Men’s Polo Shirt Outfits: 35 Modern Ways to Wear Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts. The polo shirt is a simple yet timeless piece of clothing. With its distinctive collar, buttons, and fabric, you can wear it to any occasion. Menswear stylist Paul Higgins (Diesel and Aquascutum) says that the polo shirt has always been easy to style in recent years.

Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without some stylish polo shirts. But despite it being a wardrobe staple, it does not come in for much affection or enthusiasm. The basic polo is a short-sleeved, collared shirt with a three-button neckline. It’s a lot like a t-shirt, but the collar and neckline set it apart. Polos can also have breast pockets, though this isn’t a common feature.

Polos are available in a variety of fabrics, from natural to synthetic. But they are usually made from knitted cotton, which makes them a little heavier than T-shirts. Cotton is the most common material for polos, although some may have polyester or Spandex in them.

History of polo shirts: Let’s have a little trip down memory lane. Let’s start with the story of how Lacoste began to offer the shirt in the 1950s, only available in white. It became popular because of the athletes, including golfers. It soon transformed into everyday casual wear.

Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren named his clothing line “Polo,” a casual wear brand with polo shirts being the centerpiece. So Lacoste and Lauren fought for popularity, and the polo shirt made an even louder noise. It then became associated with the “preppy” look of the 1980s.

Unfortunately, the polo shirt began to lose some of its supplies in the 1990s as it became the go-to outfit for casual Fridays, and companies made it their actual uniform – for employees ranging from customer service people to waiters.

When you pick up a polo shirt from the closet, the most common problem that occurs is that you don’t know how to style it without getting bored. And some men end up wearing the wrong polo shirt as they don’t know which one to wear with which. With a few simple steps and a little effort, you can create fantastic combinations out of a polo shirt and make it look like an iconic fashion material.

Tips On Wearing Polo Shirts

  • The Buttons. Keeping the top buttons closed is an easy way to create a polished look. On the other hand, keeping them open isn’t a bad idea for some casual occasions. But mind that having all the buttons undone looks awkward. Make sure the shirt buttons don’t sit too low otherwise, it will look like a V-neck shirt.
  • The Fit. The fit of a polo shirt shouldn’t be too tight or loose, so make sure you can move around comfortably. You don’t want it skin-tight, right? See to it that you can still stick a couple of fingers under the sleeves. The polo shirt should be long enough that you can still tuck it in well. Also, it must be short enough so you can wear it untucked. If your shirt is longer in the back than it is on the front, then it was clearly designed to be tucked. The sleeves should hit about midway down your bicep and run no longer than 2/3 down your upper arm. It’s normal to be a little tighter in your chest and arms and then taper down to your waist. 
  • Colors. Next to the fit being the paramount concern, it’s hard to go wrong on color, too. For instance, a tonal polo shirt with a similar shade to your overcoat will work just as easily as a contrast design. A helpful tip: the darker your complexion is, the lighter tones you should pull off. And to add some fun to the party, wear a polo shirt of a different color to stand out in the crowd.

    What To Avoid

  • Large logos. One of the biggest polo shirt hacks is to look for polos with minimal to no branding. Don’t let the logo be the center of attention; that spot is reserved for you alone. Patterns can be cool but when it comes to branding, keep it minimal. So if you can find a polo without a logo, go for it. 
  • Avoid wearing a polo with an undershirt as it adds extra bulkiness. If you insist otherwise, choose one with a neckline that won’t be visible.
  • Layering a polo with another polo.
  • Polo shirts with pockets.

You might get some ideas about wearing polo shirts in these modern times from the following compilation.

How to Wear Polo Shirts?

Now that we’re done with the tips, let’s look at some inspiration on what to wear with polo shirts.

polo shirt outfits men

↓ 35 – Knitted Polo Shirt Outfit

Knitted polo shirts work well for both all seasons. They also have a more modernized designer look. 

