Outfits with Scarves – 43 Ways for Men to Wear a Scarf

Outfits with Scarves For Men. When it comes to accessories for men, it can always get a little bit tricky. Scarves can add an extra element and color to your otherwise bland outfit. Be it a thick wool scarf for a chilly workday or a light-weight cotton scarf for the summers to protect your neck from the sun, it is, indeed, a perfect accessory. Styling scarves can be tricky. What kind of scarf to choose? What color? How to tie the thing so it doesn’t go too over the top?

With these 26 amazing ideas of how to style your scarf, we have it all sorted out. Take a look.

How To Wear A Scarf For Guys

Now let’s move on to the different ways to wear a scarf:

↓ 44 – What are the Different Ways To Tie a Men’s Scarf

Scarfs have proven to be one of the best accessories men could own along with ties and watches. You can drape a scarf and your neck and it will look good with anything and everything. Well, almost everything.

But you can always add an extra oomph to your outfit with how you tie your scarf around your neck. There are a couple of ways how you can experiment with the knots on your scarf. Like the Classic, the Parisian, and the all-around knots.

Also, since flannel and scarves go hand in hand, do have a look at these 30 Ideas How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men Stylishly.

↓ Step by Step Video Tutorial To Tie a Scarf

Here’s a great video tutorial to help you master some of these techniques:

↓ 43 – The Fake Knot

The fake knot is one of the simpler knots. Drape the scarf over your neck and loop over one end over the other end. Tuck in just enough so its peeking from behind the lapels. There you have it.


↓ 42 –  What Scarf to Wear with Denim Jacket

A scarf is not worn with formals necessarily. You can pair it up with the simpler outfits with denim. Drape a plain or checkered scarf into a loop over a denim jacket and rock that scarf look.


↓ 41 – Styling Striped Scarves

Stripes can be tricky to pair accessories with. A scarf is your best friend at such times. Tie a lightly printed cotton scarf around your neck to give that ‘cool’ finish to the look.


↓ 40 – Sweaters with Scarves

Accessorize your sweaters with a variety of scarves. Choose a dark-colored wool scarf over light sweaters and let the scarf make a statement. Here’s our collection of the best Sweater outfits for men.

↓ 39 – Plaid

Plaid scarves are the best choice to b worn with plain sweaters/t-shirts. Play around the colors of the scarf and tie or drape it the way you want to.


↓ 38 – Coat Casual

Ditch your tie for the day and let a tan woolen scarf do the talking. Pair your accessories with your favourite coat and go to work in style. Check out these 20 Ways to Wear a Peacoats for Guys.


↓ 37 –  How to Wear a Scarf with a Leather Jacket

Give your typical bad boy look a twist with draping a checkered or a plain scarf in the all-around style. The scarf is going to add a uniqueness to your casual leather jacket look.

↓ 36 –  Patterned

Over the ages, patterned scarves have labeled as an article of women’s wardrobe. But it has changed now and you can get the look. Tie a patterned scarf over your usually bland outfit to turn it into a stylish one.


↓ 35 – All-Around

All-around style is the easiest way to wrap a scarf around your neck to keep warm. All you have to do is follow the steps, start from the drape, leaving plenty of extra length on the longer side. Then, wrap the longer side around your neck a couple of times, so that the end hangs down your back. Throw the other end over your shoulder and you can stop here if you like, or go ahead and tuck the ends in. 

↓ 34 – T-shirt

Ah, pondering over the decision of twisting up your casual style/ Add a scarf to your outfit. Choose a light-weight or bordered scarf over your favourite shirt and you’re good to go. Who knew scarves and t-shirts can be a good combination, right.


↓ 33 – Hoodie

Want to keep the chill out and look uber cool at the same time while wearing a hoodie/ Tie a thick wool scarf in a slip knot and you have that stylish outdoor look in a few moments. Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and bring the ends over the loop. Easy. Here are 30 Ways for Guys to Wear a Hoodie Stylishly.

↓ 32 –  Blazer

Formals, semi-formals and scarves go hand in hand. Especially with casual blazers. Wrap a narrow scarf around your neck and let it peek from behind the lapels of th blazer. You have a perfect Autumn noon outfit ready in minutes.


↓ 31 – Business casual

Ties are not the only accessories you can pair with your business casual attire. Wrap a scarf around your neck in a double knot style. The scarf adds extra oomph to your otherwise bland business casual attire.


