How to Wear Brown Shoes-16 Men Outfits with Brown Dress Shoes

Men Dressing Ideas with brown dress shoes – Men are often confused about how to dress stylishly with their brown shoes. There are many ways to make these shoes turn a look into a classy, sophisticated or casual one. It all depends upon how you accessorise your outfit, and what colours you choose. So what outfit to wear with brown shoes? Scroll through our list below for some of the best ideas!

How To Wear Brown Dress Shoes

#1. Preppy Style – Brown Shoes with Jeans

Pair a tweed blazer with a rich cotton scarf, a bow tie and jeans for a look that can be used during daytime and night time.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 1


#2. Casual Look with Brown Shoes

For a relaxed, minimalist look that can be worn on weekends, stick with the basics. Opt for a white t-shirt, black pants and classy tan shoes.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 2


#3. Ryan Gosling Style – Brown Shoes and Belt

Ryan Gosling knows how to stay classy! Dress like him by wearing a pin-striped shirt, a catchy belt and understated pants. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

men outfits with brown dress shoes 3


#4. Winter Lunch Style – Brown Shoes and Jacket

Heading out for a lunch with your pals? Put on a fleece jacket, and stick to brown or green tones in order to wear your brown shoes. For ideas of some more stylish outfits and looks you can try this winter, do take a look at our collection of [highlight]Preppy Winter Outfit Ideas for Men.[/highlight]

men outfits with brown dress shoes 4


#5. Professional Office Style – Brown Shoes with Grey Outfit

Meetings can be made fun by wearing a sophisticated outfit. Keep it classy with grey and blue toned outfit, a brown satchel and matching brown shoes.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 5


#6. Business Style – Black Suit with Brown Shoes

If you are a lawyer or a businessmen, chances are you wear suits a lot. Brown dress shoes look great with suits! You can also see how sexy the white shirt looks in this outfit. For more ideas, check out the [highlight]15 Best Ways to Wear White Shirts.[/highlight]

men outfits with brown dress shoes 6

#7. Lunch Date Style

If you want to impress your girlfriend, wear a brown blazer with a light blue shirt and brown shoes to your next date. The colors look great together and help give a clean, sophisticated image.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 7


#8. Wedding Style – Do Brown Shoes Go With Black?

The answer is surely a big fat YES! Brown formal shoes look great with a dark grey or black three-piece or two-piece suit at a wedding. If you like wearing waistcoats with suits, then take a look at [highlight]18 ways to wear waistcoat for a classy look[/highlight].

men outfits with brown dress shoes 8


#9. Fall/Autumn Style

Keep it basic with a thin light gray American Eagle sweater, and match your brown shoes with a brown wristwatch.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 9


#10. Funky Style

Looking for some color? For a pop of color, wear red pants with a checked black and white shirt with your brown shoes. An outfit that is sure to turn heads!

men outfits with brown dress shoes 10

#11. Weekend Brunch Style

Weekend brunch is all about looking your best, in a casual way. So pop on a grey cotton trousers, with a matching sweater and your brown footwear. The brown shoes can be of suede material, to help give a classy feel.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 12via

#12. Boyfriend Style – Light Brown Shoes

If you’re a preppy boyfriend, with a high-class fashion sense – then pair an emerald green sweater, faded jeans and brown loafers or dress shoes and you’re good to go!

men outfits with brown dress shoes 13



#13. Italian Style

Italians are some of the most fashionable people alive! Copy their style by wrapping a brown cotton scarf. Pair this with a black leather jacket and faded brown shoes for a sexy look.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 15


#14. College Style

College wardrobe is all about practical looks. Brown shoes are great because they go with a lot of different clothes. One perfect outfit is a maroon t-shirt or sweater with navy blue trousers.

men outfits with brown dress shoes 16

 #15. Classy Style – Brown Shoes with Blue Outfit

Want to make an impression with the ladies? Pop on your aviators, a well-tailored suit and your favourite buckled brown shoes!
men outfits with brown dress shoes

#16. Color Co-Ordinated Style – Brown Shoes Brown Outfit

men outfits with brown dress shoes 17


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