Velvet Suits for Men: 18 Ways to Wear Velvet Suits & Jackets

Velvet Suits For Men. Velvet has been thought of as for-women only clothing, just like silk, lace, and chiffon. However, men have been turning back to this high-fashion fabric for their suits, jackets, trousers, and accessories. Velvet has been seen many times on the runway and has then changed our perspective on men’s clothing. And instead of becoming one of those trends, velvet suits have become a wardrobe staple.

Velvet-collared coats first made a noise by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield in the 1840s. The style is still on point now, giving a sophisticated touch of James Bond elegance. And the Fashion Editors at Esquire magazine say that a touch of velvet on a coat elevates it to something very special.

How to Wear a Velvet Suit?

A velvet suit is a glamorous garment, making it a great option to wear at prestigious events. Velvet’s depth of colour and sheen brings out the peacock in any man contemplating a party, but it isn’t meant to be a sartorial staple in the men’s style canon.

velvet suits for men

Tips on Wearing Velvet

Velvet is a trendy piece, so matching it with timeless black or a classic navy is a fail-safe option. Velvet is a material that even fashion experts can go wrong when styling. It’s often dependent on other garments, seasons, and ever-changing trends. So take note of these tips for wearing velvet, whether you’re rocking it to a formal affair or something less traditional:

  • Footwear. Try to wear leather loafers or contrast pop-colored brogues in suede when wearing a velvet suit.
  • Fabric. Velvet only looks classy if it’s in good condition. Real velvet is woven from silk or cotton, and it should be the only choice for gents with style, such as yourself. It has quality and authenticity, and it would have a timeless look that will look great for years to come as long as you take care of it.
  • Colors. The velvet fabric itself speaks volumes, so you don’t need to shout as loud when it comes to hue. Black velvet will always be your classic choice, but it’s not a bad idea to consider other colors, too. The number one rule is to stick with dark and plain colors. Cillian at Fashion Beans recommends we try shades of navy blue, bottle green, or Byzantium, a darker shade of purple that looks luxurious.
  • The Pants. If you want to wear a full velvet suit, go for straight-cut trousers.
  • The Cut. Look for a blazer that gives off a snug fit without you appearing awkward when you wore it. The jacket shouldn’t be too skinny nor loose, as these mishaps can be easily noticed with this type of fabric.
    If you’re getting your new trousers, look for slim-fit ones.
  • Versatility. Choose a neutral color that blends well with your dress shirts if you want the velvet suit jacket to last a few seasons. It started as a trend, but it’s now becoming a wise alternative for some wardrobe staples.

What to Avoid

  • Fashion Beans writer Cillian O’Connor advised us against trying on oversize fits and different symmetries. And Alive Mag’s writer Justin Whaley agrees that we should get slim-fit velvet trousers. He says that we should prefer “modern fit,” slim enough that there are still some ankles showing, and not as tight as your skinny jeans.
  • Avoid velvet suits made from synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon – they look cheap.
  • If you are wearing velvet, do not add any other bold pieces to your outfit. So stick to neutral items with the rest of your wardrobe selection.
  • Don’t ruin the precious fabric by ignoring the instructions given by the manufacturer. Velvet is not a common material, so it must be handled by a professional who knows what he is doing. For example, if it says dry clean only, then do so. And to keep your velvet looking elegant, brush it regularly, and avoid folding and getting it wet.

Now that you’re ready take a look at these outfit ideas we compiled just for you:

Velvet Shoes For Men

Belgian Dandy said that velvet suits can be worn and can look sophisticated with anything – from faded jeans to a double-breasted suit. They would look great and appealing when you team them up with a velvet jacket and trousers. Important note: Velvet shoes need regular brushing to keep the nap clean and smart. And keep them away from the rain.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 18


↓ 18 – Celebrity Style

Here are two of my personal favorite velvet outfits that celebs wore. First, we have James Norton wearing a blue velvet suit with a blue shirt and blue tie. And Secondly, Ryan Gosling in a Grey velvet suit with a white shirt and black tie. I personally like Ryan’s look more because it’s easy to pull off for the average guy, especially as compared to Norton’s.

velvet suits for menvelvet suit for men

↓ 17 – Casual Velvet Outfit

A velvet blazer is a great substitute for a leather jacket, and it can give off that rock-and-roll vibe without the metal and unnecessary zip details. If you are looking for a velvet blazer or dinner jacket but don’t want to overdo it, mixing the fabric with other pieces like jeans is a failsafe option. For more tips, check out our previous post on How to Wear Velvet Blazers.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 1


↓ 16 – Black Velvet Outfit

Black is a classic option that will make the same jacket look elegant for different occasions. It is the ultimate go-to option for formal events, keeping the shirt, trousers, and accessories neutral and lowkey. If you don’t like black much, try other hues like midnight blue, dark purple, or different earthy colors such as moss green, red and brown.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 2


↓ 15 – Formal Velvet Outfit

If you are wearing a velvet blazer as a formal jacket, the rules are simple: keep it slim, trim, and firm. Velvet fabric looks best when you choose a smart, tailored piece to pair with contrasting textiles. Opt for a velvet jacket, or if you can – a matching coat and waistcoat set to complete your formal dress code. Here are some more tips on Formal Wear for Men.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 3


↓ 14 – Red Velvet Outfit

Don’t hold back. Go and wear velvet suits with vibrant, lighter colors – be it rose, mint, or yellow.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 4


↓ 13 – Velvet Blazer And Jeans

DMarge said that the chicness of European style goes well with velvet. An elegant smoking jacket looks good when paired with a roll neck in grey to make the velvet pop. Opt for a cashmere under the velvet jacket to give a natural texture. If black is not your color, go for rich red or sapphire blue as they would make you look elegant all the same.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 5


↓ 12 – Black Velvet With Grey Pants

For a dressed-down look, pair your jacket with a plain T-shirt, dark trousers, and a pair of Chelsea boots. 

