45 White Jeans Outfit Ideas for Men & Styling Tips

Sporting a pair of crisp white jeans isn’t an easy thing. The white color brings your attire and body in focus and that’s what makes it so intimidating to try. You need confidence and a sense of style to be able to rock it.

White jeans are a versatile part of one’s apparel. These jeans are very popular these days and that’s why you should know how to don them in a classy way. Here’s all you need to know about wearing white jeans so that you aren’t clueless in the style department.

How to Style White Jeans

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind :

  • To keep the white denim clean, keep a spray denim refresher around so that you don’t have to keep worrying about the white color catching dirt
  • If you feel that skinny jeans are too fitted for you go for straight leg jeans instead
  • Make sure to wear your best and cleanest pair of shoes with your white jeans as they will make your footwear prominent
  • Go for simple and subtle rather than funky
  • When in doubt go for a blue denim shirt with white jeans

how to wear white jeans guys

↓ 45. Wear it with a Denim Jacket.

Denim blends in well with almost everything, just as much as how white jeans do. So, it’s only right to put the two together. Try this outfit, and you’ll see for yourself. Wear an undershirt with a color other than white.


↓ 44. Wear it with a peacoat and a turtleneck

Earth tone-colored peacoat would coordinate well with white jeans. Match the color of the shoes to the coat. Here are some more ideas regarding the different Ways to Wear a Peacoat.


↓ 43. With a Trench coat and a Hoodie

If it’s starting to get cold, try this winter style. Be particular with the color of the hoodie. For a better result, match its color to the coat itself – it can be a shade similar but not identical to it.


↓ 42. With a Button-down

A button down-shirt with a contrasting color like black or brown would look great when paired up with white. You may tuck the shirt in if you feel like doing so.


Alternately, you can also go with a dark blue linen shirt with white pants as shown here. The combination of blue, brown (shoes) and white might seem weird in your head but you can see how mind-blowing it looks when worn:

how to wear white jeans guys


↓ 41. With a T-shirt

You can never go wrong with being simple. It is perfect for any casual gigs. You can rock this style when it is hot outside.


↓ 40. Casual Dress Shirt

Wear a dress shirt as an undershirt for a suit, but it can also stand alone.

↓ 39. Monochromatic

A white top matched with white jeans would make you look nice and clean. Try wearing a pullover with ripped white jeans.

↓ 38. With a Polo Shirt

It is a great option for your weekend date outfit.

men white jeans outfits


↓ 37. With a Pullover

Find a sweater with a color other than white. Try to experiment with options. After all, you are in control of what you wear.

↓ 36. Summer Outfit

Unbutton the shirt and let it play on its own. That will do the trick. And because it’s hot outside, long-sleeve shirts are off the table for now. Let’s go for casual shirts instead.

↓ 35. With a Trench coat and a Turtleneck

Try to find a white turtleneck, or one that is light in color than your coat.

↓ 34. With a Hoodie

Get comfy and cool with this hooded sweatshirt. It will protect you from cold. Try to get cotton hoodies because they will provide the comfort you deserve. Here are all the best Ways to Wear a Hoodie Stylishly.

↓ 33. With a Vintage Shirt

Back to the 70s! This style will help people remember the days when cassette tapes and disco were still a thing.

↓ 32. With a Leather Jacket

Black may be the exact opposite of white, but the two always make great partners together in fashion.

↓ 31. With a Blue Blazer

Let’s be a little less formal here. It is just like a suit but this time, let’s put the tie and the slacks aside. Also, replace the dress shoes with some nice white sneakers to achieve a smart casual look.

↓ 30. With a Tank Top

Just another casual outfit! Since this is a minimalist style, it is suitable for anything that doesn’t involve too much sophistication.

↓ 29. With a Jacket Shirt

A jacket made up of light materials will give you the comfort you need. It can substitute for a regular bomber or leather jacket for days when it’s relatively hot outside. An earthy-toned jacket shirt looks good with a blue shirt underneath it.

↓ 28. With a Suede Bomber Jacket

For a more pleasing look, match its color to your footwear, and the color of the shirt must be the same as the trousers. Here are some more ideas on different Ways to Wear Suede Jackets

↓ 27. All White Suit

Wear white jeans as part of a suit. This outfit is best for formal events like galas, premieres, and weddings. Try matching the color palette of the pocket square to your tie. The shade of the dress shirt must be different from the rest of the outfit.

↓ 26. With a Trucker Jacket

When the winter and fall seasons come around, trucker jackets become trendy once more. Wear the jacket with a bright-colored undershirt for a better outcome.

