What to Wear for Holi ? 17 Outfit Ideas for Men

Holi outfits for men: With December slowly giving way to January, and the cold winds gradually shaking up the sleeping trees, the air, even though faintly, but surely is getting fragrant with the fresh smell of spring.

The days of relentless teeth-chattering and harsh cold are coming to their happy end and the festive season is knocking on our doors. So what are you waiting for? This is the time to start prepping for everyone’s favorite festival – Holi.

This joyous festival is all about dance, masti, and splashes of color. Raid your wardrobe, and free your calendar for some awesome holi parties. And if you still haven’t figured out what to wear at that pool holi party, don’t worry we’ve got your back.

What to Wear on Holi ?

best holi outfits for men

Styling Tips

  • If you are attending a Holi pool party, dress accordingly. Cotton shorts, loafers with a casual t-shirt is a fun option for a pool party. Don’t forget to wear your swin trunks.
  • Keep it simple and casual. You can get some inspiration from these casual outfits for men.
  • Holi is a festival of color and is played with colors, so avoid wearing anything too expensive or something that is your favorite since you risk getting them all stained with colours.
  • Wear something comfortable and airy. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or too stiff in your outfit while playing Holi.
  • Holi is often times played with water so wear something lightweight that dries quickly and avoid catching a cold.
  • Keep it laid back and informal unless you are attending a formal party.

Look Book

17. Casual

A casual graphic tee is just the right amount of fun and sexy. Opt for funky graphic tees with fun slogans like ‘Rang Barse’ or colorful prints against neutral notes. Light tones like white, beige, and cream with colorful graphic prints can be a great option for holi. It will not only look super stylish but will also allow the holi colors to be visible in all their glory.

holi outfits for men

16. Holi Kurta Pajama

Festivals are the best time to flaunt your traditions and what better occasion to wear an all-white kurta pajama than on Holi. This Holi, dress up in a classic white kurta-pajama and turn heads. Stylish, elegant, and formal, this outfit is perfect for a day holi party or even for an evening get-together with friends.


15. Asymmetric Kurta

If you are in search of something trendy, contemporary yet fun. Then we have something exciting for you. Asymmetric kurta is the up-and-coming trend in the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion. A fresh silhouette with a dramatic cut, asymmetric kurta grabs all the attention without making noise. Pair it with your trusty jeans and look dapper this holi. Here are some of our favorite kurta pajama styles for men.

holi outfits for men

14. Wearing White on Holi

The trend of wearing white on Holi started years ago thanks to Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Rang Barse’ and was carried on by Akshay Kumar much later in “let’s play Holi’. This classy trend is still very much in fashion thus a white shirt is one of the staple options for the festival of holi. Easy breezy and laid back, a white shirt has a sense of style with a whiff of casual fun to it.


13. Short Kurta

If you don’t want to go full traditional with a kurta pajama Holi outfit or completely casual with a graphic tee then you can find a happy balance between the two and opt for a short kurta as your holi outfit. A contemporary option, the short kurta is super versatile and goes well with both slacks and blue jeans. Pair it according to the time and theme of the event and look super handsome this holi.

holi outfits for men

12. All White for the Win

A white shirt paired with white shorts simply screams holi. Ideal for the spring weather, this effortlessly sporty ensemble is an out-and-out perfect option for those daytime holi celebrations. Keep it casual and accessories with cool sunglasses, a wristwatch, and flaunt this ever-so sexy outfit at your next Holi Party. Here are some more stylish ways of wearing a white shirt.


11. Simple Holi Outfit to Wear at Home

If you don’t want to do the predictable white this holi, then you can also opt for a cool and casual outfit. Pick out your favorite tee and pair it with your trusty pair of blue jeans and voila, you are all set for the day. If you want to jazz up this outfit, go for a polo neck t-shirt instead of the casual v neck.