↓ 30 –  All black

Absolutely nothing can go wrong with pulling off an all-black outfit look. Accessorize your plain black outfit with a light-weight wool scarf to take your style game up a notch. You can play around with the shades of both grey and white to pair with your look. Here are 19 Ways to Match Black Shirt.


↓ 29 – Earthy Tones

You can always incorporate a dash of color to your boring outfit for work or the day in general. But why stop there? Keep your cool in any weather by draping a scarf in the shades of blue and grey to match with your tan trenchcoats or blazer jackets.

↓ 28 – Cotton

Accessorizing your summer outfit can go from simpler to overdoing it in just an article. Choose a cotton scarf to tie around your neck over your favourite t-shirt. There you go!


↓ 27 – Chunky

Chunky scarves are your best friends when you are opting for an outfit that will keep you warm for the day as well as look great. Drape a chunky wool scarf under your coat and have the look!


↓ 26 –  Blanket Scarf for Guys

A blanket scarf is basically a square piece folded in half and draped over shoulders and neck. It requires zero effort but will give your casual attire a complete twist.

↓ 25 – Pop of color

Choosing a colored scarf can be difficult. Keep the rest of your outfit monochrome to highlight the dash of color to it. You can match a red scarf with your all-black attire or a mustard wool scarf with your denim outfit.

↓ 24 – Silk

Using a silk scarf can correspond nicely with a tie or a pocket square to bring together your outfit perfectly. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck under the shirt and let it make a statement.


↓ 23 – What to wear with Printed Scarves

Printed scarves come with unlimited varieties. Pair up a light-weight printed cotton/silk scarf with your button-down shirt. Experiment with your unique look. Don’t miss out these 20 Ideas What to Wear for a Road Trip.


↓ 22 – Cardigan And Scarf for Fall

Emphasize your plain cardigan outfit with a colorful scarf around your neck. Perfect for a college day out or a winter’s evening.


↓ 21 – Suit up

A well-chosen scarf can mark you out as a guy who not only treads his own path but looks spot on doing it. Dress your suit look down with a nonchalant drape or once around or let a lightweight scarf peek out from your lapels.

↓ 20 – How to Wear Scarves with Coats

A light-weight scarf can be worn the same way as your heavy-weight ones with your blazer coats. Accessorize your look with a narrow-brimmed hat and you are the perfect gentleman.


↓ 19 – Different Scarf Styles

Choosing a scarf can be a tough deal. Using the rule of thumb, keep your outfit simple when you are opting for a printed/checkered scarf and choose a plain scarf when its the opposite.


Men Scarves Fashion Outfits. Along with a warm and cosy coat, a scarf is known as men’s best accessory. But a scarf’s purpose can be much more than protecting you from the cold. If the scarf is knotted in the perfect way it can add so much more charm to your personality.

This fun accessory can change the whole look of your winter outfit. As winter starts we all look for cozy scarves to wear. Here I have gathered all the ideas and fun styles to guide you! Check out the following tips that will not only guide you to wear scarves in a stylish way but it will also tell you about outfits that go well with scarves.

As we all know, scarves are available these days in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Here I have also gathered different ways to tie a scarf according to your personality. You should definitely give them a try.

how to wear a scarf for guys

↓ 18 – The Ascot

Ascot is the genuine classic knot for men scarf fashion. The scarf is first wrapped fairly and then knotted close to the neck. It is the fastest and easiest way to the scarf for classic men. Make sure that both ends are of the same length. Since this style looks great with a hat, I also recommend that you check out my earlier post on Men’s Outfits with Hats Different Ways to Wear Them Fashionably.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 17 – How To Wear the European Knotted Scarf

European knot is the traditional way to tie a scarf. It is simply modern. Fold the scarf in such a way that it is just the half of its original length. It is perfect for winters and windy weathers. This scarf is the perfect combination of form and function.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently

↓ 16 – Loose Knot Scarf

Lose knots look less fussy and more casual than the previously discussed ones. Just loop the scarf once and let both the ends hang equally. For this knot, it’s best to focus on bold colors and patterns.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 15 – The Once Around Look

If you are looking for an eye-catching way to wear a scarf, never tie it around your neck. This is will an effortless feel to your outfit. Simply let the scarf fall in front of your outfit. Pair it with your skinny belt. This style can be adopted with large scarves usually which come in rectangular shapes.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 14 – With Denim Jacket

