Guys Outfits with Scarves – 26 Ways to Wear a Scarf for Men

Outfits with Scarves For Men. When it comes to accessories for men, it can always get a little bit tricky. Scarves can add an extra element and color to your otherwise bland outfit. Be it a thick wool scarf for a chilly workday or a light-weight cotton scarf for the summers to protect your neck from the sun, it is, indeed, a perfect accessory. Styling scarves can be tricky. What kind of scarf to choose? What color? How to tie the thing so it doesn’t go too over the top?

With these 26 amazing ideas of how to style your scarf, we have it all sorted out. Take a look.

How To Wear A Scarf For Guys

We’ll start by answering some of the most often asked questions regarding men’s scarves:

Can Men Wear Scarves?

Well, why can’t they? They look extremely sexy on guys so what other reason would you want? Moreover, these days we see some of the most stylish celebrities like David Beckham rocking their scarves which gives us all the more reasons to wear one! Here’s the best collection of David Beckham Casual Outfit Styles.

What Can You Wear With a Scarf?

Scarves won’t just protect you from the cold but they’ll also make you look great if you wear them the right way. Here are some clothing items that men can wear with a scarf:

  • Wear a sophisticated style knot or drape style scarf with a suit.
  • Casual and street style clothing can be paired with the jet-setter scarf knot that is also known as the once around style.
  • Tuck it in your coat or jacket in the cold weather.
  • Read on to see a complete list of 26 different outfits to wear with scarves.

When is it Appropriate to Wear a Scarf?

They can be pretty much worn in any season but they’re definitely most popular in Fall and Spring.

What Do Girls Think of a Guy Wearing a Scarf?

This is often a concern for younger boys who want to wear a scarf for the first time. Well, according to our research and surveys, majority of the girls like boys who wear scarves and feel that it shows their sophisticated sense of style and fashion.

Can You Wear a Scarf in Summers?

Of course, you can! Wearing scarves in summers is pretty common these days but you obviously have to go for lighter and more breathable fabrics instead of knitted ones. For example, you could go for lightweight cotton scarves in the hot weather and pair it with a tee and shorts.

Now let’s move on to the different ways to wear a scarf:

↓ 26 – What are the Different Ways To Tie a Men’s Scarf

Scarfs have proven t b ne f th best accssories mn could own along with ties and watches. You can drape a scaf and youur nck and t will look good with anything and verything. Well, almst everything. But you can always add an extra oomph to your outfit with how you tie your scaf aond your neck. There are a coupl of ways how yuo can experiment with the knots n your scarf. Like the Classic, the Parisian and the all-around knots. Also have a look at these 30 Ideas How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men Stylishly.


↓ Step by Step Video Tutorial To Tie a Scarf

Here’s a great video tutorial to help you master some of these techniques:

↓ 25 – The Fake Knot

The fake knot is one of the simpler knots. Drape the scarf ver your nck and loop over one end over the ither end. tuck in just enugh so its peeking frrom behind the lapels. There you have it.


↓ 24 –  What Scarf to Wear with Denim Jacket

A scarf is not worn with formals necessarily. You can pair it up with the simpler outfits with denim. Drape a plain or checkered scarf into a looop over a denim jacket and rock that scarf look.


↓ 23 – Styling Striped Scarves

Stripes can be trricky yo pair accesories with. A scarf is your best friend in such times. Tie a lightly printed cotton scarf around your neck to give that ‘cool’ finish to the look.


↓ 22 – Sweaters with Scarves

Accessorize your sweaters with a variety of scarves. Choose a dark colored wool scarf over light sweaters and let the scarf make a statement.


↓ 21 – Plaid

Plaid scarves ae the best choice to b worn with plain sweaters/t-shirts. Play around the colors of th scarf you and tie or drape it the way you want to.


↓ 20 – Coat Casual

Ditch yourr tie for the day and let a tan woolen scaf do the talking. Pair your accessory ith your favourite coat and go to work in style. Check out these 20 Ways to Wear a Peacoats for Guys.


↓ 19 –  How to Wear Scarf with a Leather Jacket

Give your typical badboy look a twist with draping a checkered or a plain scarf in the all-around style. The scarf is going to add a uniqueness to your casual leather jacket look.


