Casual Wedding Guest Attire For Men | 25 Outfits & Tips

Mens casual wedding outfit. Wedding invitations bring a lot of confusion as to what to wear and how to pull together a cool outfit. Especially if it is a daytime event as you will be more confused as to what colors will look appropriate. What you must keep in mind is that you should wear an outfit according to the event and not draw the attention away from the groom.

Received a wedding invite? And don’t know what to wear, well don’t worry we have got the right outfits for you.

What Should Men Wear when Attending a Wedding?

So, you got a message saying that you are cordially invited to the wedding of a friend or relative of yours. But you got a big problem, you can’t decide what to wear. You find yourself lost in a vast collection of outfit choices.

Even when you have some ideas or some outfit choices that would look trendy and appropriate with the current weather, it’s still hard to decide as to which one is the best.

First off, a wedding is a couple’s milestone, so you don’t want to take the spotlight. Let’s give it to the groom and bride. It’s a must to stay lowkey while maintaining your unique fashion statement. Putting on an attitude of honor and respect is your most vital job as a guest. Show that you’re grateful to have been part of their big day.

casual wedding guest outfit men

The following are some casual outfit ideas to wear to a wedding as a guest:

↓ 25. Rustic Country

Channel your inner cowboy spirit!

Khaki pants, a long-sleeved shirt, with a vest or suspenders are what make up this rustic country look. Consider choosing the appropriate color of the shirt like blue, white or black, and make sure that the hue of the vest or suspender will not ruin the totality of the style. 

Black or brown leather shoes, and a classic wristwatch could complete this look.


↓ 24. Vintage

Bring back the old times! 

How to look decent while being casual? It’s simple! Wear vintage.

Denim jackets, green shirts, green chucks, shades, and body bags… it has never been a bad idea to show up at a wedding wearing these.

Aside from the fact that they are “instagrammable,” these outfits would give the people some throwback vibes from the 90s.


23. The Great Gatsby

Have you seen that movie yet? 

The style of The Great Gatsby is wry, elegant, sophisticated, having metaphors, figurative imagery, and poetic language to show some sense of nostalgia and loss, but in a nutshell, an elegant man in a suit, walking with a cane.

A grey, light blue suit or a medium brown one. A matching vest, pants, and two-tone brogue shoes will do.


22. Biker/Rock-and-roll

This look can be achieved by wearing a combination of a plump leather jacket or vest, leather boots, black or grey denim jeans, and a black shirt with some bizarre prints preferably.

Accessorize to stand out! Grab some iconic necklaces and bracelets, but make sure that they are in a dark color. Remember that you are trying to look like the cool guy here.


21. Romantic Pink

Don’t be ashamed to show the soft side of you.

Being the sweet side of the color red. It represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. And these are exactly the values you want to show as a wedding guest.

Try to wear an all-pink outfit. It can be a combination of a white shirt and a pink coat, matched with pink trousers. A white turtleneck and a suit is also an option if you like creating contrasts. Then you can wear either black or brown leather shoes. And complete the look with a timeless watch.


20. Suit up!

Have the right fit of the suit, and you know you have the right one if you can comfortably cross your arms without tearing the fabric across your back. For the pants, don’t get something that is too loose or snug because you would not look so good wearing such.

There are three types of suit lapels (folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat): notched, peak and shawl. Pick the best one for you. I suggest you wear a two-button one because it looks more elegant and stylish.

For the vents (the vertical slit that extends upward from the bottom hem on the backside of the suit itself), there are single, double, and no vent suits. 

In choosing the fabric and the color, consider matching them with your skin tone and with the season. For summer and spring, it’s best to have linen suits with bright colors, and for winter or fall, wool with dark and navy tones are in. The tie color should blend well with the palette of the suit.

To make the style less formal, unbutton the coat, remove the pocket square if you want, throw the tie and I would recommend a simple plain T-shirt as an undershirt, be it a crew neck or a V-neck one, instead of dress shirts. Just make sure that it is no longer than the coat in length. Belts are also optional if you’re trying to look casual for the event. Complete the look with the best shoes you got and you’re good to go!


19. Beach Wedding

Who amongst us didn’t even once dream of being wed under the blazing heat of the sun, with the overwhelming view of the beach? Well, even for attendees, it is a dream come true to witness such a wonderful ceremony.

A simple combination of a white cotton or linen shirt, matched with topsider shorts (preferably of the same color as that of the shirt) and some sandals or slippers makes up this look. You can also wear rubber shoes if you want, it doesn’t matter because you’ll take it off, anyway. It is a good idea to be barefooted to leave some footprints on the sand.

casual wedding outfits for men


18. More Beach Wedding Inspiration

Beach weddings are fun and colorful events however you must always keep in mind that you don’t overdress. Always choose to wear a light-colored suit with pants in a similar tone. Keep in mind that the dress should be well fitted and well-tailored.

Another thing that adds to the dress is a colorful handkerchief. Put up a nice pair of shoes and you are all set to go! Here are 16 Amazing Men’s suits combinations to get a Sharp look


17. Wedding Dress Essentials

When you want to attend any wedding and look glamorous yet casual then you can always rely on these two essentials: bow ties and braces. The great thing about these two accessories is that they add a semi-formal touch to the entire getup and both of these things are hassle-free and easy to carry. You can wear them on any colored button-down shirt with complimenting pants and shoes.