To soften a casual outfit we usually add a knit scarf or a silk scarf. Pair up your Denim jacket with a Scarf to create the most awesome casual outfit of the season. Try to match the scarf with any clothing piece of your outfit. The scarf will not only add color or texture to your outfit but it will probably keep you warm on chilly days. If it’s excessively cold, you can also add a beanie to this look, so o check out our exclusive guide on How to Wear a Beanie for Guys.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 13 – Colored Or Pattern Scarf

When it comes to choosing an accessory with a scarf, the trickiest part is to get the right colored and patterned scarf. Choose to wear a patterned scarf with a black outfit. Go for once round wrap. This scarf looks really beautiful in warmer winter days.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 12 – Summer Scarf

The summer scarf is more of an accessory than a protecting material. Although scarves are winter accessories, but you can incorporate them in Summers as well. It adds elegance to your look. If you have a dull color outfit, you can go for a bright scarf to add a pop of color to your outfit. Summer scarves are usually available in cooling materials like cotton, silk, etc. You can also find a variety of colors, textures, and designs for summer scarves.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 11 – Winter Scarf

We all are familiar with the unpredictable British weather. A scarf is the fashion accessory for this tumultuous weather. Winter scarves are knitted thick and warm. They are made up of good quality of wool. These scarves also give the touch of class to your look. While selecting scarves for your winter outfit make sure you choose tastefully colored and patterned scarves. Here are some of the coolest Men Polyvore Outfits to help you build the perfect wardrobe.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 10 – How To Select Infinity  Scarf

If you know how to handle an infinity scarf to can absolutely add elegance to your look. If you have no idea about the infinity scarf, just youtube it. This perfect accessory can add interest and colors to your outfit. The addition of an infinity scarf will always elevate the look of your outfit.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 9 – Accessories With Men’s Scarves

You can wear all kinds of accessories with scarves like caps, sunglasses, wristbands and of course gadgets too.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 8 – Celebrity Style

Brad Pitt wore this scarf in World War Z and it became a huge fashion statement and since it isn’t a very heavy one, it would be ideal for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently

↓ 7  – Scarves With Leather Jackets

If you are traveling and you are not sure about the weather, you must select a cozy scarf for an unpredictable journey. Buy some neutral color scarves so that they can go with almost every outfit. A scarf is a very handy item while traveling. Here are some more Leather Jacket Outfits for Men-18 Ways to Wear Leather Jackets

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 6 – Plaid Scarves For Men

I often see people saying plaid is boring. However, I always select plaid with a pop of colors on it. I think plaid with red riding boots makes an amazing combination for this winter. Because of the neutral outfit, the red plaid is the center of attention. It gives a very stylish look to your outfit.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 5 – Scarves For Mature Men

Smaller patterns in scarves work best for men over the age of 40 and they can work for both casual and semi-formal wear.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 4 – Business Casual Scarves

Business scarves are truly versatile for any time of the year. They are made up of cooler fabrics. They can be the best casual outfits for the workplace as well.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 3 – Burberry Scarf – The Fashion Statement

Burberry is classic for both men and women wear. It stands for its contemporary style. Recently, Romeo Beckham starred as the Burberry Scarf model and brought the scarf back to its glory. I feel like this is a timeless scarf so if you can afford it, it’s surely a must-have. Their price currently starts at $390 and goes up to $960, and they can be purchased from the official Burberry website.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 2 – Scarves With All Kinds Of Outer Wear

Scarves look great with all kinds of outerwear. If you think your scarf is longer and lighter in stature then simply fold it. It will give a little more coverage to the neck. Round the scarf twice but make sure you have enough room to breathe.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently


↓ 1 – How To Wear Scarf With Suits

There are a number of ways to wear a scarf with a suit. When you are combining the scarf with a suit, go for heavy fabric. A woolen scarf can be the best choice in this case. If you are up for a formal meeting select gray color or neutral color scarf to complement other elements of your suit. It always adds a dash of class to your suit.

Men Scarves fashion -18 Tips how to wear Scarves with Outfits Differently

So now we have pretty much discussed all the ways to style a scarf. You can make a scarf outfit as much versatile as possible because it can go with any of your dressing styles.

Now we are going to share our simple tips for choosing scarves on a daily basis.

