20 Cool Outfit Ideas for College Guys

College Boys Outfit Ideas. Days spent at college are unforgettable. It is the most exciting moment in a person’s life, and so was mine. Along with all the fun parts of college, one’s dress was a major issue.

If you are properly dressed up, it then contributes to your frame of world, and you will feel more confident. It is said that the right type of clothing helps give a young man the precious seconds to influence others. And yes, college is the best place to meet your woman catching an eye in the crowd ;-). For more inspiration, check out 20 funky jeans for teenage guy

One can simply get a collection of the following:

  • Few basic t-shirts;
  • collar shirts;
  • blue jeans;
  • versatile sneakers;
  • leather jacket;
  • Sweatshirts
  • hoodies


  • sunglasses;
  • spectacles with thick frames;
  • tie; and
  • belt

#20. Chic Look and All-Set

Full-sleeved t-shirt with beige colored pants along with laced boots and all set.


 #19. Business Student Look

Collar shirt with navy blue blazer and chocolate brown pants accessorized with a leather bag. You’re done with a business student look.


#1Cardigansgan and Ties are always a win

MIsn’t isn’t it? A plain white collar shirt with a cardigan and a tie is always a win.


#17. Rolled up Sleeves

That’s a studded look. Roll up your collar shirt sleeves, and wear a tie. But remember, please do not go after completely unmatched ties with shirts.


#16. Style done RWear!

wear a hoodie underneath a fitted jacket paired with jeans.


#15. Back to College Look

Coming back to college look. Go for a  messy hairstyle, a  shirt pulled out, and a blazer.



#14. Football weather

Show your love for sports.


#13. Who says Boys can’t wear PINK- Boys, no doubt, can carry Pink!329bae7d5723226d1cac6c4ff5f56d0e

Style up a t-shirt with cardigans and hair gelled back—the perfect combo of winters.


#11. Classy Enough

A checkered shirt and jeans are the perfect classic look for the day.


#10. Casual Look

Get a chic look with a striped sweater over a shirt and jeans with cuffs and shoes to give you a casually polished look.


#9. The Basics

The basic stuff to be kept in your wardrobe.


#8. Style up with a Muffler

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#7. Select any T-shirt


#6. Cuteness Overloaded


#5. At Ease


#4. Be Yourself


#3. Backpacks add Style to your Look

The backpack surely looks amazing, but so does this hairstyle; for more ideas, check out Preppy hairstyles for Men


#2. Handsome Hunk Summer Look


#1. Trendy Enough

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