Men’s Business Casual Attire Guide: 34 Best Outfits for 2023

Business Casual Outfits for Men. Have you fetched a new job? Is tomorrow your first day at the office? Or perhaps an important meeting? You must be up all night thinking about how to style your business casual attire. After all, first impressions are often the last ones.

You don’t want to disrespect the dress code and saunter at your new workplace dressed in a pair of good old ripped jeans with a graphic tee. You have to be appropriately dressed. But all you know is that you are required to dress in a business casual manner.

Nothing else, so you might be a bit confused as to how you must dress. Even if you have been working in the same office for the past few years and know the art of styling your business casual outfits, you might just have landed here for some fresh new ideas. Whatever is your reason, read on. We have got for you a guide on this exact topic. You might be able to gain some inspiration for the better.

 How to Style Business Casual Attire

Dress good, feel good! That’s the first step to be confident about yourself.

If you’re a businessman or aspiring to be one, dress and act like one. And since the first impression lasts, give your best shot in giving your clients and co-workers the perfect image that will help you be a good representation of your company.

Put the streetwear away for a while. Most industries nowadays require their employees to follow the business casual dress code. This means no more T-shirts and polo shirts as they don’t make you look professional at all – especially for people with white-collar jobs. Jeans are off the table, as well. If you’re wearing accessories, limit them to the minimal ones, which means no fancy bracelets and other unnecessary jewelry. And as much as sweaters and jackets are cool for an outfit, they can’t be considered as part of this dress code. Suits and ties are acceptable, but try not to look so formal. After all, you’re still trying to look casual while being professional.

In choosing the right outfits, make sure that you are getting the right fit and fabric because you’ll look awkward to wear lousy pants and rugged shirts while at work. Also, make sure that your clothes don’t look like they are crumpled, so it’s essential to use a flat iron on them.

Consider minimal color coordinationblue, brown, white, grey, and black add up to the humility you want to maintain while being confident. Try not to look arrogant so don’t wear bright colors at work (unless you’re told so) because it would make you look “bossy” and “entitled” and it’s not healthy in most work environments.

Let’s start with a few pointers:

  • Make sure you pay attention to the details. Your nails must be trimmed and clean, your appearance must be tidy, your hair must be styled properly. Shoes must be polished, the beard must be trimmed or shaved, cufflinks must be glossy, etc. Everything must be in check.
  • Follow the dress code closely. Every workplace has its own dressing rules. At some places, jeans are allowed as well and you can go without socks. At other places, the look is more on the formal side.
  • Do not take any risks on your first day to work. Wear khaki pants with a button-down shirt, leather shoes, dark socks, belt, and tie included. Once you have a general style, that is followed there figured out, then you can go ahead with styling in a bit more stylish manner rather than the simplistic one.
  • Maintain a consistent style statement. If you wear one sort of clothes four days of a week but pop up in an entirely different style on the fifth day, you wouldn’t be able to gain trust and some extra points.
  • Last but not the least, even when heading out with the staff for brunch or dinner, don’t get too comfortable. Save the cozy look for home and hangouts with old friends.

Q. What is Business Casual Attire?

A. A business casual attire, as the name suggests, is the one that keeps it casual while also keeping it appropriate enough for work. The general outline of such a manner of dressing to the workplace includes khaki pants or slacks with a dress shirt. Tie or no tie depends on the company’s particular requirements. The same can be said for socks. Typical conservative dress shoes, monk straps, or oxfords are preferred. In this modern era, though, business casual has shifted to a more relaxed and laid back style. Most of the companies today allow tees and jeans as well.

Q. What Colors to Wear for Business Casual Style?

A. You can experiment with matching the various colors. For summer and spring, try linen suits with bright colors, and for winter or fall, try wool with dark and navy tones.

Q. What accessories to wear?

A. Dress to impress, accessorize to stand out You know something is missing in your outfit when you don’t accessorize. Common business casual accessories include wrist watches, cufflinks, sunglasses, ties and occasionally pocket squares. A tie bar clip is another interesting clothing accessory whose purpose is to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front, to prevent it from swinging and to ensure that the tie hangs straight to achieve a neat and uniform appearance. It comes in different iconic designs like anchor, a mockingjay bird, etc.