  • Plan Ahead

We all know it can get very mentally hectic for us when every day we wake up in the morning and think of what to wear. So it’s always a good idea to select the outfit and scarf a day in advance. The scarf that you choose should depend on the weather or temperature conditions. You do not want to wear a warm muffler around your neck when it is 35 degrees Celsius out there. It is not just going to make you miserably uncomfortable but it will also not look appropriate. Ever seen people wearing half sleeves t-shirts on a chilly day? Yes, that is how you can look if you do not choose the right scarf for the right day.


  • The Right Combo

It’s good to select your outfit first because then you can find the right scarf that complements it. I highly discourage going for exact color matching as it just never works. So either go for contrasting color or any complementing one.


  • The Right Knot

If you are going for an informal knot then, make sure you are wearing the right clothes for it and it would not turn out to be a mismatch. The same concept should be applied for the formal knots too, as having an informal scarf style is not going to end up good for your formal wear and can seem to be pretty irrelevant. If you are going for a heavier outfit like jackets and overcoats then go for muffler knots that cover your neck to some extent and adapt that style.

Vice versa, if you are going for a lighter outfit with tropical weather tees and shirts, then you just roll the scarf around the shoulders and that might do you good for the informal events. But the right knot is always going to give you the right look that you would want to have and make sure you are there to carry it.


  • The Right Material

You don’t want to look like a wrapped up polar bear. So never go overboard. If you’re wearing the scarf under your coat then go for lighter and breathable materials that won’t end up suffocating you, but at the same time, they also need to be thick enough to keep you warm and comfortable. And well, let’s be honest, most of us men don’t know the different types of fabrics. I mean up till a few years back, I wouldn’t have been able to tell cotton from cashmere. If that’s the case with you too then try learning by trying to get the feel of the fabric. You’ll realize that while wool is warm, it is also usually an itchy fabric so it can leave a rash if you have sensitive skin. Similarly, Cashmere feels incredibly soft on touching while silk feels luxurious, you feel the fabric before buying it and even if you can’t identify the material, you can always decide to not buy one that feels uncomfortable on touch.

  • Choose The Right Size

Normal wear scarfs should neither be too short, nor too long. Scarfs come in unusual sizes and lengths, it all depends on how you wear it and transform its style. As a rule of thumb, it’s best that when you knot your scarf, it should be somewhere between your chest and your waistline.

  • Do not Wear it Everyday

Yes, while we all love scarves, they are simply not the sort of accessory that you should wear every day or with every outfit. Moreover, when you wear them occasionally, they stand out more.

  • Avoid Going For The Trends

Don’t buy a scarf just because it’s trendy, instead, choose one that is timeless. Because scarves aren’t something that you buy every day, moreover, we always discourage hoarding so one should buy smartly and choose quality over quantity. So invest in good quality scarves and in colors or patterns that you can wear for at least a couple of years.

  • It’s Okay To Be Adventurous Sometimes

While it’s essential to have some neutral scarves in your wardrobe, it’s okay to occasionally want to dress things up (or even every day). So have 2 to 3 brightly colored scarves in your closet so that you can brighten up the dull outfits and the dull days. As you can see here, they can even work with denim jackets.

how to wear scarf for men


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Men Wear Scarves?

A. Well, why can’t they? They look extremely sexy on guys so what other reason would you want? Moreover, these days we see some of the most stylish celebrities like David Beckham rocking their scarves which gives us all the more reasons to wear one! Here’s the best collection of David Beckham Casual Outfit Styles.

Q. What Can You Wear With a Scarf?

A. Scarves won’t just protect you from the cold but they’ll also make you look great if you wear them the right way. Here are some clothing items that men can wear with a scarf:

  • Wear a sophisticated style knot or drape style scarf with a suit.
  • Casual and street style clothing can be paired with the jet-setter scarf knot that is also known as the once around style.
  • Tuck it in your coat or jacket in the cold weather.
  • Read on to see a complete list of 26 different outfits to wear with scarves.

Q. When is it Appropriate to Wear a Scarf?

A. They can be pretty much worn in any season but they’re definitely most popular in Fall and Spring.

Q. What Do Girls Think of a Guy Wearing a Scarf?

A. This is often a concern for younger boys who want to wear a scarf for the first time. Well, according to our research and surveys, the majority of girls like boys who wear scarves and feel that it shows their sophisticated sense of style and fashion.

Q. Can You Wear a Scarf in Summers?

A. Of course, you can! Wearing scarves in summers is pretty common these days but you obviously have to go for lighter and more breathable fabrics instead of knitted ones. For example, you could go for lightweight cotton scarves in the hot weather and pair it with a tee and shorts.

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