↓ 25 – Street Style

White jeans can be paired with button-downs as well as with tees. You can go for printed white shirts or striped ones. But try to keep the colors balanced otherwise you might end up making a fashion fiasco. There’s no doubt that jeans are the best outfits for men, so have a look at these Black Jeans Outfits

how to wear white jeans for men (24)


↓ 24 – White Slim Fit Jeans

Beware when going for a pair of white slim fit jeans. It defines the legs rather than disguising their shape and size. They say that white slim fits should be worn by men who have the legs for them. However, when pulled off correctly, it makes for an elegant and contemporary look.

how to wear white jeans for men (9)


↓ 23 – White Ripped Jeans

White jeans with slits can be an ingredient for the double denim look. A blue button-down looks debonair with a pair of crisp, white jeans that has slits at the knees. Add a pair of brown loafers and there you go with the perfect look! If you like wearing ripped jeans then here are the best Men Ripped Jeans Outfits.

how to wear white jeans for men (10)


↓ 22 – With Sweater

For the casual date look in winters or for a smart look when the season calls for it, pair your white denim jeans with a blue or gray sweater. You are bound to make an impression on whichever café you head! I also recommend that you consider wearing these Men White Shirt Outfits this season.

how to wear white jeans for men (13)


↓ 21 – All White

Not all men can pull it off and it might even seem like an intimidating choice to some. However, a completely white outfit would make for a very suave look.  White jeans with a white shirt and white shoes is a very sophisticated look. Throw on a crisp white button-down over a plain white sleeveless tee for a casual and classy look.

how to wear white jeans for men (12)

↓ 20 – Casual

Like black, white can also be worn with a wide array of color choices. Try not to go for colors that are too bright and loud like red. Red and white is a signature valentine combo so make sure to steer clear of it. Blue, whichever shade, would look stunning with white. Similarly, a pair of crisp white jeans also goes perfectly with black and grey. Striped tees with cropped white jeans are a very stylish look. Dress shirts of lighter tones look classy with straight fit white jeans.

how to wear white jeans for men (18)


↓ 19 – Black Shirt

The white and black combo is one that can never get old. A black shirt paired with white jeans would be the traditional yet modish look.

how to wear white jeans for men (19)


↓ 18 – Streetwear

Nothing screams streetwear as leather jackets do. White ripped jeans, a gray or white shirt and a leather jacket are equal to the trendy streetwear look. Try this look and see for yourself how snazzy it is. For more street style swag, you can check out these Most Popular Street Style Fashion Ideas

how to wear white jeans for men (15)

↓ 17 – With Tee Shirt


how to wear white jeans for men (21)


↓ 16 – What Shoes to Wear?

The three shoe colors that complement white jeans like no other are blue, brown, and white. Brown boots or suede loafers, white or blue boat shoes go ideally with a pair of white jeans. For a unique yet voguish look dare to try a pair of red sneakers with your white jeans. Red shoes and white jeans if worn correctly with a contrasting shirt color would look very neat and modern. If you own a pair of red shoes or plan on buying one then don’t miss out on these Red Shoes Outfits For Men.

how to wear white jeans for men (22)

↓ 15 – With Sneakers

Go for sneakers with your white jeans for a casual look. The look is dapper!

how to wear white jeans for men (6)


↓ 14 – With Boots

For the ultimate stylish look wear your white jeans with a pair of brown shoes. The look is very arresting. Add a hat if you are the guy who likes sporting accessories. If you like white then don’t miss out on these Men Outfit with White Shoes.

how to wear white jeans for men (8)

↓ 13 – Work Wear

Throw a navy or gray blazer on over the white round neck or V-neck shirt and wear a pair of mahogany brown loafers. There are several ways you can make your outfit look attractive. You can wear a bomber jacket over a plain white, black, grey or blue tee with your white jeans. You can sport ankle-length white jeans white a casual button-down. Or you can stay simple and don the white jeans with a graphic tee.

how to wear white jeans for men (11)

↓ 12 – In Summer

Summers are the prime time for wearing white jeans. In the warm weather, pair them with lighter colors. Here are some amazing Men Outfits with Hats, if you’re fond of wearing them.

how to wear white jeans for men (29)


↓ 11 – In Winter

Pair the white jeans with gray, black, and navy blue in winter. Layering other clothing items of contrasting tones of the same color with the white jeans would look top-notch.

how to wear white jeans for men (28)


↓ 10 – Night Out

Pair the white jeans with a plaid button-down shirt and don’t tuck it inside the jeans. Roll the sleeves up to the elbows and add some accessories like a watch and a ring. You will be a head-turner.

how to wear white jeans for men (16)


↓ 9 – To a Wedding

how to wear white jeans for men (25)


↓ 8 – To a Party

how to wear white jeans for men (26)

↓ 7 – With Confidence

White jeans come in a variety of styles. Try all of them to see which one suits you best and wear it with confidence.

how to wear white jeans for men (7)


↓ 6 – Kanye West White Jeans

how to wear white jeans for men (27)


↓ 5 – With Dark Blue Blazer

how to wear white jeans for men (2)


↓ 4 – Simple Travel Style

Let’s not forget the amazing polo shirt with white jeans look.

how to wear white jeans for men (1)

↓ 3 – With Blue Shirt

how to wear white jeans for men (5)

↓ 2 – With a Pink Shirt

Not a manly color but with white pants, the pink shirt can suit some men a lot.

how to wear white jeans for men (3)

↓ 1 – With a Denim Shirt

how to wear white jeans for men (4)


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