Q. Should I roll my sleeves when dressing in business casual outfits?

A. Men often prefer to roll up their sleeves as a sign that they are ready to get the job done or simply because it feels comfortable. Fashion etiquette makes it acceptable to do it by rolling them just below the elbow for added ventilation, or above the elbow when faced with manual labor. Remember, there are different ways to do it. Watch the following video for a step-by-step tutorial. But if it’s too cold inside the office, leave the sleeves unrolled.

↓ 34 – Most Popular Color for Business Casual Dressing

Blue has always been a popular choice when it comes to business casual attire. For the colder seasons, the business casual look can also be styled with a plain crew neck jumper, perhaps it would add some spice to it. A blue jumper would go best with brown chinos and a tie is optional.

men business casual outfits


↓ 33 – Business Casual with Khakis & Chinos

Bulgari family member @kortajarenajon goes all-white and shows that this simple outfit will suffice for you to achieve that clean business casual look with khaki pants or chinos. For more ideas on dressing up in khakis, check out my earlier post on Best Ways to Style Khakis.

men business casual outfits

↓ 32 – Striped Suits

Black suit with vertical stripes are always a safe option. A black turtle neck as an undershirt will make it look even better. This outfit worn by Chinese actor, dancer and singer Jackson Yee is from @emporioamani and he has surely styled it to perfection. Some other high-end brands with a great collection of business casual suits include Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole.

business casual outfits for men

↓ 31 – Styling a White Blazer

Johannes Huebl (@johanneshuebl) here wears a casual white blazer with a light blue undershirt. He got the outfit from @frescobolcarioca. As you can see, almost every color blends well with a white blazer, especially brown or gold. A combination like this would make you look elegant and ready for anything.

men business casual outfits

↓ 30 – Suit Vents

Vents is the term for that vertical slit extending upward from the bottom hem on the backside of the suit itself. There are single, double and no-vent suits.

Cody Christian (@codychristian), the actor who played Theo Raeken in the TV series Teen Wolf is seen here wearing a grey suit in a business-casual style. We love how he wore a plain white T-shirt underneath – something we all have in our wardrobes.

men's business casual blazer

↓ 29 – What to Wear with a Grey Suit?

Aside from white, grey goes well with maroon as well, so try matching the suit with a red undershirt. This look looks fine even without a belt. If you are wearing one, do check some products from brands like Timberland and Dickies.

men business casual outfits


↓ 28 – Experiment with Different Coat Styles

Lapel is the term referring to the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a coat. Notched, peak and shawl are the three common types of it. Choose the one that’s best for your body structure.

Unbutton the blazers, and consider not wearing a tie for you to look less formal. The belt is optional here. Just make sure that the shirt is tucked in, otherwise, it will make you look unprofessional, and it would ruin the style.

men business casual outfits


↓ 27 – Classic Business Casual Outfit

This is a combination of a button-down shirt (preferably white) and a black or navy-blue suit. If you are wearing a necktie, make sure that the collar is buttoned and its color should blend well with the palette of the suit. It’s more commonly known as “closed-neck.”

business casual outfits for men


how to style business casual attire for men (1)

how to style business casual attire for men (4)

↓ 26 – Business Casual Attire vs Business Professional Attire

A business casual attire is a mix of professional and casual. Whereas business professional attire refers to a more strict and formal dress code. Have a look at these Professional Beard Styles for businessmen.

how to style business casual attire for men (22)


↓ 25 – Business Casual Meeting Attire

Go for a pair of black straight leg pants with a sky blue dress shirt when heading to a business meeting. Don’t leave behind your tie. Brown leather shoes and belt.

how to style business casual attire for men (12)


↓ 24 – Business Casual Seminar Look

how to style business casual attire for men (7)


↓ 23 – Business Casual Interview Outfit

Polo shirts are usually included in business casual clothing. However, never make the mistake of wearing one to your interview. Keep the look nifty with a button down, slacks and tie.

how to style business casual attire for men (14)


