18 Winter Travel Outfit Ideas For Men with Packing List

Winter Travel Outfit Ideas – Struggling with traveling preparations? Well, you are in the right place! This post is for all who are having trouble packing and deciding which outfits to pack for your upcoming winter trip. When it comes to traveling, women are known to have a bigger wardrobe and variety of outfits to take along than men but that is not true. Men no longer have to wear the same old boring clothes throughout their trip.

What to Wear For Travel in Winters

Styling Tips

  • Keep a pair of converses for times the temperature gets a bit high during your travel.
  • Mufflers and scarves are mandatory for modern travel attire.
  • Never forget a pair of dark classic boots for travelling.
  • Gloves are super necessary as the temperature keeps fluctuating between a bit chilly and unbearable cold.
  • Polarized shades will complete every daytime look for you.
  • Avoid unnecessary heavy and bundled clothing items. A bomber jacket or leather jacket will be enough for a short trip.
  • Keep the reason for your travel in mind while packing your bags.

↓ 18 – Semi-Formal

Layering seems a perfect idea during fall but it becomes a bit tricky when you have to keep it a little formal. Earthy tones will help you keep it subtle even during your travel days. Let’s say you have to attend a daytime party, navy and charcoal both are your best shades in that scenario. A classic fitted coat over your plain collar shirt and sweater will be enough to kill the fall vibe. If you’re travelling to attend a wedding function then you should also check out our earlier post on Semi-Formal Wedding Attire For Men.

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↓ 17 – Athleisure-Inspired Look

Converse shoes are mandatory for an appropriate travel-style athleisure look. A sporty hood, sweatshirt, and sweatpants will give you a comfy and catchy look in the town. You can opt for denim pants for a change. Go for classic shades with this combo to have a complete look.


↓ 16 – Long Coats

Long coats look super classy and are trending this season. The best part about them is that they can be worn for any purpose. Whether you are running errands or attending a casual party, this outfit will work everywhere and make you look extremely handsome. Here are some more inspiring Outfits To Wear Long Coats.

Travel Style Tips3

If you want to experiment with your travel look, you can also opt for an oversized camel-colored or graphite coat. Wear it with loose, folded at the ends, trousers. You can also try khakis if you are a fan of it. This look is a bit tricky, however, confidence is the key to the best styling.

↓ 15 – Hoodies

What’s better than a hoodie to achieve a casual and cool look? With a minimum effort, you can make your outfit look super stylish. For more ideas, check out these 18 Tips On What to Wear for Business Casual.

Travel Style Tips4


You can also try out unique and sharp colors to complete your look. Wear a big bright hoodie with a printed coat in some dark shade to keep it subtle yet stylish. Wear some trendy joggers or you can also opt for boots.


↓ 14 – Turtle Neck

Travel Style Tips5

↓ 13 – Funky Style

↓ 12 – Mid Length Coat

You can wear a knee-length coat if you are travelling officially. Wear it with a collared shirt; gingham prints will rock the look or simply a plain high-neck sweater underneath. Since you want to keep it sort of formal, go for cotton slacks and moccasins to compliment this type of couture.

Travel Style Tips7

↓ 11 – Beanies, Khakis and Denim

Travel Style Tips8


↓ 10 – Traveling For Work And Meetings

For business meetings, you need to choose an outfit that gives a good impression. Hence, it should be formal and fashionable at the same time. For that, you need not necessarily wear a full suit. You can create your look by pairing a dark-coloured coat or blazer with a white shirt and pants. To further enhance your outfit and make it look more formal you can also add a tie.

Embellishments certainly spice up the whole look. You can add a brooch to your blazer or adjust an enchanting handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket. This will add to your style statement and differentiate your look from others. Here are some Summer Travelling Outfit Ideas for Men.

Travel Style Tips9

↓ 9 – For A Sophisticated Look

How to look super sophisticated while travelling during the fall? Well, the answer to your question is a three-piece suit which includes a fleece coat, a waistcoat, and a collared shirt. Dark wash denim or simple plain pants will work with your sophisticated combo. Keep your shoes formal and classy like derbies or oxfords.

Travel Style Tips10


↓ 8 – Airport Look

When going out in slightly chilly weather, you can wear any shirt with rolled-up sleeves, pants and a belt that goes with it to look sophisticated and classy. This outfit can be worn for any professional meeting, formal dinner or even if you are casually hanging out with friends. You can opt for this attire while roaming through the roads during the daytime as well. Sunglasses and wristwatch for a daytime classy look. Pants could be denim as well as cotton since you can wear a plain white shirt with any type of slim-cut pants.

Travel Style Tips11

↓ 7 – Layer It Up

Winter season is the best time to play with different textures and layers because you always need to stay warm. You can layer cardigans over shirts, jackets over jackets however you like. This will make you look super cool and help you stand out!

Travel Style Tips12

↓ 6 – Bomber Jackets

While travelling all day long and sightseeing, in particular, you would prefer something soft and cozy, hence, you can wear a bomber over your sweaters, tees, or even sweatshirts as they go very well with any of it. Converse shoes look best with a bomber jacket, however, dark boots with bright jackets are the trendiest among all. Here are some of the best Outfits with Bomber Jackets.

Travel Style Tips13

↓ 5 – Experiment With Different Prints

Prints can instantly turn your boring outfit into something completely fresh and trendy. You can go all retro with this polka dotted shirt with jeans and a coat for a semi-formal look. Furthermore, you can also wear a muffler to enhance the retro style and keep it cozy concerning the weather. African prints can also look stylish if you are planning to travel around in cultural clothes.

Travel Style Tips14

↓ 4 – Matching Outfit

To achieve a modern and sophisticated look, why not go for a single colored outfit rather than combinations? Such as this grey turtle neck paired with a grey overcoat and matching pants. It looks extremely unique and classy. If you feel the need to add a contrasting color you can pair a different toned muffler with it.

Travel Style Tips15

↓ 3 – Add A Scarf

Little additions to your outfit can change the entire look. Such as the addition of a muffler in this outfit. You can do so too by pairing your favorite muffler with absolutely any kind of shirt, coat or jacket. It works great for both casual and formal looks. Here are some more Guys Outfits with Scarves.

Travel Style Tips16

↓ 2 – Jackets

Travel Style Tips17

↓ 1 – Celebrity-Inspired Travel Style

How amazing does David Beckham look in this outfit? You cannot deny he has a flawless sense of fashion. Creating a look like this is very simple. Get your hands on a similar white collared cardigan and wear it over a simple white shirt and casual blue jeans. To add extra style, you can choose a pair of brown boots to go with it.

Travel Style Tips18

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