↓ 18 –  Patterned

Over the ages, patterned scaves have labeled as an article of women’s wardrobe. But it has changed now and you can get the look. Tie a patterned scarf over your usually bland outfit to turn it into a stylish one.


↓ 17 – All Around

All-around style is the easiest way to wrap a scarf around your neck to keep the chill out. All you have to do is follow the steps, start from the drape, leaving plenty of extra length on the longer side. Then, wrap the longer side around your neck a couple of times, so that the end hangs down your back. Throw the other end over your shoulder and you can stop here if you like, or go ahead and tuck the ends in. 


↓ 16 – T-shirt

Ah, pondering over the decision of twisting up your casual style/ Add a scarf to your outfit. Choose a light-weight or bordered scarf over your favourite shirt and you’re good to go. Who knew scarves and t-shirts can be a good combination, right.


↓ 15 – Hoodie

Want to keep the chill out and look uber cool at the same time while wearing a hoodie/ Tie a thick wool scarf in a slip knot and you have that stylish outdoor look in a few moments. Fold the scarf in half, rap it around your neck and bring the ends over the loop. Easy. Here are 30 Ways for Guys to Wear a Hoodie Stylishly.


↓ 14 –  Blazer

Formals, semi-formals and scaves go hand in hand. Especially with casual blazers. Wrap a narrow scarf around your neck and let it peek from behind the lapels of th blazer. You have a perfect Autumn noon outfit ready in minutes.


↓ 13 – Business casual

Ties are not the only accesories you can pair with your business casual attire. Wrap a scarf arrnd your neck in a double knot style. The scarf adds extra oomph to your otherwise bland business casual attire.


↓ 12 –  All black

Abslutely nothing can go wrong with plling an all-black outfit look. Accssorize your plain black outfit with a light-weight wool scarf wo take your style game up a notch. You can play around with the shades of both grey and white to pair with your look. Here are 19 Ways to Match Black Shirt.


↓ 11 – Earthy Tones

You can always incorporate a dash of color to your boring outfit for work or the day in general. But why stop there? Keep your cool in any weather with draping a scarf in the sahdes of blue and grey to match with your tan trenchcoats or blazer jackets.


↓ 10 – Cotton

Accessorizing your summer outfit can go from simpler to overdoing it in just an article. Choose a cotton scarf to tie around your neck over your favourite t-shirt. There you go!


↓ 9 – Chunky

Chunky scarves are your bestfriends when you are opting for an outfit that will keep you warm for the day as well as look great. Drape a chunky wool scarf under your coat anad have the look!


↓ 8 –  Blanket Scarf for Guys

A blanket scarf is basically a square piece folded in half and draped over shoulders and neck. It requires zero effort but will give your casual attire a complete twist.


↓ 7 – Pop of color

Choosing a colored scarf can be difficult. Keep the rest of your outfit monochrome to highlight the dash of color to it. You can match a red scarf with your all-black attire or a mustard wool scarf with your denim outfit.


↓ 6 – Silk

Using a silk scarf can correspond nicely with a tie or a pocket square to bring together your outfit perfectly. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck under the shirt and let it make a statement.


↓ 5 – Printed

Printed scarves come with unlimited varieties. Pair up a light-weight printed cotton/silk scarf with your button-down shirt. Experiment with your unique look. Don’t miss out these 20 Ideas What to Wear for a Road Trip


↓ 4 – Cardigan And Scarf for Fall

Emphasize your plain cardigan outfit with a colorful scarf around your neck. Perfect for a college day out or a winter’s evening.


↓ 3 – Suit up

A well-chosen scarf can mark you out as a guy who not only treads his own path but looks spot on doing it. Dress your suit look down with a nonchalant drape or once around or let a lightweight scarf peek out from your lapels.


↓ 2 – Coats

A light-weight scarf can be worn the same way as your heavy-weight ones with your blazer coats. Accessorize your look with a narrow-brimmed hat and you are the perfect gentleman.


↓ 1 – Styles

Choosing a scarf can be a tough deal. Using the rule of thumb, keep your outfit simple when you are opting for a printed/checkered scarf and choose a plain scarf when its the opposite.


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