16. The Casual Look

Want the easiest way out to look smart and stylish? Well, the best way is to wear an informal or casual coat with contrasting colored pants. A little add on which are must are a pair of leather shoes or loafers. That’s it, you are done with the ideal casual wear.


15. Keeping it Very Casual

For some wedding events, you might not want to overdress, well there is an easy way out to this as well. Simply pull on a tee-shirt and wear it along with a casual coat and pants. An accessory which you should opt for is a belt. This attire is easy to manage and can be carried to a wedding as well as any other small events like engagements.


14. A Bright Jacket

What many people don’t know is that simply adding a bright colored jacket can add a  lot of difference to the entire look. Wear a white or plain button-down shirt and a pair of pants, now add a contrasting bright colored jacket to look all fresh for the wedding event. Make sure you wear the right footwear to add more sophistication to the look. I also recommend that you get some inspiration from these Leather Jacket Outfits.

13. Contrasting Colors for Summer Weddings

Summers are a great time to experiment with light colors and you can do that at summer weddings as well. Wear plain shirts with complimenting pants or trousers, to add on more to the outfit wear the contrasting colors in a printed coat. This will give you the cool look that you’ve been wanting to achieve. Don’t forget to add on some really nice loafers.


12. Look for Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are usually everyone’s favorite as it holds a great deal to dress up and look fabulous. You can wear dark tones and carry them easily no matter what the time is. Even heavy textured clothing and suits look perfect and are a great look to opt for. If you want to know what colors are trending the most this Fall, head on over to our post on Best Colors & Combinations to Wear in Autumn.


11. Perfect Look for Young Boys

Boys usually find it hard to carry the suited look. No issues, we have got an easy yet classy look for them as well! The idea is to simply wear denim pants with a blazer and jeans. This is a smart and casual way to dress up and can be worn to weddings without looking way too informal.


10. The Vintage Look

Vintage looks are forever, you can always carry them and look classical. In order to attain the perfect look, go for a printed shirt with a waistcoat. In addition, add a flower brooch, this one accessory can make a lot of difference. Make sure you don’t forget to wear a wristwatch, and that’s it you are ready.


Step by Step Video Tutorial – How Male Guests Should Dress for Weddings

9. Go All Patterned

Another smart and different way to dress up at weddings is to wear a patterned suit which is well-tailored. The great thing about this look is that it gives a hint of vintage style as well, which everyone loves! You can also add a complimenting colored tie to the whole look to add more charm.


8. The Rustic Look

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of wearing colors such as greens, rust, or ochre. However, if you are confident enough to wear these colors, then you can easily choose them for weddings. These colors add a rigged yet grace to your persona and they truly make you stand out in the crowd, without having to put in too much effort.


7. The Semi-Formal Look

You don’t always need bows and ties to look all elegant and sophisticated, instead sometimes for a change, opt to wear a suit with no tie or bow. This will look casual and it’s of course a hassle-free outfit that you can wear all day. Here’s our exclusive guide on Semi Formal Wedding Attire For Men.


6. The Spring Wedding Look

Spring weddings bring a lot of color choices, you can simply opt for a blue suit along with a printed shirt and a contrasting colored tie. This looks ideal in spring weddings as this attire will even reflect a lot of Spring colors and positive vibes t0 keep you in a happy mood.

5. Summer Wedding Look

Summer means wearing light and easy clothing, the same theory works for summer weddings. In order to attain a casual yet smart look for summer weddings, wear a white or some other light-toned shirt and trousers along with loafers and a colorful bow to rock the entire look. Here’s How to Make Bow Tie and 16 Cool Ideas to Wear Bow Ties.

4. Add Some Funk

Not all might agree but adding some funky elements to your wedding attire can be a very attractive and unique style statement. For this, all you simply need is a textured suit and combine it with a printed shirt. Simple yet different look!

3. Waistcoats as Savior

All men will agree to the fact that waistcoats add a lot of grace to any outfit, so instead of wearing a whole 3 piece suit, just pull on a complimenting waistcoat with the pants and the shirt, and you are all good to go! Here are some more fabulous Ways to Wear Waistcoats.


2. Different Than Usual Look

Usually, all men carry the typical complimenting colored ties with the suits that they are wearing, well instead of this you can wear the same color tie as the color of the shirt, which in this case is white. This little difference of color makes the whole appearance look totally unique.


1. Winter Weddings Look

Winter weddings require an adequate amount of clothing and styling at the same time. In order to achieve a smart look, you can wear your favorite suit and combine it with a complimenting sweater to be worn on the shirt. This attire is easy to carry and gives an elegant touch to the persona.


What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding?

Here are our top shoe pics to wear for weddings this year, you should select one that goes best with your outfit style and color.

  • Black Polo Boat Shoes:

  • Brown loafers:

What Hairstyles to Choose for a Wedding

Here are some of the best hairstyle options to choose for weddings this year:

  • Short Spiky hair with a high fade


  • Short hair with some volume and texture


  • Side Parted Curls



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