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 6


↓ 11 – Velvet For Business Casual

If you’re not yet ready to don a full velvet suit, try teaming up a velvet overshirt with a cellular vest and jeans instead.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 7


↓ 10 – Velvet Wedding Outfit

Whether you’re going to a black-tie event or getting married, you can never wrong with the traditional black velvet jacket or midnight blue tuxedo. A tuxedo can be worn anytime an invitation calls for formal, black-tie/black tie optional dress codes. Velvet tuxes are suitable for weddings, balls, and the opera. Don this style with a tailored shirt for a sleek and formal look. Here’s a complete guide on Casual Wedding Guest Attire For Men.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 8


↓ 9 – Green Velvet Outfit

GQ said that you don’t have to look like Eddie Redmayne to pull off this style. Teal can be a bit challenging to rock, so you can start with black if you’re not ready.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 9


↓ 8 – Velvet With Chinos

Velvet is business-appropriate, and you can wear it to the office, as long as you aren’t breaking any dress code. Your jacket needs to be in the right fit like any office piece should be. Then match it with a pair of wool trousers or, if it’s allowed in your job, go for cotton chinos or corduroy. Here’s how you can create a complete Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe for Men with our Checklist.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 10


↓ 7 – Velvet And Plaids

The trousers can be harder to pull off without a matching jacket, but they can work for more casual occasions. Avoid accessories and finish up with loafers. Socks are optional.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 11


↓ 6 – Velvet And Corduroy Pants

A velvet fabric will give your outfit a luxurious vibe while helping you maintain the formality of the typical dinner jacket. I also recommend that you check out my previous post on Men’s Corduroy Pants Outfits.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 12


↓ 5 – Velvet And White Pants

Leather shoes will look great with velvet jackets and suits as they give off a different vibe to a luxurious ensemble. But if you want to be a bit more casual, opt for sole brogues and Chelsea boots, which will go well with both jeans and velvet.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 13


↓ 4 – Velvet As Winter Outfit

Velvet has been a fall-winter classic eveningwear staple for decades. Today, designers have added much more creative modifications to this fabric, including everything from jacquard to digitally printed styles. For situations where a jacket isn’t required, team up some velvet trousers with a roll-neck and a pair of monk-straps.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 14


↓ 3 – Black Velvet Dinner Jacket

Velvet is a perfect choice to be your dinner jacket. It adds a touch of plush to a traditional tuxedo look. Just let the fabric itself be the focus of your outfit tonight.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 15


↓ 2 – Midnight Blue Velvet Suit

Don’t let your choice lose its appeal just yet. Go for a timeless velvet jacket in a darker, modern color like classic black, wine red, or midnight blue. Midnight blue is the best dinner jacket option to wear in a black-tie event.

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 16


↓ 1 – Accessories For Velvet Suits

Michael 84 writer Michael said that a tie and a pocket square could help you stand out from the crowd as they add a different kind of elegance to your ensemble. Velvet accessories will give your look a very sophisticated lift. 

How To Wear Velvet Suits Men 17


Velvet suit jackets are an ideal way to express your suave style. While it can sometimes be difficult to find the jacket with the right cut and hue for you, the rewards are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I wear a velvet suit?

A. You can wear velvet casually with a denim shirt and Chelsea boots. If you’ve just started with velvet, consider pairing the jacket with other pieces that will give off the formal or casual aesthetic you fancy. For your convenience, get a jacket color and style that suits your current wardrobe and your personality.

Q. What should I wear if I’m not ready to wear a velvet jacket?

A. Going for a full-on velvet suit isn’t a good idea if you are not used to wearing the fabric. In the meantime, take a small step and invest in pieces that use velvet in small details like ties and pocketsquares. A stylish velvet bow tie is a great way to up a usual jacket or coat. The Urban Gent suggested that you try wearing a velvet bow-tie if you have any black-tie events coming up.

Q. Can velvet suits be tailored?

A. Gentleman’s Gazette said that suit jackets are complex in construction and can’t simply be narrowed down to different sizes. The proportions and structure of the suit itself will have to be changed and reconstructed to the point that it would be a wiser option to just buy a brand new jacket. However, it’s not that tricky to alter the jacket’s sides, waist, chest, and arms. The problem with large jackets are with the shoulders part, which would make the tailoring job more challenging. To know what the tailor can and can’t change with your suit, kindly check this out.

Q. Are velvet suits for men in style?

A. According to Fashion Beans, Velvet is smooth and soft – it always has a subtle finish. Velvet is a statement fabric that will help you stand out from the crowd. Velvet suits have made their cameos in runways over the years. And some of our favorites have already adopted its style, including James Norton, who the Little Women world premiere in a midnight-blue velvet suit. Meanwhile, British designer Oliver Spencer said that velvet fabric has a glow and texture, making the material itself stand out in the light. DMarge said that the velvet blazer is having a rebirth, launched in recent seasons by Dolce & Gabanna and Tom Ford. Velvet has also been seen many times on the red carpet as Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper lead their recruits into the velvet army. 

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