20 Semi Formal Wedding Attire For Men

Semi-Formal Attire For Wedding. A semi-formal attire is the most versatile and appropriate dress code for weddings compared to formal and casual attire. A range of factors come into debate about what to wear or not under this consideration.

 For ease, we have solved the confusion by presenting different semi-formal attire ideas for weddings. You can get many ideas from this collection, such as how to wear semi-formal to a wedding.

Men’s Guide to Wearing Semi-Formal Dress

#20- Solid Neutral Color Shirts

Select a neutral white, grey or blue shirt with a mild pinstripe or lean check pattern. Be careful that the shirt is crisp and clean with a sharp collar.


#19- Cocktail Attire

The best smart semi-formal attire for a wedding is the cocktail code. Wools and tweed suits are more suitable for winter, while fabric in cotton and linen can be appropriate in summer. If it’s night-time weddings, go for dark colours. For daytime, stick to light colours such as white or cream.


#18- Beach Wedding Attire

Your most relaxed attire is lighter-hued, like khaki, beige or buff, paired with a lightweight dress shirt. However, the default is crisp white.


#17- Semi-formal Fairytale

Here is the good blending of different designs and amazing textures on ties and vests for fairytale weddings as semi-formal attire.

#16- Tapered Pants, Choice of Compliment

Instead of a traditional look, adore a modern look; go for tapered pants with a blue suit. This will be a statement of great impression. A pair of brown leather will make the outfit more formal and style-oriented.

#15- Fall Patterned Suits

Wool-patterned suits are ideal semi-formal attire for a fall wedding. Because it is durable and warm, you can choose classic colours with elaborative patterns.

#14- Semi Formal Day Wedding

For the day’s wedding, a light-coloured blazer with dark, crisp pants. Combine it with a slim tie and the right socks and shoes.


#13- Classic Tuxedos

Tuxedoedos are the ideal semi-formal statement for a wedding.

#12- Two Button Tuxedos

Tuxedos with Two-Button blue Satin are the best semi-formal evening Groom suits.

#11- Sterling Wedding Suit-Michael Kros

For an updated fit look, the Black Sterling Wedding Suit is a perfect choice as semi-formal attire. An elegant purple satin lining and matching slim-fit pants make this suit outstanding.


#10- Bespoke- Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna has gained its reputation for using the finest wool in suits. The company is famous for bespoke suits. It is a top fashion couture house that appeals to celebrities and non-celebrities. The trousers are flat-fronted with an unfinished hem, so the suit can be tailored to height.


#9- Micro Checked Suits with Striped Shirts

You can keep your suit simple and experiment with patterned, striped and textured shirts.


 #8- Charcoal Grey

The charcoal suit is ideal for a wedding and is the best alternative to a black suit. Nothing is ideal than a crisp white shirt and tie.

#7- Make a Contrast

The contrasting shirt with the dark suit is ideal for an evening wedding occasion.


#6- Semi Formal Grey

The groom’s suit is ideal for weddings held during the day, paired with a tie or dress cravat.


#5- Seafoam Blue Suits

The colour and style go classic and contrasting for any new designated place for weddings around the sea.


#4- Stylish Waistcoats

Flaunt a semi-formal look with matching stylish waistcoats.


#3- Semi-formal Suspenders

The guys can sport a white dress shirt with blue fabric suspenders. The colours blend well and achieve a trend of semi-formal attire.


#2- Beige Perfection

The attire looks modern and relaxed in this beige linen suit with a blue tie—perfect for a garden wedding.

#1- Strollers

A double-breasted Stroller, mainly black or grey, with a waistcoat and a pair of grey checked trousers, is a good statement for a formal daytime wedding.


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