15 Men Outfits with Hats with Styling Tips

Men Outfits with Hats – Hats are adored by all groups of human age, whether young or old. To me, a hat is an accessory for both men and women that completes the look of an outfit. I believe it’s miserable that hats are not as popular in this era as in the past.

Today, designers have initiated and redesigned/redone hats classically and stylishly; therefore, hats are becoming a hot new accessory for men.

How to Style Hats

How Men Should Wear Hats (1)

How to Pick the Right Hat

  1. Put a detailed focus on your outfit style after that go for a hat that will perfectly go with it, basically that you pick should compliment your outfit.
  2. A hat should fit your head, it should neither be too big or too small. This is now and then troublesome in light of the fact that most of the time hats come in different sizes, shades, and styles instead of varying the head sizes. Look for a hat store and take in your size.
  3. Hats reflect your personality, therefore, select a hat that is part of your style statement. Great hat out of step with your outfit, in both style and fashion, is a style misstep.
  4. One of the most important thing that one should know while picking up a hat is that to know about the shape of the face because hat that looks great on one person, could make a terrible look of another person.
  5. Finally, it’s normally best to keep the shading and the tone of the hat steady with your outfit. Similarly, as a wrong shading sock, tie, or shoe can occupy, so same it the case with the hat.

What are the Different Types of Hat

As the years go by men’s sense of styling is getting better. They are becoming more fashionable and even have more know-how about how to stay in style and fashionable. Exploring in different ways regarding new looks and styles, there has been a gigantic blast in the accessories market.

Hats are an extraordinary approach to switch up a look, adding to your outfit to make you look more brilliant or more easygoing as you long. There is an enormous variety of hats styles accessible available in the markets.

Some of the hat styles are :

Beanie Baseball Hat

Fedora Hat

Boater Hats

Panama Hat

Bowler Hat

Walker Hat


Fez Hat

Flat Hat

# 15- Fedora and Panama Hat

The more formal the dress, the more formal that hat should be. There is a versatile range of formal hats that includes Panama Hat and Fedora Hat.

If you feel like staying in style and have a look of gentlemen, the traditional gray Fedora with the white band is going to make a genuine formal look and if you pair it with Oxfords as  42 years old Leonardo DiCaprio is exhibiting in the picture below with a grey tone suit with a maroon coloured textured tie.

# 14- For Men with Short Heights

Never question what an awesome hat can accomplish for extending your outline. Adding a good amount of height to your figure in a basic yet powerful way, an incredible hat like Huge Fedora Hat, Fez Hat,Top Hat etc.

Extend your current tallness. As you can see in the picture, Prince Philip is 6 feet tall, but the Top Hat that he chose for the royal event adds more tallness to his height. Have a look at Short Height Guys Fashion-20 Outfits for Short Men to Look Tall

# 13- Winter Wear

Most of you must have heard the old myth that most of our body heat is lost through our head. I don’t know how much of this is true, but we all know that in the winter season, to stay warm, we have to wear a hat.

The most popular winter hats include beanies made of Sheep wool, Baseball cap, Cable knit, and Fedoras.

# 12- Baseball Hat for Sporty Look

The most popular for sporty outfits are baseball caps. As you see in the pictures below this hat go very well with all the casual wear sporty outfit.

For Golf players, this hat very well compliments the overall look of the Golfers similar the case is with Baseball players and its audience. RECOMMENDED: How to Style Adidas Superstar Men

# 11- For Long Hair and Beard

Johnny Dept, in his film The Pirates of the Caribbean, wore the Tricorne Hat, which was one of the key parts of it. It was a black Tricorne with faded leather, but it still served Jack well in keep up the style statement in the film with the beard. He did accessorize it well with the belts, jewels, and hairstyle.

# 10- Masculine Beanie

Idris Elba, one of the actors in Hollywood, is carrying himself with a cool look with a maroon beanie, teamed colour coat, and bright orange-colored trainers. He played around with the colors quite smartly which made his casual look a cool one.

# 9- For Funerals

Homburg Hat and Royal Hat are the most suitable hats for attending the funeral ceremony. But make sure that you go for the entire attire in a dark tone that will give a more classy and decent look. RECOMMENDED: What to Wear to a Funeral

# 8-  How to Choose Men’s Hats for Different Face Shapes

Picking a hat that doesn’t suit your face will destroy your entire look, therefore, it is very important that one should know the shape of the face. The pictures below show which hat will suit the face shape and look great.




# 7- Smart Casual Look

Will smith at work during a tough routine but keeps his casual looks well with a gray color flat hat complimenting with the black hood, straight plain pants and lastly finishes his complete gentlemen look with black boat shoes.

In the second picture, he wore the same shade of beanie and joggers. That’s what made him look quite an energetic, strong, and masculine individual. Here are 20 Best Men’s Spring Casual Outfits

# 6- For Parties

Robert Downey Jr. is on top in the box office, he rules the red carpet with his textured cream-toned Flat hat, plain white suit sparkly golden shirt, and sneakers. The picture below is present so that you can make this stylish look your own look. Here are 21 Most Popular Swag Hairstyles

# 5-Summer Date Outfit

Celebrity Adam Brody, in the summer season with his wife Leighton Meester, are taking their dogs on a walk. He had dressed up so light as it is the basic need of summer season to wear those clothes through which air can pass through.

Shouts with a sleeves shirt, flip flops, and lastly, complementing the whole outfit with the green baseball hat with a shade.

# 4- Raccoon Tail Hat

Singer Usher is wearing a Raccoon Tail Hat with a Navaho print jacket and tan trousers. Anyone interested in Raccoon Tail then they can follow the styling of Usher as it turns out to be a cool look but remember these Raccoon Tail Hat are made up a fur therefore designed only for the winter season.

# 3- Hat with Jeans

Singer Usher, though he has put on the blue color tone jeans material shirt and jacket but making his look into a rock one by wearing a Brixton fedora, pocket square, and rugged boots. Check out Men Ripped Jeans Outfits


# 2- Boater Hat

Boaters Hat is a very good pick for the summer season because the air will pass through it, and it will keep the temperature down of the head. The models in both pictures are dress up very nicely with the lighter shades of clothing color.

The looks they have adapted is casual and formal. The formal look comes from the selection of the shoes that are Borges and Loafers, respectively.

# 1- Hats and Outfit Ideas for Weddings

Panama and Fedora hats at weddings give you a perfect look with a suit. But make sure that you go with the same tone of colors for both the hat and the suit. The Cowboy hats also work well for the guests in the wedding.

In Asian culture, the hat is named Turban, which the groom wears during his marriage.

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