the usual blue jeans would look great with your black shirt. Complete this look with Aviators.What Color Jeans to Wear with Black Shirt and Blazer


↓1 – Wearing Cardigan with Jeans

Dress up for your dream date in a cardigan and jeans. Backcomb your hair and wear shades to bring the style guru in you.

Wearing Cardigan with Jeans



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