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 16


↓ 34 – With Sweatpants

Keep it relaxed and cool, and pair your polo with some sweatpants. The top gives an instant casual vibe when paired with comfortable bottoms. But there should be a fine line between athleisure and messy. Complete the look by choosing one of these Shoes To Wear With Sweatpants.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 17


↓ 33 – Smart Casual

Tucking in your polo shirt makes a huge difference – it makes the ensemble more formal. Also, adding a nice belt increases the formality feel even more. Finish the look off with dress pants and nice pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. You can switch out the shoes depending on the vibe you’re going for. 

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 1


↓ 32 – Can You Wear Polo Shirt With a Suit?

A polo shirt paired up with a blazer work well together. This is suitable for a casual dinner with your friends or business casual workdays. Stylist Paul Higgins said that combing a suit and a polo shirt will make a classic yet creative outfit. Simply wear a polo shirt as a sub to your shirt.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 2


↓ 31 – Spring Look

When it gets too hot, a polo shirt with shorts is an effortless outfit combo that will make you look super cool. For the spring and summer seasons, you can wear polo shirts with Bermudas/shorts.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 3


↓ 30 – Fall Outfit

This outfit allows you to stay warm without layering a ton, making it a perfect choice for chilly weather. Polo shirts are commonly seen in the warmer seasons, but it doesn’t mean they’re only for summer. Long-sleeve polo shirts look perfect in winter, too. Plus, they have a really nice look that gives off something different from a standard button-down. For winters and fall seasons, you can wear jackets with them to achieve a sharp look.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 4


↓ 29 – Polo Shirt Streetwear

Street style with polo shirts is also very trendy these days as many top fashion bloggers and celebrities have been spotted wearing these shirts for a street-style look. Opt for monochrome colors to create a sleek and timeless style.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 5


↓ 28 – Polo Shirt Business Casual

It’s the sort of outfit you might wear for your office’s Casual Friday. Choosing a dark color like black or navy for your polo will give it a more formal look, and pairing it with simple pants helps it look even more eloquent. Here’s the complete Men’s Business Casual Attire Guide.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 6


↓ 27 – Travel Outfit

The most stylish polo shirts are the ones that come with a button-down collar. A fitted pique polo is best since the shirt’s texture will match the surface of the denim, making for a balanced outfit. Think of it as an upgrade to the classic t-shirt and jeans combo.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 8


↓ 26 – Party Getup

Darker shades such as navy, grey, white, and black are great for a polished ensemble. But don’t be too bland, so try to add a pop of color.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 9


↓ 25 – Polo Shirt For Golf

Polo shirts with piping are perfect for golfing and country club gigs alike. The piping at the collar and cuffs of your polo shirt gives people a different feel. Piping will smarten up off-duty looks and make sure you stand out. Piped polo shirts are more versatile than you realize – they’ll pair fairly as quickly with shorts as they will with jeans, and they can be worn tucked or untucked depending on your discretion.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 10


↓ 24 – College Outfit

The contrast colors, black and white, are the foundation of college uniforms, so if you have a white polo shirt hiding at the bottom of your pile, it’s time to pair it with black pants. For your footwear, consider making some changes and put away your usual black shoes for now and replace them with boots.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 11


↓ 23 – With Bomber Jacket

Try to team up a black bomber jacket with a tan polo shirt. Match the bomber with your pants to achieve a uniform and sleek ensemble. Do check out these awesome outfits with Bomber Jackets for Men.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 13


↓ 22 – With Denim Jacket

White polo shirts and denims are meant for each other. Let’s just say that they would make a lovely couple. However, I would advise you against wearing two same denim shades together. The guy’s jacket in this photo is a bit darker than his denim shorts, and that’s how it should be. Important tip: always match your sneakers with your polo.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 14


↓ 21 – With Jeans

Polo will look great when paired with jeans. In fact, one of the trendiest looks in summer involves pairing up a polo shirt with the right shade of jeans. Trendspotter says that you can wear many different shoe styles such as loafers and sneakers for a Miami vibe. Team up a navy blue polo shirt with dark blue washed jeans.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 15