↓ 22 – What to Wear for Business Casual Lunch

A plaid shirt with khaki pants would make a good outfit for a business luncheon. Here are some more cool Men Khaki Pants Outfits for you to try.

how to style business casual attire for men (13)


↓ 21 – Business Casual Outfit in Summer

Wear a polo shirt with khakis in summers. Keep the look clean and cool by wearing light colors.

how to style business casual attire for men (11)


↓ 20 – Business Casual Outfit in Winter

Throw on a plain sweater over the button up shirt for a posh look.

how to style business casual attire for men (10)


↓ 19 – How to Dress for Business Casual Dinner

how to style business casual attire for men (18)


↓ 18 – Business Casual Brunch Attire

White shirt, light brown khakis for the business brunch. Her are some amazing Men White Shirt Outfits.

how to style business casual attire for men (19)


↓ 17 – Business Casual Cocktail Party

Plaid button-down shirt with slacks and a tie for the business cocktail party.

how to style business casual attire for men (9)


↓ 16 – Business Casual Attire for Juniors

how to style business casual attire for men (25)


business casual attire for men

↓ 15 – Business Casual Attire Fashion

how to style business casual attire for men (26)


↓ 14 – Business Casual Attire for Seniors

You don’t have to wear a single color schemed suit. You can wear a blazer of a different color than the slacks and ditch the tie and socks. Do have a look at 20 Ways to Wear Blue Suits with Brown Shoe Ideas for Men.

how to style business casual attire for men (24)


↓ 13 – Business Casual Travel Attire

how to style business casual attire for men (5)


↓ 12 – Business Casual Swag Outfit

If your workplace allows it, try wearing this outfit: gray blazer, white round neck tee with black slacks. White sneakers with navy socks to complete the look. RECOMMENDED: 30 Amazing Men’s Suits Combinations to Get Sharp Look

how to style business casual attire for men


↓ 11 – Business Casual Attire for Wedding

Attending the wedding ceremony of a fellow staff member? Keep it simple and classy.

how to style business casual attire for men (23)


↓ 10 – Business Casual Internship Look

Working as an intern? Be sure to leave a great impression. Dress in a suave manner without overdoing the look.

how to style business casual attire for men (15)


↓ 9 – Business Casual Attire with Jeans

Most offices these days allow jeans. Wear your dark blue jeans with a light blue dress shirt and mauve tie for the ideal color contrast.

how to style business casual attire for men (21)


↓ 8 – Business Casual Without Blazer

You don’t necessarily have to sport a blazer. You can ditch it if you think it would be fine that way. Blazers are hardly ever a prerequisite for employees. Her are some great Cocktail Outfits for Me, learnt from the most well-dressed celebrities.

how to style business casual attire for men (20)


↓ 7 – Business Casual without Tie

Most offices permit you to drop the tie. You can also wear a suit without a tie for the debonair look.

how to style business casual attire for men (27)


↓ 6 – What Qualifies as Business Casual Attire

Khakis, slacks, dress shirts and whatever you workplace allows.

how to style business casual attire for men (2)


↓ 5 – Shoes for Business Casual Attire

Brown leather is the basic choice. You can wear black ones if those go with the color of your belt. You can go for dress shoes. You can also slip into a pair of sneakers or loafers if the place you work at is okay with it. Lately, monk strap shoes have been trending amongst men too so here are the 30 Best Men’s Outfit Ideas to Wear with Monk Strap Shoes.

Check @olivercabell on Instagram for some white sneaker options. You can’t just wear any sneakers to achieve the business casual look. Consider getting those with minimal or plain designs (preferably pure white, black or brown.) I discourage you from wearing sneakers with fancy or bizarre prints.

how to style business casual attire for men (3)

↓ 4 – Business Casual Outfit for a Presentation

how to style business casual attire for men (8)

↓ 3 – Business Casual Etiquette

how to style business casual attire for men (17)

↓ 2 – Business Casual Suit

how to style business casual attire for men (6)

↓ 1 – Business Casual Evan Spiegel

The owner of snapchat isn’t just brilliant and good-looking but he’s got style as well.

how to style business casual attire for men (16)


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