10. Indo-Western Charm

Nothing beats the charm of a well-done indo-western outfit. Fun, casual yet party-appropriate, an indo-western outfit is the quintessential festive outfit. So bring out the desi charm in a fashionable indo-western fit and woo everyone this holi! Pair it with sporty shoes to keep the look cool and casual.

holi outfits for men

9. Nehru Jacket

Holi marks the beginning of spring and the end of cold harsh winters. With summers still at bay, the weather during the holi festival can still be a little chilly. The best way to keep yourself warm is by adding another layer of Nehru jacket to your outfit. This will ensure you don’t catch a cold while enjoying bhang and pichkari and also look traditionally dapper. Pick out the jacket in a bold shade, paired with a monotone kurta pajama, and stand out from the crowd.

nehru jacket outfit

8. Bomber Jacket

For all our fashion-forward lads, a bomber jacket with a funky print or in a bold shade is your best bet to shine this holi. Pair it with a striped t-shirt, contrasting chinos, sporty shoes, and be ready to bask in the limelight with your stylish and influencer-approved outfit.


7. T-shirt and Bandana

Who said bandanas are just for girls? For the festival of color, add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit with a trendy bandana in interesting, colorful patterns and stand out from the crowd. An effortless yet effective way to take a boring outfit to the next level, bandanas paired with a casual t-shirt are a win-win outfit for this festive season. Wear it as a scarf or as a head accessory, when it comes to styling this versatile piece, the options are endless.


6. Traditional Dhoti

The traditional dhoti outfit is sure to win you all the brownie points from your mom. Flawlessly perfect for the holi poojan, dhoti is traditional, regal and an outfit only a few can sport. And we are sure if there is anyone who can effortlessly rock this outfit, then it’s you. Pair it with a matching jacket to add that oomph to your outfit.

holi outfits for men

5. Tie-dye

Match the holi vibe with the trendy tie-dye print. Don a tie-dye printed lounge set and make some noise this holi, or if you want to keep it simple, you can also opt for a tie-dye t-shirt and look dapper at the holi parties. This super stylish and trendy look is sure to raise the hotness meter, no matter how you choose to wear it.

Tie dye holi outfit for men

4. Vibrant Set

What better time to bring your outfits in vibrant shades and colorful prints out than holi? Rock this festive season with an uber-cool shorts set in a vibrant, tropical print, and celebrate this festival of color with your friends and family in style.

holi outfits for men

3. Bandhgala Kurta

Dress it up with a regal bandhgala and steal all the limelight. This supremely royal outfit will make you feel nothing less than a nawab and when it comes to festivals, it is absolutely necessary to look and feel like a royal prince. Don a bandhgala in an off-white or pastel tone to keep up with the tradition of wearing white on holi. Here are the latest designs of embroidered kurtas for men.

Bandhgala holi outfit for men

2. Printed Shirt

White is not the only dress code for this holi, be the center of attention and stand out from the crowd with a lively printed shirt. Pair it with funky accessories or dress it up with contrasting slacks, when it comes to styling a printed shirt, the options are endless.

holi outfits for men

1. Cotton Kurta with Jeans

A classic option that has stood the test of time is the cotton kurta paired with jeans. A fun, laid-back option cotton kurta paired with your trusty jeans is one outfit that you can never go wrong with. Accessorize it with traditional loafers, shades, and a silver bracelet and you are all set for a relaxed, casual holi party.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it okay to wear black on holi?

A. Since holi is played during the day, lighter and brighter tones would work best. But if you want to protect yourself from the splash of colors you can opt for darker shades or even don a black outfit. A fashionable outfit in black will not only stand apart from the rest of the crowd but will also help minimize the visual effect of holi colors to some extent. Here are some amazing all black outfits for men.

Q. Why do people wear white on holi?

A. White is the symbol of truth, and since holi is about the victory of truth over evil, white is considered to be an auspicious color choice to wear on holi. Another reason why people love to wear white is that the splash of vibrant color shines more on white.

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