↓ 20 – With Chinos

Somewhere between semi-formal and smart casual styles, chinos are a great wardrobe choice to pair up a polo shirt. Keep the look polished and sleek by tucking the shirt into your pants. However, it is best to keep the polo untucked for casual days and ensure that it’s well-fitted for your body type.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 7


↓ 19  – Polo Shirt And Suede

Style it with a suede jacket and slim tapered trousers to achieve that 1950s Hollywood vibe. Limit your color options to black and brown shades. Do check out my previous post on Suede Jacket Outfits for Men.

How To Wear Polo Shirts In 2021 - 12


↓ 18 – White Polo Shirt Outfit

white polo shirt


↓ 17 – Stylish Polo Shirt Outfits

Stylish polo shirts for men

↓ 16 –  Shorts And Navy Blue Polo Shirt

stylish look with polo shirt

↓ 15 – Beach Outfit

Try to wear white shorts with a light blue polo shirt and a hat at the beach.

Spring polo shirts
cool polo shirts

↓ 14 – With White Pants

street style polo shirt


↓ 13 – What to Wear with a Red Polo Shirt?

Wear a polo under a blazer and finish off the look with brogues or black leather shoes, but white sneakers will work just as fine as the occasion permits.

Solid polo shirt

↓ 12 – Summer Outfit

polo shirts trends

↓ 11 – Polo Shirt With a Suit

Polo shirts fashion

↓ 10 – With Plaid Pants

Polo shirt with blazer

↓ 9 – With Shorts

See some stylish collection of Bermudas/shorts here to match with polo shirts for the spring-summer season.

Polo shirt style

↓ 8 – With Denim Jeans

Opt for some bold and block stripes to add some flavor to your ensemble. They look good with chinos and blue jeans.

Polo shirt fashion


↓ 7 – Pink Polo Shirt Fashion

polo shirt fashion ideas

↓ 6 – Dark Blue Polo Shirt With Red Jeans

how to wear polo shirt

↓ 5 – White And Pink Ensemble

how to style polo shirt


↓ 4 – Khaki Pants With Blue Polo

how to match polo shirts

↓ 3 – Black Polo Shirt Fashion

black polo shirts fashion

↓ 2 – Coolest Attire

polo shirt for street style

↓ 1 – Celebrities In Polo Shirts

what to wear with polo shirt
sexy look with polo shirt
polo shirts 2015
Latest fashion polo shirts


David beckham polo shirt


Celebrities in polo fashion

colorfull polo shirts

The polo shirt is an outstanding clothing choice for days when you can’t decide what to wear. It’s easy to dress up or down (depending on the occasion), and it works great in every season. As an alternative to a traditional T-shirt, you can easily dress this up or down just by adding key pieces to complement it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between pique polo shirt and a jersey polo shirt?

A. A pique knit has a textured waffle weave, while a jersey knit creates a smooth, flat surface. The terms “pique” and “jersey” refer to the knit of the fabric. People use “pique polo” to describe the standard polo shirt. Because of their crosshatched weaving, pique polos are thicker and sturdier. 

Q. Are polo shirts in style in 2021?

A. They historically associated with golfers. But polo shirts have become popular over the years, with office personnel and celebrities rocking them. However, the polo shirt has developed a reputation for being basic and lame, maybe because it is a part of the preppy college look that many men try to avoid. On the contrary, the polo shirt is versatile and can be exceptionally appealing if styled well. And the best thing about polo shirts is that you can wear them for casual gigs, sports functions, and even formal events. 

Q. Where to shop for Polo Shirts for men?

If you’re looking for the best quality and high-end polo shirts then Ralph Lauren and Micheal Kors are the brands to go for. For a lower price range you can find a really huge range of Polo Shirts at Giordano. Lacoste, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger and J.Crew are some other trusted brands of men’s polo shirts.

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